ESPN’s Jill Montgomery: photos and bio


When Erin Andrews moved up to cover the big nationally relevant college basketball and college football games, enter Jill Montgomery.


You can follow Jill Montgomery on Twitter by going here. From the small sample size of tweets I saw, she appears to be more civilized, less abrasive and considerably more non-insane than I am when it comes to tweeting practices. Montgomery’s self-description on Twitter reads as follows:

Sideline Reporter, Columnist for // Love Fine Wine, Fashion, Food, College FB/Hoops & Celtics!

According to College Insider:

Jill Montgomery is a former professional Track and Field athlete and was one of the country’s top heptathletes and pole vaulters..she had a very successful career in Hollywood as a fashion sports model, appearing in magazines like Shape, Muscle & Fitness Hers and on TV in commercials for NIKE, TYLENOL and OLYMPIC SBC Spots.

Jill Montgomery has been styled by some of the biggest names in fashion and was even named to Femme Fatales Magazine “Top 50 Sexiest Women in Hollywood.”

By the way, I have no clue what a heptathlete is as I don’t follow track and field, but it sounds rather physically exhaustive and rigorous.

You can read more on the Jill Montgomery athletic and journalistic background by going here

For a video interview of Erin Andrews go here

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