VIDEO: University of Michigan President sounds DRUNK



We know a good chunk of the 100,000 or 110,000 or whatever University of Michigan fans were probably drunk on Saturday as Brady Hoke suffered his first ever home loss as leader of the Wolverines. It really sounds like Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman was drunk too when she gave this speech.

Coleman was honored for her work before she retires during the Summer of 2014.  The University of Michigan Pres. was presented with a #12 jersey for her 12 years of work.  Coleman took the microphone from University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon and gave an impromptu speech, where she sounded very very inebriated. Although the school spokesperson said she was not.

The University of Michigan was defeated by Nebraska, which entering Saturday, had achieved its three conference wins at the expense of three teams (Illinois, Northwestern, Purdue) that are winless in the Big Ten. Now that the Huskers have beaten the University of Michigan…they still haven’t beaten a good team in league play yet.

According to University of Michigan spokesperson, Rick Fitzgerald:

“She, absolutely, had not been drinking alcohol. I want to underscore that point in the strongest possible way.

President Coleman attended events all day related to University of Michigan fundraising campaigns. She also hosted University of Michigan alumni and donors in the president’s suite at the Big House. There was no booze served at all these social functions.

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