Five people telling us college basketball is WAY better than the NBA



Actions speak louder than words. And here we’re going to highlight the actions of five people, who have a lot of JUICE in the world of basketball. They seem to be telling us it’s better in college right now than it is in the pros.

The NBA Finals begin Thursday, and the excitement is just killing me. Actually, it’s not.

The NBA postseason drags on for 2 months, as the league spaces games out way too much, and do to amazing convenience and astronomical luck, almost every series seems to go six or seven games. Of course, every series going six or seven is due to how competitive and evenly matched all these teams are…nothing more. (yeah, I couldn’t keep a straight face while typing that)

Anyway, I’ve already highlighted what the NBA could and should do to make itself as compelling as college basketball, or at least closer to being as interesting as college hoops. Here’s five people saying the same thing I am….not always explicitly, but implicitly.


1. Wisconsin Badgers Frank Kaminsky says the NBA “looks flat out boring”

His blog post tells it like it is

2. Tom Izzo rejects almost every Upper Midwestern NBA franchise to stay at Michigan State

He turned down the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the huge pay raise that comes with it to stay in East Lansing. This silly season, he supposedly turned down the Detroit Pistons and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Which reminds me, Jalen Rose gets to keep his job despite the “journalistic skills” he displayed? Is that just?

No. No it is not.

And Rose is not a journalist.


3. John Calipari turns down the L.A. Lakers to stay at Kentucky

Jalen Rose looks like the Head of Journalism Studies at the Poynter Institute compared to Rex Chapman. At least Rose said Izzo “might” leave. Versus Chapman who claimed Coach Cal to LA LA Land was a “done deal.” Chapman destroyed any credibility he had that evening.

Although, to his credit, he did remind me that he actually exists. So that’s something.

4. Kevin Ollie chooses UConn over jumping to the NBA

So the Lakers, Knicks, Timberwolves, Pistons, Jazz and Cavaliers are/were all looking for a new coach this spring. And Ollie decided to stay in school; and get a nice extension with a nice raise.

5. Billy Donovan

Again, see above. Or read this link

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  1. Rich Loehn says:

    The NBA is not basketball. It is entertainment that uses a basketball as a prop.

  2. paulmbanks says:

    Rick, I could not agree more!

  3. In the case of Calipari I think mostly it’s that he’s already been to the NBA and flopped. He’d rather stay where he has a chance to go out on a more positive note. Smart man. Unless he has to leave UK like he did UMass and Memphis. Then he might jump to the NBA.

  4. Mike DAVIS says:

    due to, not do to, fyi. However I agree, college way more entertaining than the nba.

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