High Stakes and High Impact Sports


Sports are one of America’s favorite pastimes, but some of those sports come with a higher risk of physical injury than others. Viewers may enjoy watching a game of football, baseball, or basketball, and players might enjoy participating in those sports, but it’s an undeniable fact that such sports aren’t too kind on players’ bodies.

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Frank Thomas Cooperstown special on CSN must see TV


Retired Chicago White Sox legend Frank Thomas is an MLB analyst for Fox Sports 1 and Comcast SportsNet Chicago. As Thomas enters the Hall of Fame today, CSN Chicago presented a documentary on the extraordinary career and life of Frank Thomas.

Narrated by radio host and lifelong White Sox fan Richard Roeper, “Welcome to Cooperstown: Frank Thomas” premiered Thursday, July 17. I originally did a preview on this documentary, which got a whopping 17 page views! 17!!! For the greatest player in White Sox history, going into the Hall of Fame.  Tells you everything you need to know about how White Sox content, or baseball content in general, does on the web. When you consider that my site got 38,000 page views the day that I ran it, and the site in general gets 20,000 page views a day.

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The 2014 BSPYs


Awards shows are self-congratulatory industry bacchanalia that we play voyeur to because we love watching rich and famous people be rich and famous and pretend to be humble.

Slap on a death montage and a lifetime achievement award of some sort to keep it from being a full blown orgy of how awesome everyone must think this specific entertainment medium being celebrated is.

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Wakeboard Accessories: What’s Right for Your Boat


Wakeboarding is fun activity to engage in out on the water, and like many sports enthusiasts interested in an upgrade it is important to understand what options are available for your boat and how they may be tailored to individual taste. There are many options available through niche manufacturers, all of which benefit the wakeboarder in some way. The ability to evaluate your personal needs are as important as understanding the engineering nuances as well as the styling each accessory will lend to your application. Niche manufacturers like Big Air, Inc. for example offer the following accessories for your boat:

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New Trends in Extreme Sports


Extreme sports are not for the faint of heart. Even so, participation has grown exponentially as more and more people get bitten by the extreme sports bug and want to experience the adrenaline high.

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Tips for Installing a Wakeboard Tower


There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than by cooling off on the lake. Water sports enthusiasts know that getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is essential for true satisfaction of the summer season. New wakeboarders and experienced riders alike can get a thrill from riding the wake while also chilling out on the boat. Without the proper equipment, however, a ride on a wakeboard is not as fun.

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New Minnesota Twins reliever is from town of 436 people


‘If You’re Good Enough Someone Will Find You’

Onetime St. Paul (MN) Saints lefty Caleb Thielbar, now entrenched in the Minnesota Twins ‘ bullpen, gets our nod for quote of the week, courtesy of www.SouthernMinn.com. Thielbar, who has a 1.00 earned run average for his last 10 appearances and is 5-2, 2.22 for 80 career major league games with the Twins the last two seasons, comes from Randolph, MN, population 436.

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PHOTOS: White Sox promo ponchos resemble KKK robes


And you thought the Chicago Cubs were failing miserably with their promotions and marketing. At least the north-siders never had a ballpark giveaway that strikingly resembled the outerwear of a white supremacist organization founded by sons of the confederacy.

Yes, the Chicago White Sox gave away white hooded rain ponchos last night. On one hand, it did rain at that specific game, so the ponchos came in handy. On the other hand, the marketing team clearly didn’t think this one through.

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A sit-down with Laurence Holmes (Part Two)

Laurence Holmes

I got the chance to sit down with WSCR The Score and 120 Sports ‘Morning Run’ host Laurence Holmes prior to the launch of the new morning show from 120 Sports. This is part two of two in which Laurence and I delve into his career, going national, and how Chicago is more than just home to him. You can read part one here.

Jeff Hicks: What’s been keeping you around Chicago? You’ve been busy with The Score, you recently joined NBC Chicago and now 120 Sports. What about you wants to do all of this and be this busy? [Read more...]

A sit-down with Laurence Holmes (Part One)

Laurence Holmes

I got the chance to sit down with WSCR 670 AM The Score and 120 Sports ‘Morning Run’ host Laurence Holmes prior to the launch of the new morning show from 120 Sports. This is part one of two in which Laurence and I delve into his career, going national, and how Chicago is more than just home to him.

Jeff Hicks: What interested you in talking about and now joining 120 Sports?

Laurence Holmes: I wanted to challenge myself, honestly. I also like the fact that I can do some national stuff, and I can challenge myself and still stay in Chicago and do it. That was kind of the allure for me to try this out. The people at 120 have been real nice about letting me explore it a little bit and see if I can balance both doing radio and doing this. So far, so good. [Read more...]

Sports Illustrated realizes now that it’s obsolete


Sports Illustrated has to know that it’s days are numbered. I’ve been saying for year that the SI Swimsuit issue is the only reason we still have have a print edition of this publication. It makes so much money that SI can get away producing its weekly fish wrap for the other 51 weeks. Yes, Kate Upton is the only thing that’s kept the print version of Sports Illustrated alive this long. 

And with this week’s cover story, it’s OBVIOUS that they know it too. To go with a story angle this desperate and dumb? It truly admits defeat.

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The youngest promising talent for the World Cup 2014



Roy Hodgson has turned heads this year by announcing his England squad for the 2014 World Cup: he chose to take many players under the age of 22 to Brazil. Sites such as  Sports Coral featured all sorts of predictions as to England’s final squad, but with players such as Ashley Cole being shunned in favor of younger up and comers, there were some surprises.

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