SPOILER ALERT: Michigan Wolverines kick C’sonte York out



UPDATE: York kicked off the team

The most cliche and painfully over-used euphemism for misconduct in college athletics is “violation of team rules.” It’s the most pervasive of all the meaningless PR catch-phrases spouted by University spokespeople whenever a player is suspended or kicked out of school. Because of that, I never ever use it any of my articles. Some college football teams use different buzzwords and corporatespeak to announce incidents of malfeasance though.

Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Csont’e York was indefinitely suspended prior to the start of fall camp earlier this month for “failure to meet team standards.”

That was the statement attributed to Brady Hoke in announcement sent out by the University. And this video below, York shows you exactly what “failure to meet team standards” is:

The video is from M Live, which gives you the whole backstory here.

The following is a statement from University of Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke:

“Csont’e York has been dismissed from the Michigan football program. Representing the University of Michigan is a privilege and, while second chances are certainly deserved, sometimes it’s better for everyone if that happens somewhere else. Overall, I have been proud of how responsible our team has been this offseason and how hard they’ve worked to prepare for the season.”


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