Georgia Tech Associate A.D. vs ESPN PR Rep: TWITTER WAR!


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I enjoy making fun of tweets about television ratings, since no one outside the media field cares about them. Really no one outside of television cares at all. Yet PR reps never ever shut up about them. You need to see these self-congratulatory press releases that ESPN and every other network mail out. The grandiose self-promotion is an art form. Of course, I’m guilty of tweeting out TV ratings numbers once in awhile, and I never tweet at someone in a hostile manner for doing so. They’re just doing their job.

However, this Georgia Tech Associate Athletic Director, Ryan Bamford felt the need to go after ESPN Senior Director of PR Keri Potts after bragging about ratings tweets. Why I don’t know, Tech’s conference rival Clemson had just beaten Ohio State in the Orange Bowl.


Ahahahahahhahahahahha. Hilarity ensued. And Potts had no problem firing back right away. Bamford, you got served. This is like “The Shelter” in “8 Mile,” the crowd went “oooooohhhhhh.” Although let’s just lose the #justsayin hashtag. That’s so fucking stupid and useless. We know you’re #justsayin that’s why you’re tweeting it.

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