Chelsea FC Starting XI Prediction vs Tottenham Hotspur

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After a less than favorable start by Chelsea FC, manager Antonio Conte will want to make a major improvement by picking up a win against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. With Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas missing out on the tie due to suspensions, Conte will surely be reevaluating the depth of his current squad.

This match against Tottenham will convey if Chelsea FC needs to bring in more players, or if their squad is tight enough as it is. [Read more…]

Tottenham Closing Club Record £42m Deal for Davinson Sanchez


Tottenham Hotspur are FINALLY going to sign someone this summer transfer window. Yes, Spurs will actually add another player to their side before the window closes at the end of this month, with Ajax central defender Davinson Sanchez. The BBC writes that Mauricio Pochettino’s first signing of the summer will break the club transfer fee record, coming over from the Dutch Eredivisie side for £42 million.

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Danny Rose Apologizes For Ripping Tottenham’s Uneventful Transfer Window

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As they say on Wall Street, “buy and hold” does not mean “buy and coma.” Tottenham Hotspur have had an inactive summer transfer window to say the least, and you could almost say it’s been comatose. Spurs have not bought one single player this summer, not a one, and Tottenham left back Danny Rose called out his team for not showing any proactivity.

You knew there would be some backlash for this! In the sporting world, corporatespeak rules the conversation, and corporatespeak means talking without ever saying anything. You’re not allowed to speak the truth about your own club, and it’s clear that Danny Rose received a lot of blowback for what he told The Sun.

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Danny Rose Calls Out on Tottenham’s Inactive Summer Transfer Window


Danny Rose is very candidly advocating his team open the purse strings and spend some pounds (or Euros).

It’s understandable, to an extent, why Tottenham Hotspur have had such an inactive summer transfer window. With so much money tied up in the new stadium scheme, they just don’t have the cash to throw around on splashy new expensive players. Still, you got to do something, and Spurs have done nothing this summer, as they have added zero players to their squad.

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Premier League Season Predictions: Man City Title, Man United Runner-Up

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As the elite comedian Daniel Tosh famously said: “they say money can’t buy happiness, no, but it buys a wave-runner.” Likewise, British pounds and Euros can’t buy a Premier League title, but it buys the most talented roster possible. At least on paper, you have to point towards Manchester to see the highest quality grouping of players.

Man City and Man United had blockbuster summers, spending big on critical roster additions. We predict the blue side of Manchester will rule the Premier League roost, with United coming in just behind them. Pep Guardiola needed time to adjust at The Etihad, to implement his way of doing things. We think the time is now right for the Citizens.

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Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho Showing Concern with Tottenham Threat

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Tottenham Hotspur Manager Mauricio Pochettino has presided over a summer transfer window that has seen Spurs make zero additions, and conduct only one major transaction- the sale of defender Kyle Walker to Manchester City. By contrast, Walker’s new home team has spent £200 million. Cross city rivals Manchester United have spent £135m with every intention of adding to that sum before August 31.

Chelsea have put out £125m on new player additions, breaking the club transfer fee record on acquiring Alvaro Morata. Arsenal and Liverpool have likewise broken their club transfer fee records this summer. Even Everton, one of the clubs outside the “big six,” is also spending major money on buying a large group of players.

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MLS All-Stars vs Real Madrid: Individual Star Player Power Rankings

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Wednesday night at Soldier Field in Chicago, it’s the MLS All-Stars versus Real Madrid, and unfortunately, the brightest star of them all, Cristiano Ronaldo, will not be there. CR7 had a July 31 court date in Spain that he absolutely could not escape, so he never made the trip to Chicago. Real Manager Zinedine Zidane said at MLS All-Star Media Day that CR7 will be back with the team come Aug 5.

Ronaldo is yet to play in a preseason friendly for Los Blancos this summer, as he’s been on delayed holiday following an extended tour of international duty with Portugal. He’s not the only galactico who won’t be around on the shores of Lake Michigan tonight.

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Mauricio Pochettino Laughs at Antonio Conte’s £100m Harry Kane Valuation


Whether you love or hate Tottenham Hotspur, you have to credit the club for this- they certainly only sell the players they wish to part ways with. They hold on to the players that they want to keep. Yesterday, Mauricio Pochettino addressed the concerns of the fan base who have watched a summer transfer window in which Spurs have made zero additions, and only one major transaction- the sale of defender Kyle Walker to Manchester City.

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Mauricio Pochettino Promises Summer Transfer Window Activity

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The idea that “less is more,” a phrase made famous by the Bauhaus school of architecture, has often been applied to the 2017 Tottenham Hotspur summer transfer window. It’s preseason, and there’s only so much you can really say about exhibition friendlies. It’s also the summer silly season, and that means over-analysis of transfer moves and even the rumors and gossip.

With Tottenham being so completely inactive this summer window, pundits have had to find something to talk about, and the idea that White Hart Lane is winning by doing nothing has often been expressed.

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Jose Mourinho Stops Pursuing Eric Dier, Admits Midfielder and Winger Needs

eric dier

It’s no secret that Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho wants to buy two more players this summer. It’s not a mystery what two positions of need he’s trying to fill either. Mourinho has the luxury of being a little bit transparent when discussing the summer transfer window because he knows that he has the power of (by many measures) the wealthiest club in the world behind him.

Of course, openly discussing your specific transfer targets only serves to drive up the price, so Mourinho refrains from that.

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Mauricio Pochettino Inspires Awe in Kieran Trippier’s Baby (Photo)

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Many Tottenham Hotspur supporters are in awe of Manager Mauricio Pochettino and all that he’s accomplished at White Hart Lane. Perhaps none are as awestruck as Kieran Trippier’s baby son Jacob though. Take a look at this photo of Trippier, Jacob and Pochettino, which has gone viral for obvious reasons.

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Man United and Tottenham Hotspur Target Serge Aurier Wants Out of PSG


Most people go to Paris and have some of the most memorable positive experiences of their lives. Of course, nearly every visitor to the city of light goes there for reasons other than to play professional football, and thus wouldn’t have the tumultuous stay that Paris Saint-Germain right back Serge Aurier has had.

Two days ago we learned that Aurier was a target of Manchester United. It turns out that Tottenham Hotspur and Inter Milan are keen on the 24-year-old as well. Reportedly, the young defender is thinking “Forget Paris” this summer transfer window (apologies to the name of the 1990s Billy Crystal RomCom).

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