2017 NFL Mock Draft 1-12-17

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In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on the actual current order at the regular season. We sorted the playoff teams based on how we’re predicting the NFL playoffs will shape out. The NFL breaks ties in draft order by reverse order of strength of schedule. Thus we don’t know for sure who will be picking #14 and #15 between Indianapolis and Minnesota’s pick (which is owned by Philadelphia), as the NFL has not confirmed the order officially.

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1. Cleveland, Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

The Brownies have struck out so many times when it comes to drafting a signal caller. It just seems like it keeps getting worse and worse every time. What are you going to do? The Browns actually had Johnny Manziel at quarterback the last time that they won a game. I say they’ll go a different route this time. According to multiple reports, Cleveland’s evaluation on Garrett is totally off the charts.

It could be a smokescreen, but either way, there is no way this guy escapes the top five overall for certain, and probably won’t make it past three.


2. San Francisco, DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame

The Niners QB situation needs rectification, and I predict that they’ll go in that direction. Though it’s very important to mention that Colin Kaepernick actually has an 11-3 TD-INT ratio this season and 67-29 for his career, which is rather elite when you think about it.

Go here for much more on DeShone Kizer, as he now officially declared.

deshone kizer

 3. Chicago, Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

The Bears are a total mess, and they’re really alienating their base, which is about as disengaged as they have ever been in recent memory. The best thing they can do to bring the fans back is to replace Jay Cutler with somebody more fresh and exciting. It is not inevitable that they will do so however. 

it’s time for Chicago to make a big, bold move next year. The Chicago Bears have not drafted a quarterback with a top five overall pick since Jim McMahon #5 overall in 1982. That certainly worked out alright. The last time they took a QB in the top 15 was Cade McNown #12 overall in 1999. That obviously did not work out.

You can be sure the Bears will have a very high draft pick this April; so it’s time to go out and select that franchise signal caller. It’s a more desirable option than the status quo of Jay Cutler. The horribly detested anti-Vaxxer Trump supporter will (hopefully) be out of Chicago at the end of the season.

jay-cutler-2016-NFL-MOCK-DRAFT-aaaron-kromer-marc trestman

4. Jacksonville, Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama

 The Jaguars have some nice pieces on defense, but still need quite a few more.  I was tempted to slot a QB here, as Blake Bortles is definitely not the answer. He’s been putting some big numbers, but those numbers have included turnovers as well, so he’s hurting his team as much as he’s been helping it.

For the time being though, we’ll hold off on that.


5. Tennessee via Los AngelesJabrill Peppers, Multiple Positions, Michigan

Titans need defense, so expect them to take defenders early and often come April. Good ol’ #5 began his UM career as a DB but now he’s moved on to doing that and so much more. Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh listed out everything Peppers can, should and does do for the Wolverines this preseason. You can read the very long quote.

He’ll like be prioritized as a safety at the next level.

Here’s a link to much more on Jabrill Peppers.


6. New York Jets, Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

You can heat your home this winter with all the hot takes about this guy since his decision to skip the bowl game.

The New York Jets need to draft a “splash hire,” a true impact player this season. It won’t be at quarterback, because they’re still trying to figure out what they have, if they have truly have anything at all, in Geno Smith, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

With Ezekiel Elliott last year and Fournette this year; the running back position is coming back in vogue a little bit in the NFL. These things do go in cycles. Go here for more on Fournette.

7. San Diego, Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State 

Shaping up to be a defense heavy draft and perhaps “the DB draft” in 2017


8. Carolina, Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

It’s the Defensive Back Draft- Viva la Revolucion!

9. Cincinnati, Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

Allen could both a.) help bolster the inside and b.) be an alternative if their young, promising pass rushers don’t work out.

 10. Buffalo, Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

Perfect fit here

11. New Orleans,  Jalen Tabor, CB, Florida

Saints pass defense needs means that they could go pass rusher or DB first in this draft.

Florida Gators

12. Cleveland (from Philadelphia), Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida

Look for the Browns to beef up their pass defense

13. Arizona, Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

Cardinals don’t look like they need a wideout now, but they will come this offseason

14. Indianapolis, Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

Love this guy as a NFL prospect. He’s ahead of most of the top notch running back prospects that we’ve seen in recent years when it comes to blocking and pass catching. Rushing the football? All he’s done is go out and break Warrick Dunn’s school records, and you know what a solid career Dunn had in the NFL.


15. Philadelphia via Minnesota, WR, Corey Davis, Western Michigan

Our first outside the box pick here. All this guy did was have the best numerical career of any receiver in college football history.

usc-trojans-coach-cheerleader-getting wet-2015-nfl-mock-draft

16. Baltimore, Adoree Jackson, WR/DB/KR, USC

The second of our two Kordell Stewart type “slash” players to be taken in the 2017 NFL mock draft. Peppers was the first.

