Tim Howard likely leaving Everton FC at season’s end


In the summer of 2014 America fell in love with its goalkeeper, Tim Howard. He became a national hero during the men’s World Cup. There’s a lot to love about Tim Howard- he’s a PETA advocate, animal rights activist and part-time broadcaster. He’s idealistic and media savvy.

He’s also one of the better goalkeepers in the Premier League. The Everton stopper from New Jersey, USA looks to be headed back to his homeland at the end of the season. America is probably getting their GK back.

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USWNT World Cup title, Deflategate depicted by Marshmallow Peeps (photos)


2015 was still a year that really belonged to the United States Women’s National Team. They brought home America’s first Cup since 1999. So while the USWNT was the most unifying and uplifting national sports story of 2015 that we all rallied behind, Deflategate was the most repugnant story that unified us in our fatigue from it.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

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Alex Morgan Tops 15 Most Viewed of All Time List


We close out The Sports Bank most popular, and best of collection for the year with the 15 most read articles/posts whatever of all time! Alex Morgan rules! And although she didn’t do much in the actual World Cup, 2015 was still a year that really belonged to the United States Women’s National Team. They brought home America’s first Cup since 1999.

Alex Morgan and the rest of the USWNT will be HUGE again this summer, as we head to the summer Olympics in Rio.


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Abby Wambach send-off from USWNT teammates (video)


As a member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, Abby Wambach capped 252 international matches and scored 184 goals, more than any other man or woman in soccer/football history. Wambach collected two gold medals and won world championship this past summer.

In celebration of Abby Wambach’s last match, tonight against China as part of the USWNT victory tour, her teammates provide insight into the forward’s legacy and the role she played on and off the pitch.

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Aston Villa Twitter account mysteriously unfollows 47,000 fans


The Aston Villa football club’s official Twitter account is employing a “bold” social media strategy. Let’s see if it pays off for them. (Credit Dodgeball). Today, whoever is in charge of the Aston Villa club account decided to unfollow more than 47,000 accounts this afternoon.

Those accounts were 47,000 of their fans, followers and supporters by the way. So this is all quite perplexing.

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Euro 2016 Playoffs Review


The 24 teams have now been confirmed for Euro 2016 – the biggest European Championship tournament there has ever been following UEFA’s decision to add eight extra teams in the space of four years.

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USWNT star Christen Press gets new gig hosting web show


Starting this weekend at the Rose Bowl, U.S. Women’s National Team forward and Chicago Red Stars franchise player Christen Press will host the soccer themed segments on FOX Sports digital series, @The Buzzer.

Press hails from Palos Verdes, California and with FOX being headquartered in Los Angeles, it’s convenient for everyone involved.

“Working with such a cool digital series like @TheBuzzer was such an attractive opportunity for me and I am so thrilled to be a part of it,” Christen Press said.

christen press

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Carli Lloyd’s statement implies Nike may have saved NWSL


With her transcendent performance in the World Cup title game rout of Japan, Carli Lloyd established herself as one of the faces of the USWNT. Lloyd won the tournament’s Golden Ball Award (which goes to the most outstanding player), and in doing so placed herself squarely within the national consciousness.

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Former West Ham, Aston Villa forward John Carew starring in gangster film


Former Premier League footballer John Carew will make the change from sportsman to movie star as he is set to appear in a Norwegian gangster film.

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Julie Johnston, Christen Press named to NWSL Best XI team

julie johnston

Julie Johnston and Christen Press, two players currently with the United States Women’s National Team on their victory tour, were named to National Women’s Soccer League best XI today. It’s the All-NBA first team of the NWSL. Press and Johnston shone the brightest of all the Chicago Red Stars, helping lead the team to the NWSL semi-finals.

This was the first time in the Red Stars eight year history that they have reached the postseason.

christen press

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How Alex Morgan, the USWNT etc can help establish the NWSL


The NWSL is fairly certain that it will return in 2016, but 2017 is still up in the air. Next year is season number four for the National Women’s Soccer League and no professional American women’s soccer league has ever survived beyond three seasons. So the NWSL has already achieved more than any of their predecessors, but 2016 is a critical crossroads year.

The league has a special unique opportunity to capitalize on growing interest in the game and maybe take it to new levels. That is, if they can market themselves correctly.

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Alex Morgan’s harsh hotel comments addressed by NWSL commish


When United States Women’s National Team forward Alex Morgan made some Tweets ripping the National Women’s Soccer League for substandard team accommodations a month ago, it received a lot of media coverage. Anything involving bed bugs, as this matter did, tends to get a lot of attention. Both bed bugs and Alex Morgan are indeed clickbait.

The NWSL response to Morgan’s complaints went completely under the radar however. NWSL Commissioner Jeff Plush answered a reporter’s question on this topic yesterday.

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