Michigan fires Offensive Coordinator Al Borges


al-borges-michigan-wolverines-footballMichigan Wolverines Offensive Coordinator Al Borges made $650,000 a year. He was the third highest paid coordinator in the nation. Bristol talking head, and icon of Michigan football, Desmond Howard doesn’t think too highly of Al Borges; who’s play-calling was downright atrocious this year.

He’s not the only Wolverines expert who thought Al Borges needed to go. Media who cover the Wolverines regularly believed that Al Borges would be out of a job back in November. They also told me that they think Brady Hoke has job security, but next year that could change. If UM has another disaster season in 2014 like they had in 2013.


“Decisions like these are never easy,” said Brady Hoke in a prepared statement released by the school a couple hours ago pertaining to Al Borges. “I have a great amount of respect for Al as a football coach and, more importantly, as a person.  I appreciate everything he has done for Michigan Football for the past three seasons.”

Michigan is one of the youngest teams in the nation. So that explains why they’re so bad at playing college football. Sort of; but not completely. The program is probably headed in the right direction. Very good recruiting classes are on the way. However, Al Borges in clearly not the man to “coach ’em up.” The O line is especially awful, and the biggest reason for their issues as an offense and as a team. The center cannot hold; and it’s also where the creamy filling in. The middle of the OL is pretty weak. The center and both guards are pretty bad at football. The tackles are fine. The tackles are good. Taylor Lewan even projects as a top 1o pick in the NFL Draft.


Yet even with a talent like Taylor they still had negative rushing yards in back-to-back games (Michigan State and Nebraska)

The offense led by Al Borges has given up 17 sacks in the last 3 games. They are 7-6 in their last thirteen conference games. Michigan nearly allowed Northwestern to get its first conference win this year. UM is just 13-10 the last 2 years versus schools in BCS conferences.

They had -69 rushing yards versus Michigan and Nebraska. 38 of 65 carries gained 0 or minus yards. They were outgained by 324 yards in those two games. Versus Northwestern they were atrocious on third down. To summate, with Al Borges, you don’t “get what you pay for.”

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