Is Jon Diebler the Nation’s Best 3-Point Shooter?


Jon Diebler

There’s been some dominant shooting performances in college basketball this year. Less than a month ago, we saw Jordan Taylor light up #1 Ohio State in the second half en route to a comeback upset and just recently seniors Ben Hansbrough and Tim Abromaitis put on a shooting clinic on senior night against Villanova. However, Jon Diebler’s outing Tuesday night may be the best yet.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

The Big Ten all-time leader in made 3-point field goals, nicknamed “3bler” by Ohio State fans, was on another level against Penn State as he went 10-for-12 from beyond the arc. It was one of the most efficient shooting performances you’ll ever see. It felt like he was hitting 3s every other time down the floor. He hit four of them in the first half and six in the second.

We already knew Ohio State had one of the nation’s best freshman/players in Jared Sullinger, two of the best defenders in David Lighty and Aaron Craft, and one of the best coaches in Thad Matta. After Tuesday’s performance, they arguably have one of the nation’s best 3-point shooters, if not THE best.

If you sort the player stats on by three-point percentage, Jon Diebler ranks sixth in the nation. Dig deeper and you’ll find that the stats are misleading. Not a single player in front of “3bler” has as many attempts as him. As a matter of fact, no one is within 50 three-point attempts of him. As far as statistics go, he is the most efficient volume shooter in the land at .494 3-point percentage on 178 attempts. Not even Jimmer Fredette can match those numbers.

Not far off from Diebler is Hansbrough, who is 73-for-167 (.437 percent) from long range. While the stats proclaim Diebler the superior shooter, the Notre Dame sharp-shooter has a different take.

When asked in an interview with PTI who the better shooter was, him or Diebler, Hansbrough called Diebler a “good shooter,” but refused to back down. If you put us in a gym and have a shooting contest, I think I’d probably win,” Hansbrough said.

Funny you’d say that Ben. It just so happens that in the Sports Bank’s latest Bracketology, by our very own David Kay, Ohio State is predicted to play in the same region as Notre Dame. We may not have to wait long to see who really is the better shooter.

Who do you think is the best 3-point shooter in the land of hoops? Rep your pick below.

Justin Mertes-Mistretta is a senior writer for Follow him on Twitter at MertesMist_tsb or read his blog here.


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  1. You just laid out the argument against diebler. It is much easier to hit a 3
    coming off of a screen and catching a pass than it is off the dribble. Hansbrough
    is Notre Dame’s primary ball handler, so a large portion of his 3’s are the pull-up
    variety with a hand in his face. When Ben does have time to get set, he is near

  2. davidkay says:


  3. paulmbanks says:

    I think Hansbrough is way better as well. And it’s not just cuz I hate Diebler. or because I watched the BTN “The Journey” and saw he has a hot OSU cheerleader fiance, therfore I hate him more.

    It’s because 3bler can’t create his own shot. Hansbrough can. And Ben doesn’t have anything remotely close to what Diebler has on the wings and inside to create space for him.

  4. paulmbanks says:

    I’ve seen Diebler in mock drafts, but I’m like WTF? he can’t create his own shot and is an average defender. He also doesn’t attack the basket.

    Why should he be “league”

  5. buckeyesRus says:

    Paulmbanks: It sounds to me like you have never watched “3bler” play. Even in the PSU game, he hit 3’s dribbling away from the basket and turning and shooting after crossing the 3 point line. He also often drives and shoots. He also will take it to the hoop if he is being guarded too closely. He often shoots with a hand in his face. I have watched every OSU game this year. From what you write, you haven’t watched any! LOL!

  6. Justin Mertes-Mistretta says:

    In Paul’s defense, I agree that there is no way in hell Diebler is league. He is purely a 3-point shooter. While I agree that Hansbrough is a better all-around shooter, including off the dribble, he is not a better pure shooter than Diebler. If you were to just compare the two coming off a screen to shoot a 3, Diebler isthe best in the nation. Jimmer is one of the best but again he isn’t nearly as efficient as Diebler, but that is also skewed by the fact that he shoots more.

  7. Tom Riegle says:

    I would take Diebler in a shooting contest, but I would take Hansbrough in a one-on-one game. The criticism of Diebler not taking it to the basket or shooting off the dribble is unfair because Diebler’s role on OSU’s team is to do neither one of those. He is capable of doing both, and I watched him do it constantly in high school where he was required to do both. I think Diebler has been under-utilized in the OSU offense. Lesser shooters like Lighty, Thomas, and Craft should be deferring to Diebler whenever possible. Diebler should get 15 shots a game and is lucky to get 5.

  8. paul717 says:

    Some of the comments above are obviously made by people that haven’t watched Deibler play on a regular basis. Diebler can’t get his own shot? He is very capable of getting his own shot off the dribble. It just so happens that the offense is designed for him not to drive, but to shoot off screens. However when he has to he can and has created his own shot. I’ll take him over anyone in a 3 point shooting contest.

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