Northwestern Basketball Battle Logistics Establishing Home in Rosemont

all state arena

Northwestern basketball is coming off the most successful season in school history with realistic expectations of going even further this year.

To get there they must overcome a major hurdle of playing their home games in a different arena way off campus. Welsh-Ryan Arena is being renovated, meaning it’s AllState Arena for the Wildcats this season. The venue, formerly known as Rosemont Horizon, is extremely close to a casino, which is certainly a plus. At that casino, you can play a lot of the same games as you would at casumo, so can still make your trip to Rosemont worth it by getting some gaming in, should the basketball contest not be enjoyable.

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#2 Michigan State Basketball Record Comeback: Inside the Numbers

tom izzo

The Michigan State basketball program now has a prominent placed in the annals of Rosemont Horizon/AllState Arena history. Today saw the Spartans achieve “Miracle on Mannheim Part 2” in a game that is also historical from both a B1G and national college basketball perspective. 

#2 MSU (26-3, 14-2) won at Northwestern (15-13, 6-9) today by a score of 65-60, in a game where they once trailed by 27 (43-16 with 4:18 to go in the first half. The 27 point comeback is the greatest in B1G history, and the largest biggest in the entire nation this decade. The all time record is 31-points, which was achieved all in the second-half, by Kentucky at LSU in 1994.

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Northwestern Basketball: Time to Look Ahead to Next Season


Last night saw 2017-18 Northwestern basketball fall into the “got to win the B1G Tournament in order to accomplish anything this season. By having lost at B1G basement boys Rutgers, the Wildcats are now in the same category as all the other B1G teams below Nebraska and Penn State- reduced to playing out the string with pretty much no chance of grabbing a NCAA Tournament at large berth.

As for a NIT at large berth, if anyone still cares to get one and considers that a goal/objective/reward, NU, Maryland, and all the teams below them all have a significant amount of work to do to even reach that point.

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Chris Collins Has Oversensitive, Snarky Response to Media Coverage

chris collins

Northwestern basketball coach Chris Collins seems triggered by the media coverage of his team this season. Meeting the media right after NU’s biggest win of the season, 61-52 over #20 Michigan, one would have expected the fifth year head coach to be in a bubbly mood.

Instead he was extremely sarcastic and a tiny but prickly. Although he did not name any single outlet or individual media professional by name, he spent a substantial amount of time focusing on coverage which he found to be unfair and negative. Interestingly enough, this was not even the most bizarre press conference that Chris Collins has held this season.

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Illini Revenue Sports Disaster Still Not at Northwestern “Dark Ages” Depths

Illini fans have used many different names to describe the catastrophe that the two revenue-producing sports have become: dumpster fire, tire fire, house on fire, a cartoon dog sitting in the middle of a house fire saying “this is fine.” As egregiously awful as it currently is, and will likely be for a long time, it’s still not unprecedented- not in this conference, and not in this state.

If you go back to the 1980s, a time that many Northwestern fans often refer to as “the dark ages,” you’ll see that things can be worse. It’s always darkest, right before it gets pitch black. Tonight the Illini will welcome #9 Michigan State to their home court, and that’s coincidental (watch a BTN announcer will incorrectly call this “ironic”) as it was these same Spartans who were the most recent team to fall victim to an Illinois revenue producing team back on March 1st.

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Northwestern Basketball Regains Fight, but Maybe too Late


Northwestern basketball has shown more signs of spirit and indications of internal fire than we have seen in recent weeks. They utterly curb stomped a hapless Minnesota team from start to finish, running away with a 83-60 victory that was non-competitive from the opening tip. However, this is not the same team that was such a sensation last March Madness, and made a splash by winning a NCAA Tournament game for the first time in school history.

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Gopher Basketball: Serious Off the Court Mess Overshadows Bad Team

reggie lynch

When it comes to the Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball program, you have to ask yourself: “which complete disaster do you want to analyze first? Shall we begin with the off-the-court mess or the on-the-court dumpster fire? What’s happening with Reggie Lynch right now and the Gopher basketball program is much bigger and way more important than a mere game, so let’s start there.

Getting #MeToo and #TimesUp as wrong as the U of M continues to do has a lot more adverse consequences than their consistent inability to score more points than their B1G opponents.

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Michigan State Basketball Rules the B1G, Purdue is Solid, the Rest is Meh


This current Michigan State basketball team is the class of the B1G, and there is a substantial drop-off below the Spartans. The Purdue Boilermakers were able to shake off a couple bad performances in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend, and now they look very solid.

Then, once again, there’s a massive drop-off to the rest of the league. It’s MSU, Purdue and then just a bunch of guys. Some of those guys are better than the others, but there is no squad that is must see other than the Purdue and Michigan State basketball teams.

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Northwestern Football: Music City Bowl Preview vs Kentucky Wildcats

malik-zaire-music-city-bowl lsu notre dame jaylon smith

For the Northwestern football fan griping about landing in the Music City Bowl, instead of in a so-called “better” bowl game, there’s a much you need edification on. While I do agree with you on a whole lot of points, and admit a strong case for your argument exists, there are still some things you need to be schooled on. 

You have come to the right place, because school is now in session. 

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Purdue, Illini, Northwestern Give Mixed Opinions on Early, Congested B1G Schedule

purdue hoops

The B1G schedule is disjointed and disoriented this season, beginning and ending earlier than ever before in modern history. We asked the head coaches and a couple players from the three B1G teams closest to home here (Chicago): #21 Purdue Boilermakers, Illinois Fighting Illini and Northwestern Wildcats.

The schedule is so tightly congested on the calendar that it leaves many of us physically congested, because those involved are so worn down from the workload, with quick turnarounds, all taking place inside the perfect breeding ground for germs during flu season.

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Chris Collins Said His Player Got Stitches at Purdue, When He Actually Didn’t

chris collins northwestern

Northwestern Coach Chris Collins put forth some fake news during his postgame news conference at Purdue. Following his team’s 74-69 loss in West Lafayette, Collins opened his media session by saying: “I gotta make it quick.”

“Dererk Pardon is getting stitches from (Isaac) Haas putting his elbow in his face. So I got to get back there, and he only shot three free throws.”

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Northwestern Hosts Illini Basketball: Four Things to Watch

illini deron williams

Northwestern and Illini basketball will square off just once this season, therefore making the lone meeting all the more meaningful. To add to the significance, the game will take place at the exact same venue that brought the most glorious moment in modern Illini basketball history.

Yes, NU’s temporary home is AllState Arena, where the famed “Miracle on Mannheim” occurred on March 26, 2005. The Illini, ostensibly left for dead in an Elite 8 game against Arizona, battled their way back from what seemed like an insurmountable deficit to force overtime and eventually win, punching their ticket to the Final Four.

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