Vanderbilt’s Dansby Swanson: #1 overall MLB pick? Great Gatsby character?


Dansby Swanson attends Vanderbilt. His highly acclaimed prowess within athletic endeavors deems him a southern gentleman of excellent repute.

Those two previous sentences could have been from a chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Or they could have been found in a Major League Baseball scouting report.

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Five Baseball Barbecue hosting tips


Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means: baseball! Why not hold a barbecue, complete with a sweet setup on the back deck or backyard? You could hook up the T.V., laptop, or tablet.

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VIDEO: Frank Thomas supports Chris Rock’s take on baseball


Frank Thomas responded to the controversial take on blacks and Major League Baseball that Chris Rock made for HBO Real Sports. (You can watch the video here)

“I think he hit the nail on the head,” Thomas said of Rock’s talking points.

“He got it right, he’s a true baseball guy and he knows his baseball.”

Watch Frank Thomas opine on these issues below:

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VIDEO: Chris Rock on why MLB is losing black people, youth

chris rock

Chris Rock gives a brilliant and hilarious take on why baseball is no longer appealing to many African-American fans. He also explains that once you lose black America, you lose young America. As Rock accurately notes, black people set the trends of what’s cool in America.

Baseball is the most arch-conservative of sports. NASCAR is obviously a red-state stronghold. College football progresses at a glacial pace. The NFL is so far to the right that…well, it doesn’t matter because baseball is more conservative than all of them.

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Curt Schilling calls out Red Sox P Clay Buchholz


Curt Schilling is indeed a very polarizing figure. Clay Buchholz is as well (to some extent).

The former has a lot of extreme opinions; some of which are quite loathable. The latter makes $7.7 million a year despite not really being that elite at what he does for a living.

ESPN MLB analysts Curt Schilling and John Kruk (Sunday Night Baseball) participated in ESPN’s MLB Opening Night/Opening Day media conference call earlier this week. ESPN will nationally televise a quadruple header tomorrow.

None of those four games include the Boston Red Sox at the Philadelphia Phillies, but as the Red Sox are one of the two or three biggest brands in all of baseball, topics pertaining to the club will always drive the national discussion.

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Detailing the brilliance of White Sox GM Rick Hahn this offseason


The team on the opposite side of town may have everyone talking during spring training, but it is Rick Hahn and the White Sox are making the real noise leading up to the 2015 MLB season. After finishing 73-89, Hahn has quietly had a spectacular offseason by adding pieces thru free agency that have reshaped the White Sox into a contender for this year’s AL Central crown.

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Willie from Duck Dynasty friends with Sox 1B (podcast exclusive)


Willie Robertson, the leading man in the immensely popular reality series Duck Dynasty on A&E was in Chicago Thursday night to help promote the opening of the new Under Armour store on the Magnificent Mile. You may be wondering, as many of our readers have, what does Duck Dynasty have to do with sports and Under Armour?

It turns out there’s an extensive hunting section in the newly opened UA brand house and the sportswear maker has extensive commercial tie-ins to Duck Commander, a duck call business that is run by Robertson.

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VIDEO: Curt Schilling considering legal action against Twitter attacks


The only thing that will make us more civil to each other on Twitter is if we start suffering the consequences for our actions.

Former MLB pro Curt Schilling fought back against his daughter’s cyber bullies – and won! What Curt Schilling did Monday to a handful of classless, immoral idiots is an example. Keith Olbermann getting suspended by ESPN over his Twitter idiocy and insensitivity towards Penn State is another.

There are no “takesies backsies” on the internet. Even what’s deleted is still screen shot. There are repercussions for your social media behavior. You shouldn’t be allowed to be a keyboard tough guy anymore.

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White Sox superstar Jose Abreu looks for superlative sophomore season



“I never would have thought the White Sox and the Padres would be the most active teams come baseball’s offseason,” said Baseball Tonight anchor Adnan Virk. We recently sat down with Virk, and I found the ESPN personality is just as high on White Sox slugger Jose Abreu as we are.

Virk: “He’s a super star and after just one year in the major leagues, it’s staggering!”

Indeed, as spring training opens today we’re reminded how Jose Abreu will likely be the most exciting and special player to watch in Chicago baseball this season.

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Baseball Tonight Anchor: “don’t sleep on the White Sox”

adnan virk espn baseball tonight

Adnan Virk (@AdnanESPN) wears many hats at ESPN, one of which is anchoring Baseball Tonight. Virk was gracious enough to sit down with me for an exclusive chat about a whole host of topics, including some Chicago baseball.

For the White Sox, the epic collapse of 2012 was a tough pill to swallow, and things have only gone downhill since. However, with the pleasant sounding “pitchers and catchers report” benchmark just 11 days away, hope springs eternal and we talk baseball tonight.

In 2015, following an offseason for the ages, it’s time to get bullish, and not bearish on the Sox.

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Wichita State, KC Royals among most surprising teams

wichita state shockers-2014-ncaa-tournament

Bruce Springsteen wrote and sang about the “Glory Days” of a high school buddy who was a huge baseball star. Of course, the glory days of the Kansas City Royals were back at almost the exact same time of the Springsteen single by the same name. KC last won the World Series in 1985, back when the Giants’ Tim Lincecum was still in diapers.

The Royals aren’t the first team to rise from obscurity and regain national headlines. Look back at some of the “really?” teams of sports in recent years. One team, Wichita State is right in there home state.

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Oscar Taveras, death, and being a twenty-something

Oscar Taveras

Oscar Taveras died too young, and I hate it.

That is how I feel at the moment. Is it fair to subjectively think that? I don’t know. There is a lot that I don’t know regarding life, death and grieving. What I do know is that everyone does it differently. I did not know Oscar Taveras beyond what I have read about and have seen of him on television. That is how majority have in the few years that the baseball spotlight shined on him.

I never had the fortune of meeting him or interacting with him as a fan, but his death Sunday has had a profound impact on me. How can a stranger do so? There are countless ways, but the reason the death of Oscar Taveras has left me feeling empty is simple: we are twenty-something’s. [Read more…]