Guide to Indy 500 Museum; Photo of 1st ever Indy 500 car


I visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in mid-March 2014, just hours before Michigan State thrashed Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament Final. I used what scarce vacation time I had to take in Indy 500 history and Indy 500 culture. It was literally 26 degrees outside, with a wind chill of 10 that afternoon, in Mid March (just in case you needed yet another reminder of what a BRUTAL WINTER we had in the Midwest during 2013-14).

Still I fought the elements to bring you this Indy 500 photo essay- enjoy!

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WORST (or BEST) of Indianapolis 500 Infield people watching


The Indianapolis 500 is the world’s highest attended single day event. Its total capacity is approximately 400,000 with about 125,000 located in the cheapest and most “festive” seats of the infield.

All newbies marvel at the sheer size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway upon entering it the first time. The modern day answer to Circus Maximus is large enough to hypothetically house the Vatican, Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium and the Rose Bowl all at the same time.

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New Daytona 500 promo with The Simpsons (video)


Daytona 500 Speed Week is almost here. That wasn’t a long offseason was it? The so-called “silly season” won’t be long now as another year of NASCAR racing is about to commence. The sport’s signature event, the 58th Annual Daytona 500 is Sunday, Feb. 21st, just 11 days away.

In order to promote the “Great American Race,” broadcast partner FOX went full on Lindsey Nagle with The Simpsons.

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Danica Patrick finishes 42nd out of 43 at Darlington


“The Lady in Black” (as Darlington S.C. Raceway is known) was extremely cruel to the most well known lady in auto racing, Danica Patrick today. Danica finished in 42nd place today, which is quite a problem when you consider there are only 43 places possible in a given NASCAR race.

She started 30th, via qualifiers but wrecked on lap 191 of 367. 

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Danica Patrick to announce new sponsor, SHR future Tuesday


Danica Patrick will hold a press conference Tuesday morning at 11 AM Eastern to make an unspecified announcement. This press conference will be held at the headquarters of Stewart Haas Racing in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It will be streamed LIVE on

The specific reason for the press conference was not given, but it’s widely believed that Patrick will make two announcements on Tuesday morning-

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Carolina Panthers season preview with NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon (exclusive podcast)


NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon loves his football and his fantasy football. Ty plays in a football league with his brother Austin Dillon, some of their friends and staff at Richard Childress Racing, the draft is usually hosted in late August at Austin’s barn. Ty Dillon is well known and quite accomplished in the NASCAR truck series and Xfinity series. He’s currently in the top three in the points standings and just came off another top five finish in Iowa this past weekend.

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Charlotte Hornets season preview with NASCAR driver Ty Dillon (exclusive podcast)


NASCAR Driver Ty Dillon loves watching and following other sports in his spare time. Ty is a big fan of the Carolina Panthers, and we previewed the Panthers season in a podcast here at this link. Ty Dillon also talked some Charlotte Hornets basketball with us. He’s a huge fan, and his wife, Haley Carey, now Haley Dillon, is a Hornets Honey Bee (member of the dance team).

Dillon is well known and quite accomplished in the NASCAR truck series and Xfinity series. He’s currently in the top three in the points standings and just came off another top five finish in Iowa this past weekend.

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Danica Patrick drops f-bombs on Dale Earnhardt Jr.


NASCAR’s most popular driver and the league’s most polarizing driver crashed into each other tonight at the Quaker State 400. At Kentucky Speedway, there was contact between Danica Patrick and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Here’s the video of the incident; which inspired Danica to go on a profanity laced tirade directed at Junior.

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VIDEO: Why some NASCAR fans won’t part with the Confederate Flag


NASCAR came up with a brilliant idea to try and move towards one day potential eradicating the Confederate flag from their racetracks. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out too well this past holiday weekend. Only “a few” took Daytona International Speedway up on their offer to turn the rebel flag in for an American flag this past Sunday.

We don’t have an actual number on how many takers the track had. “A few” is just what the track spokesman said publicly.

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NASCAR’s Confederate Flag swap offer went quite poorly


NASCAR have been distancing themselves from the Confederate flag as much as possible for several years. The stock racing league saw the light on the Southern Cross a very long time ago, and it seems like only now that many other coporations are getting up to speed on it.

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Rob Gronkowski driving pace car at NASCAR race

rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski, also known as NFL Ryan Lochte, will get the Father’s Day weekend party started at Chicagoland Speedway on Saturday, June 20. Gronk, along with his brothers Gordie Jr., Chris, Dan, Glenn and their father, Gordy Sr., will serve as co-Grand Marshals for the NASCAR race.

So many GRONKS! Gronk Nation!

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NASCAR seriously has the Spongebob Squarepants 400 this weekend


The Spongebob Squarepants 400. Yes, the Spongebob Squarepants 400. That’s now the name of an actual race. Yes, May 9th, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway will in fact be known now as the Spongebob Squarepants 400.

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