Astros lose ratings battle to WNBA, Draw 0.0 Nielsen rating



When I say that NO ONE CARES about the existence of the Houston Astros, I may not be talking hyperbole. We’re getting dangerously close to being literal when we say that no one is interested in the Houston Astros. It isn’t just myself and David Kmiecik on baseball hiatus in 2013; it’s the entire fourth largest market in the United States.

Houston DOESN’T CARE about the Astros, and that’s a big problem for MLB. Recently the Astros televised a game with less than a 1,000 viewers. Not joking. I’m being serious here.

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Cubs Minor League All-Star Team Part Two: Catcher, 1B and 2B

dustin geiger

Yesterday, we selected four pitchers, two starters and two relievers, to our 2013 Chicago Cubs’ minor league All-Star squad.  Today, we will reveal our All-Star catcher, first-baseman and second-baseman and also pay homage to players who deserve honorable mention at those positions. 

Roger Clemens just hanging out, watching a lot of Indy Baseball


You may wonder what Roger Clemens has been up to since that ill-fated Roger Clemens comeback attempt. Well, as you know he named all his kids with names that start with K. (OMG! How brilliant and clever! Because Roger Clemens got a lot of strikeouts! K! It works on so many levels!)

Well one of those kids was recently dismissed from the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and he’s caught on (cuz he’s a catcher, get it? I know, the 7 o’clock show is completely different from the 11) in unaffiliated baseball. And Roger Clemens is just kicking back and taking it all in.

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Cubs Minor League All-Star Team Part One: Pitchers

It is time for the first installment of our Chicago Cubs minor league All-Star team.  Today, we reveal the pitchers, two starters and two relievers, who made our squad.  In subsequent installments, we will give All-Star bids to two or more positions until we have fielded a full squad.  So let’s get to work revealing our award-winning pitchers. 

Cubs prospect watch: A Josh Vitters’ resurgence in 2014?


Today, we finish our 2013 features of Chicago Cubs prospects with two apiece from the AA Tennessee Smokies and the AAA Iowa Cubs.  Tennessee finished its regular season with a 76-62 record and claimed the second half North Division title of the Southern League.  Iowa missed the postseason after finishing with a mark of 66-78. 
Let’s get to our player profiles.

Keith Olbermann special comment on MLK, Satchel Paige

On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech 50 years ago, Keith Olbermann shared his thoughts on the connection between Dr. King’s speech and his Dad and Negro Leagues legend Satchel Paige.

The video, which you can watch below is from his new late night ESPN2 show, Olbermann.

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San Diego Padres have first ever kickball honorary “first pitch” (video)



If you’re really into “throwing out the first ball” or honorary “throwing out the first pitch,” then we have some really big news for you via the San Diego Padres.

At Petco Park in San Diego yesterdayVAVi Sport and Social Club did a new twist onMLB’s honorary first pitch with a kickball rollout.

As far as we know, this is the first time a “non-baseball” pitch has been thrown for a “first pitch” and then kicked by the team mascot himself.

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Visiting Yankee Stadium 2: inside the second DeathStar


You haven’t really experienced all that is the New York Yankees and their Evil Empire until you’ve been to their Global HQ. As much as I’m on baseball hiatus, I couldn’t pass up a chance to visit the new DeathStar, the second DeathStar in all its glory when I was in New York City a couple days ago. You don’t have to like baseball to appreciate Yankee Stadium.

I had visited old Yankee Stadium in 2008, on the night they unveiled the logo for the next MLB All-Star game, which The House that Ruth Built would host the next year. So when I was in Manhattan for a couple days I grabbed the cheapest ticket I could find to visit The House that PEDs Built.

Actually hearing and seeing people cheering and supporting Alex Rodriguez. In person. It was enough to make leave really early.

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Ryne Sandberg note to Lou Piniella (photo)


In light of Ryne Sandberg or “Ryan Sandburg” as some Chicago Cubs “fans” refer to him, getting the gig managing the Philadelphia Phillies for the rest of the year, I felt the need to re-publish this photo from a few years ago.

It’s from when Ryno came to Wrigley Field to manage the Low A Peoria Chiefs in the “Road to Wrigley.” He left a note for then Cubs manager Lou Piniella.

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Cubs legend Ryne Sandberg to manage the Philadelphia Phillies


Ryne Sandberg is finally getting his chance to be a big league manager. Not with the Chicago Cubs like he originally had hoped, the team with which he had a legendary career as a player, but with the Philadelphia Phillies instead.

You might recall the Phillies were the team Ryne Sandberg broke into the Majors with. In one of the best trades in Cub history, Sandberg was traded for Ivan DeJesus. For Chicago, it was the anti- Lou Brock for Broglio deal.

Anyways, the Phillies will soon officially announce that Charlie Manuel will be relieved of duty in a press conference later today.

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Chicago Cubs 2011 draft review: under the radar players


We finish our retrospective on the Chicago Cubs’ 2011 draft by profiling the final seven members of the classs whose performance, we believe, merits Cubs’ fans making room for them on their radar heading into the 2014 season.    

Sports three kings: horse racing, boxing, baseball now becoming irrelevant


If you live in the Chicago area, or even just pay attention to what goes on there in the sports world, a collision of irrelevant sports are going to be on the calendar the weekend of Aug. 16-17.

Think about this: On Friday night there will be the first professional boxing event at a Chicago baseball stadium since Sonny Liston fought Floyd Patterson on Sept. 25, 1962 at the old Comiskey Park. And on Saturday, Arlington Park Racecourse is hosting its annual International Festival of Racing.

Horse racing. Boxing. Baseball.

There is a connection here between these three sports that used to be the trifecta of popularity in this country at one time — about 100 years ago — when men still wore suits and fedoras to baseball games, horse racing grandstands were packed and there was never a shortage of the “Next Big Fighter.”

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