Former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn attempting comeback


The NFL career of Brady Quinn is no more. potentially alive again.

According to NFL Media’s Dan Hanzus, Quinn has been working with former NFL quarterback Jeff Christensen, who has also worked with the likes of Drew Stanton and Kirk Cousins in the past.

Remember, he never made an official retirement statement. Yes, he made the decision to join Fox Sports last year; hanging up his cleats and picking up a microphone.

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Randy Moss challenges Stl. Rams players to help Ferguson

randy moss

Fox Sports Analyst Randy Moss presented a challenge to the St. Louis Rams players who made the ‘hands up’ gesture in protest of a grand jury’s decision in Ferguson not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. Randy Moss puts it out there: actions matter much more than gestures. True activism is what an individual does when no one is looking. It’s about being productive and contributing; not commanding attention.

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VIDEO: Michael Sam likely to make Rams roster, amid ESPN’s fake story


Every great story needs a villain, and the Michael Sam tale indeed has a few. The worst? Probably Jack Burkman, who you remember as the guy pushing a bill that would possibly ban openly gay players from the NFL. He’s a powerful right wing D.C. lobbyist who received a lot of publicity right after Sam came out. Today, ESPN and their reporter Josina Anderson, joins Burkman on the Michael Sam story bad guys list.

Rams Coach Jeff Fisher ripped Josina for her shoddy “reporting.”

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VIDEO: Stl. Rams RB Tre Mason refuses to be rookie hazed

rams tre mason

St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason is not down with the idea of hazing. Of course, that may not be up to him really. You know what NFL players can do. You’ve seen how brutal they can be. Tying players up to the goalposts and what not.

However, the rookie out of Auburn says he will have none of it.
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Thankfully Football Saves Us From Football

Stephen A.Smith

Everything gets pushed aside for the start of NFL training camps.

Is Kevin Love getting traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Not nearly as important as a cocky, highly questionable rookie quarterback for the lowly Cleveland Browns. The size of the most recent Jose Abreu home run? Psshh.

Was it bigger than Jay Cutler’s new shaggin’ wagon?

Much like the way the commencement of baseball Spring Training fills us with a sort of revitalizing vigor every year, this version of the start of the NFL season (not to be confused with the draft or minicamp or the Hall of Fame Game or your team’s first preseason game or the third preseason game that’s like almost real football or the Thursday game of Week 1 or Sunday of Week 1 the next week) stirs up those savage desires to watch controlled violence.

Football makes everything better.

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St. Louis Rams looking to trade #2 in NFL Draft


The St. Louis Rams have some decent pieces. More so on defense than offense, but overall there’s some talent. Of course, the St. Louis Rams are off in the new year, so that tells you they need a few more pieces to reach the postseason again. They have their #1 overall franchise QB in Sam Bradford, so although he’s no superstar, and he had a rough, injury plagued season, don’t expect the St. Louis Rams to go QB in round one of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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GIF: Rams Michael Brockers clean hit on Bears McCown called roughing

Behold this GIF, it’s one of the worst calls by a NFL official you’ll see in any game this season. St. Louis Rams DL Michael Brockers had a clean hit on Chicago Bears backup QB Josh McCown. It was called roughing the passer, even though he cleanly hit McCown right in the numbers. His head was to the side, he did not lead with his helmet.

I don’t know if the officials somehow believe Michael Brockers led with the crown of his helmet, or if they just overreacted because they saw/heard a bone crushing hit and thought something illegal occurred. The terrible roughing call negated a Rams strip-sack-score play, and the overturn led to the Bears scoring on the very next play.

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2013 NFL Season Predictions: Super Bowl Champion Bengals!



Making predictions for the Super Bowl on February 2nd today on August 27th. Yes, you got to love it. That’s why I’m all about the Cincinnati Bengals as your Super Bowl champion. When you make NFL divisional and Wild Card picks before even the 4th preseason game…well that’s bold.

Look for these to be about as accurate as my NFL mock draft. So don’t take this with a grain of salt. How about a whole truckload of salt. Well, time is a wasting so let’s jump right to the predictions.

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Could Chicago host the NFL Draft?


The NFL Draft has been in New York City for as long as I can remember. The Capital of the World is it’s rightful home, as the NFL Draft is the freshman orientation to the Game of the Empire. And Radio City Music Hall is the optimal venue for housing the NFL Draft too. However, Easter shows will move the NFL Draft from April to May.

And in 2015, the NFL Draft location is up for grabs. And yes, Chicago, the Second City, is in play for hosting the NFL Draft.

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All 32 NFL logos translated to British English


Cheerio Pip pip! What a right good post we have upcoming. It’s quite rare we devote an entire offering to the entry of another digital outlet, but this is a rare aesthetic achievement we’re referring to. All 32 NFL logos translated from American English to British English. The NFL logos are graphically converted as well.

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Al Harris retires as a Green Bay Packer


Former NFL cornerback Al Harris played seven seasons (2003-09) with the Green Bay Packers. Hours ago he informed the Packers of his decision to retire with the Packers. The Al Harris announcement was made by Ted Thompson, Executive V.P. and GM.

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2013 NFL Mock Draft: 4-25-13 FINAL


Our 2013 NFL mock draft is updated for the final time. Lots of changes. And we are a Chicago based website, so check out our latest analysis of the Bears draft prospects for all 7 rounds. And our Bears “Hindsight Draft.” By the way, Hollywood is filming a movie about the NFL Draft at this year’s draft in New York City. I guess they understand how much us sports bloggers obsess with this topic during the month of April.

Here’s our 2014 NFL mock draft

And go here for the top NFL Draft related Twitter hashtags, @mentions and search topics.

By the way, here’s our 7 round mock for 2013 And of course, our NBA mock drafts: 2013 and 2014. Yes, we’re nerrrrrrrrds. Your hunch is correct.

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