Cincinnati Bearcats basketball now trending worldwide


cincinnati bearcats cheerleaders

Yancy Gates and Mick Cronin are now both among the top ten trending terms on Twitter in the United States. And you’re probably wondering who they are.

As are many people in the world, because the Cincinnati Bearcats star player, and head coach are now picking up the steam all over the world wide web. Today, southern Ohio, tomorrow the globe.

The Bearcats ticket to the dance had already been punched, but this huge win over the Syracuse Orange 71-68, quite possibly the tourney’s #2 overall seed, just solidifies their seeding and placement further.

Back to the Q rating, you may have heard of Gates, but for an infamous reason.


You remember the UGLY brawl Cincy had with Xavier earlier this season?

If not, here’s a refresher.

Depending on your point of view, Gates is the ultimate redemption song, or he’s someone who should have been suspended all season and now reside in prison. Of course, the truth lies somewhere in between.

The Cuse will be fine, they’ll still get their #1 seed.

The Bearcats will take on the Notre Dame vs. Louisville winner in the Big East Tournament championship game.

And Gates who is once a scourge, is now a hero again. Look at this tweet from Bearcats quarterback Zach Collaros:

“Like I said before and everyone ridiculed me .. I Heart Yancy Gates”

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