Pictures of Bret Bielema wife, Jen. Arkansas Razorbacks fans relieved


Yes, I had to lead with this picture; the shirtless Bret Bielema photo that went viral yesterday. When you see what his wife looks like after the jump, you’ll see how much the new Arkansas razorbacks coach is outkicking his coverage.

By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that the 42 year old former Badgers coach hooked up with Erin Andrews. But he may have done even better with the wife he met at a black jack table. And there may have been truth btw, to the rumored EA-Aaron Rodgers tryst.


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From what we know of her biography, Bret Bielema’s wife was indeed born Jennifer Hielsberg. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004 as a psych major and spent the next years working as a bank teller. She met Bret in Las Vegas, Nevada while she was on vacation from her job in Tampa Bay Florida. Jen is 27 years old.

She was an aspiring model who had a modeling profile on the Model Mayhem site but don’t bother looking for it because it has been deleted. Jen’s Facebook page is set to private so she is sneaky.


Arkansas fans have expressed their approval and contentment. They believe this shows that Bielema knows how to recruit, and her hotness will prevent another Bobby Petrino Jessica Dorrell mistress motorcycle incident.

Interesting logic there.


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  1. “graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2004…..Jen is 27”

    So you’re saying she graduated college when she was 19?

  2. She graduated from Florida State. Did you do any research on this article?

  3. If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that guys with hot wives never have affairs. Gotta hand it to those Arkansas fans for their logic.

  4. Why would you bother showing this on your website. What a jerk. This is everything that’s wrong with journalism today.

  5. paulmbanks says:

    don’t blame me for the faulty fact-checking, blame the source I quoted.

  6. nojerryfan says:

    Of course she is a gold-digger. They are all over the place. EVERY hot chick is a gold-digger. And don’t flame me. It’s obvious.

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