Oregon Cheerleaders Inadvertently Snub Rival Oregon State Cheerleaders


“Bring it on.”

Oh, it’s already been broughten.”

Yes the Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beaver rivalry got a little more (I don’t call it the “Civil War” like everyone else does, because c’mon, OU-OSU doesn’t really loom that large in college football or college basketball, and therefore doesn’t warrant a bad ass rivalry name like that) heated this week, and it’s all about spirit.

From The Oregonian via Lost Lettermen


According to the Oregonian, the Beavers’ dance team and cheerleaders weren’t allowed on the court Sunday at Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena. They traveled with the basketball team and paid for the trip and tickets just to end up seated with the rest of the paying customers.

Oregon State assistant athletic director for marketing and promotions Nikki Pruett told the newspaper: “We were just told by (Oregon) that they didn’t have space accommodations for us, so we did not send our cheer team. Basically it was a University of Oregon decision.’’

Way to snub your rival, OU. Kind of absurd when you consider that you have this huge, state-of-the-art arena built on Nike money (which means virtually built on the backs of Asian child labor). You couldn’t let the OSU dance team perform at a time out or two? And give them a little space? For all NCAA Tournament/neutral site games, each side has their hotties out in full form the whole time.

On the other hand, this is the house of the Oregon cheerleaders, and they are by far the hottest in the land. You don’t upstage the diva.

hot oregon cheerleaders

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  1. Daniel Brown says:

    What does the Oklahoma Sooners have to do with this? You say OU and it links to the Sooners. It’s U of O, moron! And, lets find ANY company that doesn’t make their products in communist China, at least S. Korea is a real democracy. It’s obvious you don’t know jack and are a complete douche!

  2. I’ll start by pointing out your obvious inability to know much about what you’re writing. Like the other comment, I think switching a university’s initials at your own leisure shows disregard or stupidity.
    Second, it’s one of the longest running rivalry games played in college football, and YOU don’t reserve the right to call it something else. You have an obvious bias against Oregon, and should study more before you write your next “article.”

  3. wow, sensitive much? broad sweeping generalizations galore! You both need to check your facts first. Just go to the archives and look up oregon cheerleaders. see all the posts of i’ve done with videos and pics of america’s hottest cheerleaders. all very favorable!!

    all of which get a ton of traffic, i.e. bring a lot of positive press for the school

  4. More proof the Oregon Ducks love me

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