Tottenham Third Kit Unveiled for European Away Contests (Photos)


The Tottenham third kit has been unveiled, and the London club evokes a royal flavor with the purple and gold shirt. The strip, which is sharp, but not as solid as their navy blue and darker yellow combination, was revealed to the world via the Spurs official Twitter account a few hours ago.

Have a look:

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How Sport Marketing Changes the Business Industry


Some say that sport marketing is different from conventional business marketing. It has unique dimensions that cannot be found in other marketing models. While consumers buy goods primarily based on their value, fans attend sports events based on their emotions. Sport marketing therefore focuses on creating a fan base and not consumers. This is one effect sport marketing has on the whole business industry. Sport marketing has also changed the business industry in several other ways.

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Four Benefits of Kickboxing Classes


Combat training does not spread violence, as many people misunderstand it. On the contrary, it teaches children to avoid it and control the desire of getting into a fight.

More and more parents today find MMA in general and jiu jitsu and kickboxing classes in particular a saving remedy against their bad behavior and problems at school. In this article we collected several most important benefits of such extracurricular activities can offer to the teenagers.

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Comeback man Mills targeting IPL Glory

T20 cricket will always have its detractors, sports fans who see it as an amusing sideshow but not a true version of the game. Its popularity goes against that theory however, and as we’ll see when the Indian Premier League rolls into town, the shortest format is unlikely to decline anytime soon.

One happy by-product of T20 is the fact that it has provided a platform for some of the best players in the game to extend their careers. Adam Gilchrist, Jacques Kallis and even Sachin Tendulkar have been able to hang around in the spotlight for just that little bit longer. Meanwhile, for England’s Tymal Mills, Twenty 20 cricket has been able to provide something of a sporting lifeline.

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What Are The Top 3 Football Betting Tips To Stay Up Or Go Down This Season?


It is once again one of the most exciting EPL seasons of all time and it looks like all of the best football tips sites have Chelsea as the favorites to win the title but if they slip up all the others are ready to pounce. It is going to be an epic battle at both ends of the league.

It is impossible to say who will end up in the top four and which will be the two unlucky clubs to miss out on the prize.

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The Five Hardest Games In The World To Master 


Seen as the ideal form of entertainment, games have become more than just a favourite pastime. Today, games are becoming more competitive even when you are playing with your friends. The competitive nature of the games mean that everyone wants to win, but it is not always possible since there can be one winner. Some games can be easier to learn and master.

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How to Gamble: Sports Betting

People’s lives get simpler with every passing day. There appear new possibilities for implementation of multiple tasks without leaving home and even without getting out of bed. In this regard, sports betting industry is not an exception as it has been improving and developing for many years.

But as soon as there appeared sports betting opportunities through the internet, it became even more popular as it is now available to a wider public.

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How to Play Poker Like a Professional Player


You might gamble to make a career out of it, or to while away some time hoping for Lady Luck to be on your side. It’s the dream of every poker player to win every session. Let’s face it, even the best poker players have fallen off the wagon in their career. You can learn to play poker with a few bucks and some time to spare, but it’s a whole different ball game to master the game which could take you ages.

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Can You Guess Where You’ll Find the Best Australian Racing Tip for 2017?


Whether you are new to the races, or perhaps new to Australia, it might be that you are up for a day at the races. Since there are so many really lovely racecourses around the country, you might want a bit of help learning how to place a bet. It really isn’t all that difficult, especially with a little help from technology, but just don’t pay too much attention to all those stories about people walking away with thousands.

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Betting at the Cheltenham Cup – the dos and don’ts

It is almost that time of the year again – where the racing community bristles with excitement ahead of a four-day carnival of events that is eagerly anticipated for months prior.

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Indiana Basketball: Thomas Bryant NBA Draft Stock Update


Indiana Hoosiers Coach Tom Crean may be feeling his seat warming in Bloomington, (and by warming we mean scorching) but that hasn’t stopped him from landing some of the nation’s top prospects class after class. Five star forward Thomas Bryant chose the Hoosiers over Syracuse and Kentucky.

Bryant said he models his game after Kevin Garnett and LaMarcus Aldridge. He’s also a big Lebron James and Minnesota Timberwolves fan (due to Andrew Wiggins). The sophomore center from Rochester, New York was a preseason All-American, and he’s having a solid campaign, despite the Hoosiers’ miserable season.

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VIDEO: The Master’s Re-imagined in Mini Golf Form

the master's


The Master’s may be “a tradition unlike any other,” but you know what would make the golfing tournament at Augusta a must watch event for me? This.

And by “this” I mean watch the amazing and creative mini golf video below, which includes some lovely narration from the soothing voice of Jim Nantz. Then meet me back below the embed to discuss. Also, if you’re a golf fanatics looking for an excellent golf ranger finder online, be sure to check out We Talk About Golf, it’s a must bookmark site for all golfers.

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