VIDEO: MSU Spartans mascot dancing in Taylor Swift parody



It’s a good thing my 11-year-old niece doesn’t read my site. She’s a “Swiftie” and might get upset by seeing how much I’m about to rip the music of Taylor Swift here. On the other hand, she’d probably find this parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” as disturbing and bizarre as I do. In the video below, you’ll see several Big Ten mascots “shaking it” and “working it” and lusting after young women.

Goldy Gopher, Herky Hawkeye, Bucky Badger, Purdue Pete, Brutus Buckeye and whatever the Rutgers and Nebraska mascots are named (I’m sure alliteration is involved) are all featured in this vid. Michigan State’s Sparty is actually the “star” of this video…if it indeed has one.

Of course, Taylor Swift herself is a Notre Dame fan.


taylor swift selena gomez ND

Yes, I was actually on that same sideline four years ago where Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez hung out for the season opening win over Purdue. Although I can’t recall it, I likely passed right by Swift and Gomez without realizing it. You should have seen how my niece reacted when I told her that story.

Anyway, Sparty kind of rules in this video, insofar as saying anyone “rules.” He’s the B1G’s best mascot for a reason folks. Also, the three minute piece has a bit of weird lecherousness to it. So if you’re offended by mascot-on-cheerleader-on-mascot-on-MSU-Motion-romantic innuendo, you might not want to hit the play button.

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