More Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders Rose Bowl Week Performances (Video)


The Oregon Ducks cheerleaders are the hottest in all of college football. Possibly the hottest in all of sports. I don’t know why that is; it just is. Oregon made it to the Rose Bowl this year, so the cheerleaders got to perform their dance numbers/routines on the big stage all week.

Watch the vids after the jump

Here’s more videos of the cheerleaders performing at the Rose Bowl

In the meantime, for volume 1 of our Oregon Ducks cheerleader gallery go here

For volume 2 of our Oregon Ducks cheerleader gallery go here

Performing at the Rose Bowl Kickoff luncheon


Performing again “Ease on Down the Road,” from the “The Wiz,”‘ the ’70s blaxploitation version of the Wizard of Oz.” Video begins with tail end (get it Ducks? tail end? It works on so many levels!!!!) of the fight song

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