Kristin Cavallari engages Jay Cutler Twitter hater


Kristin Cavallari should know better than to engage Twitter trolls and haters. And I don’t think anyone should call this call a “troll” because he said something really funny; even though he was rather unfair on Kristin Cavallari

K-Cav is a big time “reality” star, so she should continue staying above the fray. Oh, and Stay close to Twitter today when the results are announced. It’s going to be compelling tweet viewing. The “Jay Cutler is not tough” Ship of Fools is about to make its 2nd voyage, if it hasn’t already.

It will be fun to watch once it set sails again. Also fun to watch is Kristin Cavallari smacking down a hate-tweet and blocking this guy.

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Former Miss USA Kimberly Pressler now ESPN Bowling Analyst


This piece on Kimberly Pressler comes to us from Curtis Shaw Flagg.

Former Miss USA Kimberly Pressler will once again report from the sidelines at the PBA World Series of Bowling, held at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pressler, who has also hosted shows for Fox Sports, ABC, MTV, ESPN, NBC, Speed Network – and most notably, the X-Games, has flown significantly under the radar until the PBA recently released a bio to the media. She has been working with the World Series of Bowling since 2010.

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Christian Ponder blames God for being bad at football


Fark rightfully referred to Christian Ponder as Christine Steele. Obviously, they’re poking fun at the Minnesota Vikings quarterback for being less relevant than his wife ESPN sideline princess Samantha Ponder, formerly known as Samantha Steele. True. Samantha Ponder is way better at her job than Christian Ponder.

Christian Ponder lost his starting gig to Matt Cassel. And it’s thought that he’ll eventually lose out to Josh Freeman, the latest recipient of the curse of jersey #5.

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Samantha Ponder verbally and rightfully smacks David Pollack


Samantha Ponder just became a lot more likable.

GameDay’s Samantha Ponder (formerly known as Samantha Steele, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder) stated on Twitter that she was verbally assaulting Pollack on the bus and that he “needed to make her a sandwich.”

HAHAHAHAHA. Good for her.

We all love a good media fight don’t we? Well, this is actually more than that; as Samantha Ponder is making an important statement, fighting back against sexism.

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Scarlett Johansson named sexiest woman alive again


Scarlett Johansson has been named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive — again!

“I’m the only woman to win twice right?” she asked the mag, which named Scarlett Johansson the hottest thing on Earth seven years ago in 2006.

“You know, I gotta hustle. I’m a 28-year-old woman in the movie business, right? Pretty soon the roles you’re offered all become mothers. Then they just sort of stop. I have to hedge against that with work-theater, producing”

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Erin Andrews LAME response to David Pollack’s sexist comments


Fox Sports personality Erin Andrews really should have hit ESPN analyst David Pollack much harder in response to his sexist remark regarding women not belonging on the college football playoff selection committee.

I know Erin Andrews has been all corporatized for several years already, and as such can no longer publicly say anything acerbic, or maybe even “colorful” at this point, but this is a situation where EA should prioritize ideals over remaining vanilla enough to keep shilling workout and nutritional products.

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Layla Kiffin vs Jen Bielema


The Layla Kiffin vs Amanda Enfield, or Amanda Marcum Enfield debate, that’s been done. And now that Lane Kiffin was humiliated in his termination from USC, those battles are over. So who would you put Layla Kiffin up against now? How about Jen Beliema?

The wife of husky sized Arkansas Razorback Coach Bret Bielema gives Ms. Kiffin a run for her money.


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Where will Layla Kiffin Land?


I’m sure some of you read this headline and said to yourself? “in my bedroom.” HAHAHA. When I first checked the site traffic stats I saw Layla Kiffin dominating. Layla Kiffin here Layla Kiffin there, over and over again. So when I called in to do my Bears preview on talk radio, I asked the boys did Layla Kiffin do something last night which was huge news?

The co-host replied “I hope it involved not having any clothes. He was off-air at the time.

So where will Layla Kiffin go now? I guess we’ll examine that by speculating on hubby Lane Kiffin’s future employment.

Related: Jen Bielema vs. Layla Kiffin

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Kate Upton joins Atlanta Braves Justin and B.J. Upton on SI (photo)


Maybe Kate Upton can help baseball out right now. It’s competing with the NFL, America’s true national pasttime, for our nation’s attention. In other words, it needs all the help it can get. Kate Upton on the Sports Illustrated cover? That’s not news. Kate Upton on the SI cover alongside Atlanta Braves position players, and brothers B.J. and Justin Upton.

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Key and Peele unveil east/west college bowl rap battle (video)


In an era where big college athletics see rosters with littered with names like Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Mister Cobble, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and (coming soon) Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn, the comedic work of Key and Peele matters more than ever.

The Key and Peele East/West College bowl sketch lampooning the ridiculous real life names of college basketball and college football players these days was immensely hilarious and hugely popular.

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Oregon Cheerleader, CBS Sports Personality Amanda Pflugrad (new pics)


Former Oregon Ducks cheerleader and current CBS Sports Network hostess Amanda Pflugrad is back with a new Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Amanda Pflugrad is SEO Gold, and it’s easy to understand why. Her name has been trending on the net the past couple days.

Amanda Pflugrad is best known for being SI cheerleader of the week a few years ago, and it’s the same website that featured her today in “Hot Clicks.”


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Bengals fans say no to Katy Perry and her giant boobies (video)


Whenever I write about Katy Perry, I usually say “the breasts of Katy Perry” or “the boobs of Katy Perry” did xyz, because clearly she can’t make listenable music. Katy Perry is where she is today because of her looks, i.e. her breasts. A body can carry you far in America, especially if you’re a woman.

And if there’s one body part you would want to have going for you, it’s….the assets Perry has. They can sell any product you can imagine. If you’re a man, sorry, you don’t have a body part with similar marketing power. However, Katy Perry and the boobies of Katy Perry could still not win over the Cincinnati Bengals.
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