Flip-flopping Gunner Kiel actually picks a school: Cincinnati Bearcats



Gunner Kiel, the #1 rated QB in his class, hasn’t changed his mind about what school he wants to attend in a few months. So we were overdue; way overdue for a Gunner Kiel flip-flop. It’s Gunner Kiel change of heart season- oh, wait, that’s every season! Gunner Kiel will leave Notre Dame. Instead of trying to battle Everett Golson for the the QB job, Kiel will go look for some place in college football where he can start right away.

Katy Perry wrote a song about Gunner Kiel “you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out.”

I’d also like to note that Katy Perry has really big boobs, but back to Gunner Kiel. He committed to the Cincinnati Bearcats today. Of course, I may have to update this post again when he changes his mind again from his fourth school to his fifth school.

In 2012 Gunner Kiel committed to the Indiana Hoosiers, decommitted and then pledged to LSU, then changed his mind again and chose Notre Dame, days before his early enrollment. Gunner Kiel was the team’s scout quarterback during Notre Dame’s run toward the 2013 BCS National championship game versus the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Well, you saw how well that worked out.

Kiel reminds me of how during the 2012 Presidential debates, Barack Obama practiced against John Kerry for his debates with Mitt Romney (well, at least the ones Obama didn’t sleep through). The mega-rich Massachusetts politician known for his indecisiveness was the perfect sparring partner for Obama; because Kerry and Romney are like mirror images of each other; and they embody the word flip-flop. Gunner Kiel is the college football version.

And some coaches won’t touch him now because of it. The Mad Hatter, Les Miles of LSU certainly had derisive words about Gunner Kiel. Just Google both names together and see what comes up; not a whole lot of nice remarks.

Oh wait, hold on. Before I even finished this post- Gunner Kiel has changed his mind again about where he wants to play football.

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  1. Joel B Kielkopf says:

    I like the name Gunner and the Kiel part ain’t too bad either cause my last name is Kielkopf….back to Gunner, I really have no problem with youngman transferring and changing his mind so many times, afteral it’s his choice isn’t it. Do coaches leave programs? Do they say, not even interested in the job….right where have ya heard those words before. I say, leave the kid alone and just report the story. I might add, he might end up being the best QB in NCAA football in a couple of years. Ya, just never know….

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