Chicago Fire Soccer: 2014 Season Preview

chicago fire-rio-ferdinand

Chicago Fire soccer opens the 2014 MLS season tomorrow versus Chivas USA. Despite the polar vortex and it’s never ending grip on all of us, MLS soccer season kicks off today, and the Fire’s home opener at Toyota Park is two weeks from tomorrow. That Chicago Fire soccer scarf you like to wear- you may need it that day.

MLS is just as popular as MLB among the youth demographic, a new ESPN poll conveyed. Could Americans finally be embracing soccer? American Major League Soccer? It looks like Major League Baseball is no longer the only game going in the summertime now.

Locally, you know how the White Sox and Cubs performed last year. And you know how Las Vegas expects them to perform this season. So let’s get to talking Chicago Fire soccer, who finished with a winning record last year, and are projected by most experts to finish with a winning record again this season.

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MLS equal in popularity to MLB among youth, study shows


MLS is just as popular as MLB among the youth demographic, a new ESPN poll conveyed. Could Americans finally be embracing soccer? American Major League Soccer? It looks like Major League Baseball is no longer the only game going in the summertime now.

It’s funny, because the critics of both MLS and MLB have the same exact complaints: “it’s boring!” “Slow pace.” “No scoring!”

Whether these two sports bore or excite you, or something in between, that’s in the eye of the beholder. But I do know this: Major League Baseball definitely gets way more media attention than it deserves. And MLS is under-served by the press.


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Newcastle United Manager kicked out for headbutting opponent (VIDEO)


Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew will get a very expensive fine and a touchline ban for headbutting Hull City midfielder David Meyler during his side’s 4-1 win on Saturday. The Newcastle United boss was of course kicked out of the game, as he should have been.

Check out the video of Pardew below: (And watch the Sky Sports News announcers go nuts)

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How to suck at Twitter, see Alex Morgan, Danica Patrick accounts


Alex Morgan and Danica Patrick content has been really good to me. My material on both of these young star female athletes has delivered the goods in the page views and the SEO department. Therefore, I don’t want to be too harsh on Danica or Alex Morgan. And I’m not going to. I’m criticizing the PR person/publicist/press agent etc. who does their tweeting for them. I’m not criticizing Patrick or Morgan themselves.

Danica Patrick just hit 1 million on followers on Twitter the yesterday, the first NASCAR driver to ever hit that mark. It made me wonder why so many people follow her, despite the fact that her account has zero news value about 90% of the time.


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Chelsea FC to star on World Cup episode of The Simpsons


Fox today unveils Chelsea Football Club as the latest international football team to join the first-of-its-kind collaboration between The Simpsons and the most popular sport in the world, soccer. Joining FC Barcelona, FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, Sport Club Corinthians, FC Porto, Juventus and Boca Juniors, Chelsea Football Club will co-create a broad line of branded merchandise.

Chelsea will guest star on a World Cup themed episode of the animated series will air in March 2014.

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Newcastle United could have new American Celebrity Owner


Newcastle United could have a new celebrity owner, and it would continue the recent trend of Americans owning English Premier League sides. World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE, formerly WWF) owner Vince McMahon has been rumored to be taking full ownership of Premier League side Newcastle United in business deal that NO ONE would see coming.

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Arsenal G Szczesny makes highly offensive gesture, could be fined


Wojciech Szczesny, Arsenal goalkeeper, could be facing a very heavy fine and or suspension for making the wanker gesture upon exiting the Gunners’ Champions League match. Szczesny received a red card after fouling Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben in the first half.  Szczesny did not appreciate the call for taking down Robben in the box and exited while making a wanking motion.

Watch below:

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PHOTOS: Alex Morgan in 2014 SI Swimsuit Issue


Alex Morgan is back in Sports Illustrated, but in a regular bikini, not body paint. But if you want to revisit the Alex Morgan in body paint photos from the 2012 SI swimsuit issue, you can always go here.

Alex Morgan is the face of American soccer, and the very young striker will be a leader of the U.S. Women’s National Team to the match. for many years to come.

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Neymar admits he rejected Manchester City to sign with Barcelona


With FC Barcelona’s UEFA Champions League 2-0 win over Manchester City, Neymar made an interesting revelation. Speaking before the knockout round match, Neymar said that he rejected interest from a lot of European clubs, including Manchester City, to join Barca instead.

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Iranian Soccer Scandal conveys rising importance of women’s sports


The recent scandal of women failing gender tests in Iran’s female soccer league has broader outreach than it appears. Rising stardom, fan interest and money have upped the ante in female athletics. Both as fans and athletes, women are staking a bigger claim in the sports industry. How?

A snowball effect of sorts has taken place. Federal legislation from 40 years ago removed barriers to participation. As a result, a female sports culture developed; from little league up to the college ranks.

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Liverpool’s Kolo Toure CRUSHES Fulham’s Phil Dowde (VIDEO)

liverpool-FC-brendan rogers

It wasn’t quite enough for Liverpool Defender Kolo Toure, scoring a humiliating own goal, that cost his side dearly, versus relegation zone fodder Fulham. (Luckily for Toure, he was bailed out by Liverpool leaders Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard, and the team won 3-2 on a last minute penalty kick)

Not content with just his own goal Toure went after Phil Dowde with a move that belongs in ice hockey or American football, not football.

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Liverpool FC’s Kolo Toure scores hilarious own goal (VIDEO)


Kolo Toure made a really embarrassing (are they any other kind?) own goal today, hurting Liverpool FC’s chances in a match they ended up winning 3-2 over relegation zone dwellers Fulham. Luckily for Toure, the team won dramatically at the finish. Liverpool leaders Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard made sure this own goal didn’t hurt Liverpool’s Champions League chances. But this isn’t the first horrible gaffe made by Kolo Toure this month.

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