Most attractive of Kentucky Wildcats fans Megan Dills?


The Kentucky Wildcats fans are rabid. Just check out any of their message boards. Included in that group is a Playboy model who happens to be among the most very dedicated Kentucky Wildcats fans named Megan Dills. When the Hoosiers fans stormed the court last year silencing the Kentucky Wildcats fans, Dills was knocked down and suffered a sprained ankle and torn tendons. The injury forced her to cancel a Playboy photo shoot that would have been the following Saturday in Indiana.

And this story (along with a her general scorching hotness) made her an internet media superstar for a little while. But we haven’t heard much about her lately.


More on Dills/more pics of her here

Dills made her modeling debut for Playboy in 2007 with the “Girls of the SEC” issue, when she was attending UK. She later completed her collegiate studies at Northern Kentucky University.

Pictures come from Megan Dills Twitter account; which you can follow here

You can compare her to other scorching hot Kentucky Wildcats fans here (UK Cheerleaders photo gallery) or here (Ashley Judd in Kentucky clothing photos)




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  1. UKFAN197TONE says:

    This Megan person is FAR from the “Hottest UK fan alive”.

  2. well I’m interested to hear who you rank above her?

    Ashley Judd is in the convo, as is this CSN reporter I’m posting pics of tomorrow- come back here 11 am CT to see that photo gallery

  3. bbnation says:

    LOL YA RIGHT! I know her. And she is pretty but definitely not the prettiest/HOTTEST/ or sexiest uk fan.. LOL

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