Allie LaForce “amazed” college football teams have oxygen tanks



Remember The Simpsons episode when old man Jasper froze himself asleep in the Kwik-E-Mart, and awoke a few days into the future and found himself amazed by the common everyday products in Apu’s convenience store?

“Moon Pies?!?! What a time to be alive,” Jasper said.

You can’t help but recall that episode upon watching CBS Sideline Reporter Allie LaForce “discover” that college football teams have oxygen tanks on the sideline .


That’s bad!

This would be a horrible segment, and a moronic thing to do even if this were LaForce’s first college football game. Obviously, it’s not.

Allie LaForce got promoted to the CBS first team sideline reporter gig last year when CBS Sports promoted the previous incumbent, Tracy Wolfson, to NFL duties. Oxygen tanks have been on the sidelines at football games since the 1960s, so this “feature” or “report” was incredibly dumb and pointless.

This isn’t the first time Allie LaForce has said something really stupid on air either.


Last spring, while covering the NBA playoffs for Turner sports, she said on air that “Milwaukee is 90 miles west of Chicago.”

Yeah, that one was pretty bad too. But before you paint her with the “just another blonde on TV only due to her looks” brush, remember that Allie LaForce was a college basketball player at the University of Ohio. She does have some sports acumen.

On the other hand, when you recruit bikini models, pageant contestants (Laforce was in the 2010 Miss Ohio contest) and cheerleaders to be “reporters,” this is what you get.



I have no idea whether or not the CBS Executives have any buyer’s remorse over their decision to put Allie LaForce in such a prominent national role even though it’s obvious she’s not ready to handle it. I just know they really should feel that they have made a huge mistake. Or as the Huffington Post put it “CBS’ women in sports reporting is setting them back 50 years.” An antagonistic, hyperbolic headline yes, but also completely true.

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