Steve Alford: UCLA Coach and Sexual Assault Advocate joins Twitter



During his time leading the Iowa Hawkeyes, UCLA college basketball coach Steve Alford (@UCLACoachAlford) was basically a sympathizer for committing sexual assault. Actually, he was more than that– he was an advocate of a sexual assault recidivist. He was a very powerful enemy to a sexual assault victim.

Steve Alford went even further and tried to make himself, the Hawkeyes program, and his player who committed the act, Pierre Pierce the victim. Even though there was an actual victim in that situation- the young woman Pierre Pierce sexually assaulted.

If you search for Steve Alford on this topic/situation today, you’ll find that he has said nothing good recently about Pierre Pierce. He has distanced himself from Pierce like a PR pro’s pro. However, at the time he was in Iowa City, he was all about defending Pierce at all costs. CBS Chicago’s Dan Bernstein posted a MUST READ blog for all UCLA fans. It extensively details Alford’s role in the Pierce sexual assault case.

Steve Alford kept losing in Iowa City, and was eventually forced to “resign” his post at Iowa. So although he may have been a hero as a player with the Indiana Hoosiers, he is a punchline at another Big Ten school. And I know some smart Hoosiers fans- they find Alford to be just as much a disgusting, horrible human being as I find him to be.

Alford’s reprehensible acts occurred many years ago, before we had Facebook and Twitter. And the 24 hour news cycle. Now Steve Alford is on Twitter; he’s part of the new social media atmosphere. And he’ll be tweeting while in control of one of the best and highest profile programs in the nation. The Bruins are college hoops blue blood, literally and figuratively. (Coincidentally, almost all the college basketball blue blood programs actually wear blue: UCLA, Duke, Jayhawks, Tar Heels, Kentucky Wildcats) This may not end well. And this time a Steve Alford regime cessation will be well documented on social media.

UCLA is the Mozart of college basketball. Too bad the man leading their program has the character of Ozzy Osbourne.

You can follow Steve Alford on Twitter here.

Thus far, he has approximately 1,200 followers, and four tweets (all boring, vanilla stuff). As expected, nothing in there about Pierre Pierce and sexual assault.

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  1. Rod Mitchell says:

    I’ve never liked Steve Alford. I’ve always thought that he comes off arogant and brash. I’ve always wanted his teams to lose. Having said that, this artice is ridiculous. Steve came to the defense of his player. It’s true that he didn’t realize the ramifications of what he was doing at the time (defending his player before the law and facts could run their course) he was not being an advocate of sexual asault.

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