The World Cup Sweet 16 and their college hoops doppelgangers


It’s down to 16 teams; single game elimination in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Just like in March madness, it’s “survive and advance” time. So I decided to match each country with their corresponding college basketball program. If you’re a college hoops fan, but still need a rooting interest in the World Cup, this will help you pick a team.

I’m still not sure how much Americans have embraced soccer; as of yet. I do know they’ve embraced skipping work to go drink and watch sports during the day.

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LA Kings among 8 GREAT teams that NO ONE READS about


The best teams should get the most coverage; in a perfect sporting world. Almost all the teams on this list do get some coverage. Most of them sell tickets to their games, and have a decent sized fanbase. Only one team, the program in the #1 slot, is a program that nobody cares about. Even though that program is solid and consistent.

The market is saturated- that’s what all these teams have in common. For a whole host of different reasons. Basically, there is really no demand for any more coverage. Current supply is excess. The LA Kings, like the other seven teams on this list, would deserve the coverage they receive, maybe even more (they’re that good)…..if all media outlets were non-profit; serving the public interest only.

We’ll look at why these teams are all great, and the reasons why you just don’t click on stories about them. We’ll explain why

a.) more people should care about these teams and/or

b.) why those that do care, don’t read.


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UPDATED: Complete 2014 College Basketball transfers list


College basketball transfers are becoming a growing trend.  Here is a list of players from the marquee conferences who are transferring out of their respective programs after this past season and a list of college basketball transfers who will be eligible to play at their new school for the 2014-15 season.  Bookmark this page as we will continue to update the list as the off-season progresses.

UPDATED: 6/3/14

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Which just drafted ND Football player will make an NFL impact first?


Notre Dame saw eight players get drafted this past weekend. That’s quite a haul! So which of the ND football players will make an instant impact? Who will see the most playing time right away? Is it the Minnesota Vikings or the Detroit Lions who are now the ND Football institution of postgraduate study? You can make a case for the Giants too.

NFL Draft analyst and radio talk show host Mike Ragz is here to break it all down with me. You can follow T.E.N. Network’s Mike Ragz on Twitter @ragzthefan

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UPDATED: 2014-2015 preseason top 25 college basketball rankings

arizona wildcats cheerleaders

Now that we know which college basketball players have declared for the NBA Draft and top 2014 recruit Myles Turner has made his college decision, it is time to update my insanely early 2014-15 Top 25 college basketball rankings.  Here is a list of which players have already announced they are transferring and entering the draft.  Leave a comment below if you think a team is too high, too low, not getting enough respect, or if you notice an error in a projected roster.  (Click here to see how my 2013-14 way too early preseason college basketball rankings turned out.)

Allow me to present to you my way too early 2014-2015 preseason Top 25 college basketball rankings.  (Check out The Sports Bank’s 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.)

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Notre Dame Football could see 3 players taken in NFL Draft’s 1st round


Three former Notre Dame football players could go in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, with a few more Domers also being picked in later rounds. For the sake of this post, we’re going to spotlight three: Louis Nix III, Zack Martin and Stephon Tuitt.

I enlisted the help of a couple Notre Dame football experts and got them on the phone; Nick Shepkowski of WSCR 670 The Score Chicago, and Craig Williams, formerly of 95.7 The Fan, South Bend. 

Here’s where I have the three Notre Dame players going in my NFL mock draft. (Here’s the full mock draft)

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Scout’s Beth Long talks Illini, Notre Dame, Northwestern recruiting (AUDIO)


Sports Bank Podcast returns. On this episode Beth Long of, Fox Sports talks Illini, Notre Dame and Northwestern recruiting. As well as national recruiting, the McDonald’s All-Americans and shares a unique, insightful perspective on the Cliff Alexander craziness of last fall.

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2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology

2015 final four

Yes, I know the 2014 NCAA Tournament just ended but I’m already thinking ahead to next March.  Here is an extremely early projection of the 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.   You will notice on the Bracket Matrix grades that The Sports Bank’s bracketology has been more accurate than ESPN’s Joe Lunardi four of the past five years.  

Click here for The Sports Bank’s 2014-15 preseason Top 25 rankings

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FINAL 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracketology (3/16/14)


Happy Selection Sunday!  The NCAA Tournament brackets will be revealed at 5:00 PM CST today.  Here is a projection of the 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.   You will notice on the Bracket Matrix grades that The Sports Bank’s bracketology has been more accurate than ESPN’s Joe Lunardi three of the past four years.  

UPDATED: 3/16/14 4:45 PM CST

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Brian Kelly FINALLY talks about Prince Shembo, Lizzy Seeberg case


Notre Dame football Coach Brian Kelly finally speaks publicly about the death of Lizzy Seeberg.

The case was never tried in court, but it is once again being heard in the court of public opinion after former Notre Dame football player Prince Shembo admitted that he was the player investigated for sexually assaulting her. Shembo claimed innocence at the NFL Scouting Combine, and the coverage of his remarks led to Tom Seeberg, the father of Lizzy Seeberg to speak with the media about the case and how Notre Dame handled it.

But now, four years later, we finally hear from Brian Kelly on the situation.

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Lizzy Seeberg’s father, Tom Seeberg talks about Prince Shembo, ND


Regarding the death of Lizzy Seeberg, no one was ever tried in court. However, the case is again being heard in the court of public opinion now after former Notre Dame football player Prince Shembo admitted that he was the player being investigated for sexually assaulting her. Shembo admitted that he was the player in question during media availability at the NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend.

This public revelation of information everybody knew but couldn’t say just once again paints a picture of Notre Dame football and the University of Notre Dame being the bigger villain than Shembo. This despite the fact that Shembo himself is certainly no sympathetic character. But my opinion is pretty insignificant when compared to the opinion of Tom Seeberg, father of Lizzy Seeberg.

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Notre Dame the bigger villain than Prince Shembo in Lizzy Seeberg case


When you search for “Prince Shembo” in Google, do you know what comes up in the auto-complete function?

“Prince Shembo rape.”

When I entered “Prince Shembo” into WordPress (the software I use to create this site) when commencing this article, the exact same thing occurred. In Bing, the auto-complete shows “Prince Shembo Arrest” and in Yahoo! you get “Prince Shembo sexual assault.”

Shembo has never even been charged let alone convicted of rape or sexual assault in his life, but this internet reality is what Shembo has had to live with the past three and a half years. Now that doesn’t mean Shembo is the victim here. You already know who the true victim is. Shembo showcased some of that repugnant “blame the victim” mentality in his first public comments about Lizzy Seeberg at the NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend.

However, he’s also not the most heinous villain in this situation either. This is literally an instance where “the cover up is worse than the crime.”

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