Bartenders who’ve served Jay Cutler describe him as VERY Jay Cutler


These Jay Cutler tidbits come to use from The Fumble, a video series on the lifestyles of famous athletes. The Fumble is hosted here on WLTV 12 NBC and ABC 25 WJXX, First Coast News.

The hostess mentions bartenders who’ve served Jay Cutler, and describing his personality as well, very Jay Cutler.

They say Cutty Does It by ordering apple-tinis and sex on the beach shots.

They also accuse Cutler of running up huge tabs and tipping very poorly. How else do they describe Jay Cutler? Watch the video below and see for yourself.   Well, now that Cutler has all the money in the world with his recently signed lucrative deal, he doesn’t care what you think of him. He DOESN’T CARE!  (Jay Cutler will be the highest paid player in the NFL nest season at $22.5 million next season) He’s free not to care what you think of vaccinations. Or what you think of people like his wife who don’t believe in vaccinations and the breakthroughs in medical science that vaccinations are.

Sorry about the tangent there, enjoy this funny video

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