The Ravens jettisoned Devin Hester, so it’s clear that they’re looking for a new direction in the return game as well.


17. Washington, Carroll Phillips, DE/OLB, Illinois 

Phillips benefits from playing opposite Dawuane Smoot, who gets all the NFL draft talk hype. He’s also the beneficiary of getting to work under the tutelage of Lovie Smith, Hardy Nickerson and Mike Phair; all brilliant pro level defensive minds.

Phillips will perform very well at the interview portion of the scouting combine as he’s a joy to talk to. He’s a fantastic sound bite.

Yes, Illinois was a bit of a dumpster fire on the field this season, especially when it comes to trying to stopping the run. Smith has already gotten defensive and hostile with reporters on a couple occasions. His new gig in Champaign is off to a very rough start. Never mind all of that though; as Phillips is still doing what he needs to do to get drafted.

 At the conclusion of non-conference play, he was second in the nation in tackles for loss behind only Jabrill Peppers.

Go here for more on Phillips. Go here for more on the NFL Draft gossip relating to the Illini DL.


18. Tennessee, Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

The Titans badly need wideouts

19. Tampa Bay, Jamal Adams, S, LSU 

Have you gotten enough LSU yet in this 2017 NFL mock draft? They better be in at least the college football final four this year with all the talent they have….although that actually doesn’t look so likely right about now.

20. Denver,  Reuben Foster LB Alabama

Picks 21-32 are determined by finishing order in the playoffs.

 21. Detroit, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Tennessee

Lions could use an infusion of youth at the LB position, and some help in their run defense.


 22. Miami, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, WR, USC

Former five star recruit began the season with really high draft stock, then saw it fall a bit. Now it’s risen again after a big time Rose Bowl performance that he put in despite a bad cold.

23. New York Giants, Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan

 Whether or JPP moves on this offseason, NYG need more depth to their edge rushing capabilities. #GoBlue defense was unreal, all season long, as this guy, with an AWESOME name, is truly “a dude.”


24. Oakland, Desmond King, DB, Iowa

The winner of the 2015 Jim Thorpe award as the nation’s best defensive back could have easily gone pro last year if he wanted. He returned, and unfortunately, he should have probably left in ’15 because his stock has fallen.

You know what the Raiders achilles heel is- pass defense, so they’ll likely take a DB. Go here for more on King.

malik mcdwoell

25. Houston, Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan State

Sparty continues to produce special, NFL prospect linemen; on both sides of the ball.

Perhaps Coach Mark Dantonio said it best: “If you’re a starter for us, right now for Michigan State with the success that we’ve had, you have the opportunity to go play at the next level.”

“He’s a great athlete, unbelievable football player,” said Michigan State Tight End Josiah Price.

Go here for more on McDowell.

26. Green Bay, Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

Packers must improve the inside linebacking, which has been very lacking for several years.

 27. Seattle, Chris Wormley, DE/DT, Michigan

Wolverines defense was extremely on point this season, and Wormley is a huge reason why.


28. Pittsburgh, Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan 

Overshadowed by Peppers yes, but he’s actually the better pure cover corner, and the better pro prospect at the cornerback position. Here’s a link to more on Lewis.

29. Atlanta, DaWuane Smoot, DE, Illinois 

Falcons badly need to upgrade their sack attack, and this Illini should be best pass rusher available when they’re on the board.

Smoot benefitted from playing opposite Jihad Ward last season to boost his NFL draft stock. This year he’s the beneficiary of getting to work under the tutelage of Lovie Smith, Hardy Nickerson and Mike Phair; all brilliant pro level defensive minds. Smoot will do very well at the interview portion of the scouting combine as he’s a joy to talk to. He’s a fantastic sound bite. Yes, Illinois was just awful, and difficult to watch this past season, especially when it comes to trying to stopping the run, but Smoot still has the goods.

Smith has already gotten defensive and hostile with reporters on a couple occasions. His new gig in Champaign is off to a very rough start. The Illini have consistently produced first round NFL Draft picks in seasons when the team has had a poor record; which is actually quite often. Go here for more on Smoot.


30. Kansas City, Christian McCaffery, RB, Stanford

You can heat your home this winter with all the hot takes about this guy since his decision to skip the bowl game.

t.j. watt

31. New England, T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin

The Watts are the football version of Duke’s Plumlees, only way better at the next level. Watt is the next in line. Go here for more on Watt.

32. Dallas, Charles Harris, DE/OLB, Missouri

I like the Boys to go best edge rusher that they will be able to find down at this slot.

This 2017 NFL mock draft is over, and it’s listed on numerous databases, including Walter Football, and DC Pro Sports Report.

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