Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears likely parting ways


Word is that Jay Cutler isn’t likely to return to the Chicago Bears.

A source close to Mark Block, the head of both the Mark Block agency and the Jay Cutler Foundation told The Sports Bank this morning that the Chicago Bears are likely to move in a different direction. This information was brought to my attention today before the home loss to the Green Bay Packers in the regular season finale. The defeat obviously eliminated Cutler and the Chicago Bears from playoff contention.

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It’s very public knowledge that Bears GM Phil Emery is not a huge fan of Jay Cutler. He’s not Emery’s guy. He didn’t draft, sign or trade for him. That’s not news.

My source said that the team feels Cutler’s five year body of work has been enough of an evaluation period. Jay has had four different offensive coordinators during that five year span. This news does give a somewhat plausible explanation for Cutler’s tone at his weekly press conference this past Thursday. He was perceived by some in the media to be rather terse and clipped with his responses.

Although, one person really enjoyed Cutler’s mannerisms during the presser.


I was also told this morning that the organization will likely move to retain Josh McCown and focus on rebuilding the defense in the NFL draft in May. There was no indication that the Bears have any interested in drafting a quarterback in 2014. Sources also said that the Bears are possibly interested in pursuing Matt Schaub.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio outlines the most efficient way that the Houston Texans can escape Schaub’s contract this off-season.

Cutler’s favorite wide receiver, Brandon Marshall said the opposite after the game, telling the media “Jay will be back. You know how I feel about Jay. That’s my quarterback. We’re attached at the hip.”

Stay tuned.

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  1. sally beswick says:

    Good, they should get rid of Cutler. He is an egotistical SOB. He played for the Bronco’s and all he bragged about was how he had a better arm than Elway and Farve. He never was a team player. Big head!

  2. Dude get this babble out of here. Emery has said the opposite. He loves cutler. My sources hahahaha right.

  3. WTF is this dumb shit? Obviously this guy who wrote this needs work and this is his only way to get some

  4. This article couldn’t be further from the truth. Emery has said that he wants to make a deal with Cutty.

  5. HoustonsJoe says:

    Please Texans lets bring him in and go Clowney in the draft so we don’t have to pick a QB that won’t be ready for a few years.

  6. Bears fan2 says:

    The Bears are going to do with Cutler what they did with Urlacher. They will give him a low ball offer so they can say he wanted too much money and let him walk. That way Trestman can draft the QB of his choice and develop him his way. Tennessee already said that they will pay Cutler, so he is most likely gone.

  7. PLEASE let this be true. Come home to Nashville Jay! The Titans need you!!

  8. Tom Kasalo says:

    He’s had one season of solid Oline protection!!!!! Need a revamped and rebuilt D, not a new qb! Please, no more qbs!!!! We’ve seen wayyyy too damn many!!!!

  9. Hope this comes true we had five years to show what he was made of. He failed and doesn’t fit the Chicago offense.

    Save the money get a different QB, and fix the defense. Sounds like the smart thing to do.

  10. This is total bs.

  11. Cutler had his chance he has a bad attitude problem NOT a team player. The offense is unbalanced with him, Cut only throws to B look how much better offense was without him! Spend money on additions and future QB!

  12. Please please resign Cutler, all the fans of the other division teams are counting on Cutler to ‘lead’ the Bears for many years to come

  13. What a load of horseshit.

  14. Last time I checked Cutler doesn’t play defense. They need to rebuild the D. All you cutler haters are fair weather fans who read B.S. reports. Get off the McCown bandwagon the guy is a bumb. Close your eyes throw the ball and hope Marshall catches it.

  15. the signing of cutler shows how worthless this writer is and his so called sources

  16. Mark Block says:

    Don’t ever associate anything with me ever again. None of my “close friends” are your sources and nothing you wrote was true at the time, only to be proven wrong today.

    Hopefully this will teach you to discontinue writing silly things for the sake of simply writing them.

  17. Why don’t you leave the reporting to the professionals. Aren’t you the same guy who criticizes the local Chicago media?

  18. And the fact Mark Block himself took the time to call out your bogus “report” brings a smile to my face. Clown.

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