The Best Cities for Sports Travel


One of the most exciting weeks or weekends of the year is when fans are able to travel from afar and watch a sporting event that features the team that they support. If you live in a town or city that has a professional franchise in one of the major sports, you can normally just wait for the appropriate team to arrive. If you don’t, making a trip or two each year to watch your team play makes sense.

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 Choosing the Best Betting Sites Online


Finding any types of online betting sites that fit your needs and wants can be difficult, but with this article, we will help you find a sports betting site that will be perfect for you and just what you are looking for. To help you find a site that will work correctly and earn you a lot of money, we have the following guidelines.

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How to Become a Better Online Sports Bettor


While online betting, in many ways, is still in its infancy — just over 20 years has passed since Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act that granted licenses to businesses wanting to operate online casinos — there are nevertheless plenty of tried and true ways to increase your odds of placing a winning bet and to increase your chances of getting a higher payout.

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Useful bonus codes to make profitable bets on Bet365

Today, most of the people would like to get participated in the internet gambling networks daily to make vast amount of money online. Making huge cash payout through the betting has now become very popular among several numbers of online users. Everyone can enjoy their betting on the sports if they are finding the best online gambling environment. There are numerous numbers of gambling platforms available with the different betting options. If the bet makers are finding the best one, they can get new way of betting on their favorite games. Bet365 is such a great platform where there are extensive options for the gambling or betting with the huge winning chances. It is a perfect website where every online gambler can have a lot of betting options on their favorite games, casinos, cricket, live sports, and many comprehensive online games. A bet with this bet365 bonus code can be a great choice to make different bets. Most of the people would like to use this platform to make bets on the different casinos games such as slot machines, poker games, bingo, roulette, and more to make more money online.

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Supplements for an Active Lifestyle


Although for many consumers supplements have the connotation of being designed exclusively for professional athletes, you do not have to be a competitor to benefit from a well-supplemented diet. In fact, those who exercise regularly for general health and fitness have a great deal to gain from dietary supplements.

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PHOTOS: the new 2015-16 Manchester United kit?


Photos of what could be the new Manchester United kit, both home and road, for 2015-16 have leaked online. As you know Manchester United Football Club broke a shirt sponsor record when they switched from Aon to Chevrolet. They also broke a kit deal record for partnership with a manufacturer when they made the switch from Nike to Adidas.

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VIDEO: all 3 Manchester United goals from 1st half (Rooney, Carrick, Fellaini)


You can’t ask for a better first half than that Manchester United fans! WOW! This is the kind of team that all that money approved by Ed Woodward can buy. This is the type of team that is guaranteed to finish in top four. This side is the kind of side that would be able to catch Manchester City and finish second.

(As Louis van Gaal liked to claim)

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Afghanistan Dare to Dream in Debut Win – ICC World Cup 2015


If you are a cricket fan and a regular at premier league betting then you might be one of the lucky few who won a lot of money in the recent Afghanistan Vs Scotland match in the ICC World Cup 2015. No one rooted for the Afghans as most of the people considered them as a club level cricket team trying out its luck on the world stage. But things turned to be different from what most of us imagined.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Tips to SUP Safely With Your Pup


What’s stand-up paddling? Is it a new type of recreational activity that combines gauntlet running with boating? No. It’s more like a cross between canoeing and surfing. Basically, stand-up paddling involves a flat board, similar in some ways to a surf board, and a paddle. The board is a bit thicker than a traditional surf board, however, and many of them are inflatable.

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Choosing the right concealed carry weapon (infographic)

This Infographic is presented by

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PokerStars Announce Sportsbook for 2015


They’ve got legendary sport stars Rafael Nadal and Ronaldo amongst their ranks, and now PokerStars are placing another foot firmly in the world of sport, announcing they are to launch sports betting next year.

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Weekend Warriors: 7 Most Common Sports Injuries for Men

Derrick Rose torn ACL

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise and two 20-minute strength training sessions every week. If you have a full-time job, it’s tempting to cram all of this into one monster workout on the weekend. Unfortunately, doing nothing all week and then playing sports or working out intensely for a few hours on Saturday is more likely to lead to injury than to improved fitness.

Weekend warriors, as they are called, especially as they get older, are prone to seven major types of injury. Of course one could turn to a more refined competitive activity like shuffleboards or snooker.

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