VIDEO: Keith Olbermann issues apology to Penn State


ESPN sports and political pundit Keith Olbermann returned from his suspension yesterday. He was removed for four days, due to his insensitive remarks on Twitter regarding Penn State University and their philanthropy. (more on all that here)

His mea culpa opened the show and overall it was a bit…well, you can watch it below and make up your own mind first. See if your impression of it matches my reaction to it.

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Adnan Virk to fill in for the suspended Keith Olbermann


(Update: Adnan Virk, who filled for Keith at the last minute yesterday, will also fill in tonight and Friday)

ESPN has suspended sports and political pundit Keith Olbermann for four days, due to his insensitive remarks on Twitter regarding Penn State University.

The statement reads as follows:

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Big Ten Basketball: 17 worst losses this Pre-Conference season


“Our effort was not up to standard tonight which i take very personally,” said Northwestern Coach Chris Collins after losing at home by 13 to a middle tier MAC team.

“I can’t explain it. If I had an answer for it I would tell you guys. We got out-everythinged,” he continued.

“We didn’t give them any resistance to start the game.”

Collins and the Wildcats getting dominated at home by Central Michigan is troubling, but it’s just one of many very bad losses that Big Ten basketball has suffered this non-conference season. Let’s break it down.

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B1G Basketball power rankings: the “we apologize” edition


There are certain B1G basketball teams that owe an apology right now. Sure, one team nationally ranked in the preseason losing to a low-major that you’ve never heard of is excusable although unexpected. Upsets happen. However, two preseason AP top 25 teams losing to low-majors on two separate occasions? That’s kind of embarrassing. Plus the B1G hasn’t had a whole lot of signature wins to really counter-act those ugly losses.

Hey, at least they won the challenge versus the ACC

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PSU QB Christian Hackenberg: high NFL Draft stock, poor stats

Christian Hackenberg

In just two years at Penn State, so much has been said about starting Quarterback Christian Hackenberg. The reigning Big Ten freshman of the year has been hyped up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. He’s also been hit with the “overrated” label. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. extolled his virtues as a future professional signal caller.

Kirk Herbstreit sees the NFL in his future as well. 

As this 19 year old kid from rural Virginia fulfills his lifelong dream of being the Nittany Lions QB1, he’s enduring the slings and arrows that come with being in such a high profile position. The team’s record and statistics show a regression, not just with Hack, but the whole team. Hackenberg’s tangibles and skill sets remain steady. Perhaps he’s developing them further. However, everything else around him is like his production; in dramatic decline.

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Penn State football fans need to move past Tim Beckman hatred


Given the approach that Tim Beckman took to openly recruiting Penn State football players, in the wake of the sanctions imposed in 2012, Nittany Nation would have liked nothing more than a little karmic payback. Had this Penn State football team won today, it might have possibly been the final nail in the coffin of his Illini regime. Obviously, it didn’t happen that way as Illinois won 16-14 and the hate for Beckman in Central Pennsylvania grows even stronger.

Like Emperor Sidious said to young Skywalker, I say to Nittany Nation now:

“I fell your anger. Let the hate flow through you.”

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PSU QB Christian Hackenberg is SO OVERRATED


You look at what has happened with Penn State Quarterback Christian Hackenberg this season and you realize that Bill O’Brien, not Marc Trestman is the true “quarterback whisper.” (that’s more praise of B.O.B. than it is slamming Hackenberg)

Still Hackenberg has made a strong regression this season under James Franklin, yet he’s still being hyped up as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Penn State is 12th (out of 14) in passing efficiency and scoring offense. Hackenberg himself is tenth, that’s right 10th! in passing efficiency as he’s thrown for twice as many interceptions (14) as TD passes.

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2015 NBA Mock Draft-Second Round (10/30/14)

nba draft logo

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2015 NBA Mock Draft where team needs have NOT been taken into account.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013. [Read more…]

Pat Fitzgerald SILENCES Penn State, hyperbolic NU alarmists


Pat Fitzgerald did more than ANNIHILATE the Penn State Nittany Lions today. He also DESTROYED two of the most brain dead narratives that surround his program right now. The first is the idea that Northwestern football is not winning because this team is not “hard nosed” or “TOUGH” enough. We’ll SHRED that idea to pieces in detail here as Fitzgerald is as much of a “player’s coach” and “guy’s guy” (Or “blokey-bloke,” for my readers in the U.K.) as he’s ever been.

But first first we need to put to rest the other theory surrounding NU football that is dumbing us down. The idea that Northwestern is going back to “the dark ages” of pre 1995.

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Christian Hackenberg, PSU outlook with Fowler and Herbstreit


Christian Hackenberg is the best passer in the Big Ten. Now with Braxton Miller out for the season, Christian Hackenberg is now the best quarterback in the conference.

Sure, he doesn’t have Bill O’Brien and Allen Robinson to work with this year, but he’s also a year more developed and mature. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the new system under James Franklin; which incorporate the tight ends in the passing game to a more significant role.

Here to predict and project the 2014 season for Penn State and Hackenberg is Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler.

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Ohio State once again Big Ten favorite, MSU not far behind


Big Ten Media Days start tomorrow, as the season is now a month and change away.  The league actually does it much later than the other power conferences, so if you think this is too early, than you must really think the other leagues are insanely early. Over the weekend, the Big Ten released its preseason poll, and the usual favorite in Columbus, is once again expected to win it all. However, Michigan State is right up there as well. 

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ESPN ranks Penn St football win over UM 14th best game of ’13

penn state football

It’s never too early to talk Penn St football. Or re-live the glory of last season. After all, we’re now less than a week from Big Ten Media Days.

With the start of the 2014 college football season on the horizon, ESPNU will televise the Top 25 College Football Games of 2013. Games No. 25 through No. 6 – in descending order — will be aired each weekday (7 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET) between Monday, July 21, and Thursday, July 31. Game No. 5 will be televised on Friday, August 1 (7 p.m.) and the countdown concludes with No. 4 and No. 3 on Saturday, August 2 (6 p.m. and 9 p.m.) and No. 2 and No. 1 on Sunday, August 3 (6 p.m. and 9 p.m.).

And PSU made the list.

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