Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Calls Out Dog Cruelty at His Alma Mater Texas A&M

ryan tannehill

Ryan Tannehill was selected with the eighth overall pick, by the Miami Dolphins, out of Texas A&M University in the 2012 NFL Draft. Since then he’s established himself as the Dolphins QB1, and a better than average signal caller in the National Football League.

He also hasn’t been shy about expressing his social conscience, and today he sent a very powerful letter, on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to his alma mater.

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Mike Pence Gives Notre Dame Stadium Speech; Many Students Walk Out (Video)

mike pence

Former Indiana Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence was given a seriously cold reception at Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday. Pence, granted the honor of giving the Notre Dame Class of 2017 commencement address on Sunday, saw a large group of students walk out on him as began his speech.

Dozens (the South Bend Tribune estimates the total number at about 150) of graduating seniors staged a peaceful, civil protest by exiting Notre Dame Stadium. Here below are three different videos, with three different vantage points, of the walk-out.

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Jared Kushner in Colorado the Same Day as Chelsea Owner, Putin Confidant Roman Abramovich


With the Donald Trump White House and Vladimir Putin/Russia we have seen endless coincidences and plenty of collaboration. However, we have not seen evidence of definitive treasonous collusion. “The smoking gun,” as one would proverbially put it, hasn’t been found yet, but it could be coming to light reasonably soon.

Both the United States Senate and the Federal Bureau of investigation are investigating whether or not Russia/Putin colluded with the Trump camp, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, to alter the outcome of the 2016 United States Presidential election.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Gave VIP Experience One Who Truly Did “Defend the Land”

cleveland cavaliers darron lewis

The NBA team who’s hashtag is “Defend the Land” welcomed one of the bravest people who certainly does so in the truest sense. May is National Military Appreciation Month, and with that, one Military veteran was honored as part of Cleveland Cavaliers Heroes Night, thanks to Crown Royal, a brand with some solid Cavs’ associations.

Officer Darron Lewis was treated to a VIP experience including watching the pre-game shoot around from the bench, receiving a signed jersey, meeting former Cleveland Cavaliers star, Campy Russell, and an embroidered, personalized Crown Royal bag.

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Tomi Lahren Addresses Beliefs that her 15 Minutes are Up, Diva Accusations


Now that Tomi Lahren and her former employer, Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze (yes, it really is spelled that way, no space between the two words for some bizarre reason) have settled their legal dispute, the alt-right millenial gun nut is speaking up and speaking out.

Her period of radio silence is long over, and she gave an exclusive interview to Playboy where she covered a multitude of topics.

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ESPN Layoffs: Five General Ideas For What the Network Should Do Moving Forward


The ESPN layoffs announced this past Wednesday sent massive reverberations all throughout the sports media business. In this trade, it’s the story of the year. It dominated national and international headlines for days because it reaches so many different facets and niches.

Last week, we listed eight truths this development taught us about the current state of the sports media business. Yesterday we looked at five major issues the network (and many of us as well) must resolve. Today we detail five steps that we believe the company should take in the wake of the ESPN layoffs.

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Donald Trump Attacks on Media Should Unite All Journalists Right Now

american military

Donald Trump has such an utter contempt for journalists that it’s become worse than Richard Nixon and Bobby Knight combined.

He’s openly declared full scale war against the concepts of transparency and accountability, and he’s blatantly aiming to dismantle the very ideal of a free press.

Last Wednesday’s press conference, the first Donald Trump had held in nearly half a year, was a farce on numerous levels, with the condescension aimed at CNN and Buzzfeed the most egregious offenses. However, it was also the incident which can galvanize us journalists to fight back, and make no mistake about it, we will fight back!

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ESPN Layoffs: Five Major Issues Bristol Must Resolve Moving Forward


The ESPN layoffs announced this past Wednesday sent shockwaves throughout the sports media business. It’s the industry news story of the year. It dominated national and international headlines for days because this development affects so many different facets and niches.

We listed eight truths this development taught us about the current state of the sports media business. Now we look at five major issues the network (and many of us content creators and consumers as well) must resolve. Tomorrow, we’ll detail five steps that we believe the company should take in the wake of the ESPN layoffs.

Let’s dive right in.

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Serena Williams Accidentally Reveals Pregnancy on Snapchat

serena williams

Snapchat is one of the newest and most popular social media sites out there at the moment. It’s used to upload pictures for all of your friends to see – but they disappear after 24 hours.

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ESPN Cuts: Eight Harsh Lessons Learned About the Sports Media Industry


“As Maine goes, so goes the nation” is a phrase that was once relevant and accurate in United States politics. Obviously, Ohio and Florida have replaced Maine’s role today, but for the sports media industry, ESPN is the bellwether.

Thus, the ESPN cuts announced this morning are the top trending story on Twitter, and we should all expect that topic to remain in the penthouse perch for the rest of the day. Here is a link to more details on the ESPN cuts and some of the better Twitter reactions to it.

There’s a lot to unpack today pertaining to the layoffs, so let’s dive right into our list of eight principles here which also apply to the sports media industry at large.

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March for Science Chicago: Some of the Best Signs (PHOTOS)

march for science chicago the muppets

While the Women’s March in January and the Tax March last weekend had more than their fair share of clever signs, March for Science Chicago blew both of them away. The signage here was beyond brilliant. I guess that’s to be expected when you hold a rally that advocates reason, logic and critical thinking.

On this, the 47th edition of Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd, March for Science Chicago was held, sending a strong message  to our leaders in Washington D.C.

An estimated 4o,00 attended the event, which began with a speaker’s program at 10-11 am, then a march to the Field Museum of Natural History. There, an exposition was held until 3 pm, all in the name of supporting of science.

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March for Science Chicago: Details and Info on Rally for Reason and Logic

march for science chicago

On Earth Day, Saturday April 22nd, March for Science Chicago will be held, and with it a strong message sent to our leaders in Washington D.C. Over 45,000+ are expected to attend the event, which runs from 10am to 3pm, to rally and march in support of science.

The flagship march will take place in our nation’s capital, and approximately 500+ other rallies will occur all around the world. The event is being organized to show support for the scientific community, recognize how science serves society at-large and promote an approach to governing that leverages peer-reviewed, evidence-based policy making.

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