2017 NFL mock draft 10-13-16


In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on a hybrid of three facets: the latest Chicago Tribune NFL power rankings, the current NFL standings and our speculation of how the league will play itself out during the remaining three quarters of the season the post-season.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, as team needs are a very fluid situation.

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

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Penn State Football Players Opine on Paterno Statue Revival Movement


This past Friday marked the fourth anniversary of the Joe Paterno statue being removed from Beaver Stadium.

Exactly two weeks ago, we learned that the heinous, repulsive crimes of Jerry Sandusky were brought to the attention of Paterno as far back as 1976! 

In light of these revelations, there is still remains a movement to restore the Paterno statue to the place it once occupied outside the cathedral of Penn State football. On July 5th, the public was made aware of the petition, signed by over 200 former Penn State football players, to re-install the Paterno monument at Beaver Stadium.

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“Negative Recruiting” Against James Franklin? MSU, OSU Coaches Respond


Throughout the spring and summer, more shocking revelations about Joe Paterno have emerged. These findings further damn his legacy. Prior to this year, it was widely known that Paterno was made aware of the fact that his defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was a child rapist.

What we’ve learned in 2016 is that Paterno knew his second-in-command was a child rapist as far back as 1976. It goes without saying how awful this fact is, and how that affects the Penn State football brand.

That damaged brand obviously affects recruiting, and provides serious obstacles for James Franklin.

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All B1G Teams as Simpsons characters: Michigan Wolverines =Mr. Burns


Today kicks off B1G Media Days and your Michigan Wolverines are now deemed the league favorite. Actually, some sports books have ascribed UM the National Championship favorite. Ok, that’s a bit presumptive! Yes, we know that the media fawns over Jim Harbaugh more than they fawn over any other individual, but I still don’t know how we really got here on that one.

Of course, I also have no idea how a casino magnate with three wives and a disturbing tendency to publicly lust over his own daughter became the Presidential nominee of the political party dominated by the religious right, as 2016 is truly bizarro world.

How did we get here? The last time the Michigan Wolverines were last nationally relevant in 2006 and their most recent title came in 1997.

michigan wolverines basketball

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USWNT D Ali Krieger an Interesting Olympic Statistical Anomaly


Ali Krieger, who will be 32 when the Olympics begin, becomes the oldest first-time U.S. Olympian for women’s soccer. That seems like an odd statistical anomaly- how did this happen for a defender who has 90 caps with the United States National Team?

Krieger was an alternate in 2008 for Beijing, and would have made the 2012 London team, but she suffered an ACL tear during the qualifying tournament. Despite the lack of Olympic experience, Ali Krieger is very accomplished internationally. Krieger and company routed Japan to achieve the third star on the USWNT jersey last summer, representing America’s third World Cup title. That’s more than any other nation.

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Greg Schiano Denies Witnessing Sandusky Child Molestation


Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano denies that he witnessed a sexual molestation at Penn State in the 1990s.

Schiano, currently the Defensive Coordinator at Ohio State Tweeted this out today:

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Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno: there is NO GRAY AREA HERE

joe paterno
The monstrosity that is former PSU Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky and the lack of his higher-ups at Penn State to do anything about him is not ambiguous. There are not “two sides to every story” here. He was a child rapist, and it pains me that I still have to say this, but child rape is a very bad thing.
Joe Paterno knew that he had a child rapist working for him, and he did nothing to stop it. Joe Paterno was an enabler of child rape.

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College Football Award Watch Lists: Just Please Stop Already!

college football

Yesterday kicked off, as the great Elvis Costello sang, “the other side of summer.” That’s because Tuesday July 5th initiated the evil scourge that is College Football Award Watch List Season. These pointless press releases are sent out as breaking “news.”

Not only does the journalist receive the email blasts from the award and college football organization themselves, every single school sends out their own individual email blast themselves. Now you cannot blame the SIDs for this. It’s not their fault and don’t shoot the messenger.

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Gruden: Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg are 1st-Rounders


A year ago at this time, most draftniks believed that three Big Ten quarterbacks- Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg, Michigan State’s Connor Cook and Ohio State’s Cardale Jones, would likely be taken in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Today, there’s a chance none of them will, and the Big Ten conference drought could very well live on. Yes, you have to go all the way back to 1995, when Penn State’s Kerry Collins was the fifth overall pick, a first-round selection by the then nascent expansion franchise Carolina Panthers.

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Christian Hackenberg Doing “Junket;” NFL Draft Stock Rise?

christian hackenberg 2016 nfl mock draft penn state football

If there’s one topic college football people love to debate upon, it’s the NFL Draft stock of former Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Christian Hackenberg. It’s a subject that you can argue until you’re blue (and white) in the face, and you’ll still never really figure it out.

As Marge Simpson told her husband Homer: “you know, it’s very easy to criticize.”

“Fun too,” Homer J. Simpson responded.

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Early 2016-17 Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings


Looking at the very early Big Ten basketball power rankings for next year, MSU is the unquestioned. David Kmiecik, via his top 25 for next season, which you can view here, collaborated with Paul M. Banks on this listing. Dave did the entries for the nationally ranked Big Ten basketball teams, and Banks had to do the teams that aren’t as good. (of course! always!)

Enjoy! We also linked the three early season previews that we already did for three Big Ten basketball teams.

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Christian Hackenberg NFL Draft stock OVER-ANALYSIS


You’ll hear Christian Hackenberg is overrated,” or something to that effect, just about as much you’ll hear “Christian Hackenberg is the next big thing!” Sometimes, you’ll hear both of these diametrically opposed positions during the same game week, multiple times.

Hackenberg is a product of the social media age, in which attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been, and the “takes” by sports media personalities are hotter than ever.

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