Kyle Schwarber: Why Cubs Fans Irrationally Love Him So

Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber hasn’t contributed anything yet to the National League Division Series, as he didn’t play in game two, and went 0-3 with two Ks in game one. The numbers and statistics show that he’s due soon. Perhaps that impact comes today in game three versus the Washington Nationals at Wrigley Field.

It’s possible we could see a SCHWARBOMB! or a SCHWARBLAST!  from the SCHWARBEAST! tonight. more than any other Cub, he can inspire the ALL CAPS hockey style tweets.

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Yanks Slugger Aaron Judge a “Paul Bunyan Type Figure” Says Adnan Virk

aaron judge

It took 30 years but the Major League Baseball rookie season home run record was finally smashed by the New York Yankees Aaron Judge. It’s pretty amazing that the benchmark lasted three decades when you consider that it survived the steroid era.

Judge socked 52 homers, eclipsing the mark set by Mark McGwire, the man whose 1999 appearance on The Simpsons perfectly embodies what the Yanks youngster might just mean to MLB.

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Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals NLDS Preview with Mark Gonzales


The postseason will soon be upon us as the Chicago Cubs visit the Washington Nationals for game one of the National League Division Series Friday night. With us to preview the NLDS is the Chicago Tribune’s Cubs beat writer, Mark Gonzales.

Keep up with his work at this link, follow him on Twitter here (@MDGonzales). There are numerous storylines to this series, first and foremost would be injuries to the top of the rotations guys on both teams.

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Chicago Cubs Keys to NLDS Victory via Baseball Tonight’s Adnan Virk



Adnan Virk wears many hats in his role at ESPN, one of which was host of Baseball Tonight. Virk was gracious enough to join us on The TSB Show to Preview the Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals National League Division Series.

We also discussed New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, the Major League Baseball Postseason in general, the L.A. Dodgers, Nats, Clayton Kershaw and so much more. We even briefly touched on some NFL and political topics.

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Joe Maddon Failed With His Latest Political Remarks

joe maddon

Chicago Cubs Manager Joe Maddon needs to be better than the remarks he made today in response to the sporting world backlashing against President Donald Trump. The POTUS went after Colin Kaepernick and the NFL last night at a needless and pointless rally in Alabama.

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell hit back at Trump with a strongly worded statement Saturday morning. Chicago Bears Team Captain Akiem Hicks spoke out against what Trump did on Saturday afternoon.

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Baby at New York Yankees Game Struck by Foul Ball “Doing Alright” (Video)


Scary moment at the New York Yankees home game today.

This was very frightening, and it’s a reminder to us all of the dangers and risk that come with attending a Major League Baseball game. Take a look at this footage from the Yankees 11-3 win over the Minnesota Twins this afternoon.

A little girl, just two years old, was struck by a foul ball off the bat of Todd Frazier that was traveling at 105 miles per hour.

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Illinois Football: Mike Epstein Emerges at RB as Homecoming Trip Approaches

mike epstein

Google Illinois football player Mike Epstein, and one of the first links to emerge is the Wikipedia bio of the 1960s-1970s Major League Baseball pitcher. Until you actually click on the biography, and read the very first sentence, you won’t believe the nickname this gentleman had during his MLB playing days; which spanned eight years and five different clubs.

Mike Epstein the former first baseman won a gold medal with USA baseball at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

In other words, he’s a very accomplished athlete, and Mike Epstein the Illinois football player could well be on his way to carving out his own legacy too.

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Cubs C Willson Contreras Messages with Porn Star; Reps Claim Hacking

mia khalifa

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has been on the disabled list with a strained hamstring for close to a month. Tonight we learned what he’s been doing with some of that down- messaging former porn star Mia Khalifa.

Not getting a response from the former adult films entertainer didn’t seem to discourage Contreras much at all. He kept staying assertive. The 25-year-old kept firing away, despite the rebuffs from Khalifa, who tonight decided to share her Twitter direct messages from Willson Contreras tonight.

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TSB Show 8: Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson, Dave Kerner, Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Chamberlain

illini lovie smith podcast illini

TSB Show 8 is here, and it’s another star-studded line-up. CBS Sports hosted a national media conference call with CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus and the Network’s lead college football announce team of Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson along with studio analyst Rick Neuheisel. On the call I asked a very well informed question about Illini football and Lovie Smith, and the reaction was….well, we covered that in detail at this post.

Dave Kerner from WBBM News Radio Chicago was up next, and we covered the reaction I got from the national guys on that conference call. We also talked Cubs, Bears and Northwestern. It’s just too bad he wasn’t at the Ryan Field new concessions food tasting with me.

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Stick to Sports? Not Anymore, not with the SERIOUS Concerns We Have


(Editor’s note: re-posting from November 18th, 2016, placing this back at the top, in light of the #ImWithKap protests outside of NFL headquarters right now)

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to acknowledge the passing of the phrase “stick to sports.”

It has now passed on into the great abyss.

Of course, to be honest with ourselves, we must first acknowledge

a.) that “stick to sports” only existed as a phrase conveniently leaving off the second, more important, self-defining portion of the expressed sentiment.

b.) that it was impossible for stick to sports to ever really exist in the first place.

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IlliNation Show 7: Urban Meyer, P.J. Fleck, FOX 32’s Rafer Weigel


Illination Show Seven was about as meaningful, exciting fun and informative as we’ve ever been. The extravaganza begins with Minnesota Golden Gophers Head Coach P.J. Fleck, spinning yarn on well, a whole lot of stuff. The Gophers going from Tracy Claeys to Fleck, from a media skills stand point, is like trading in Cheese Whiz for a finely aged brie.

Next up is Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer in a serious conversation about the future of the sport of football, which is relevant to his own household, given that his kid plays ball. 

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IlliNation Show 6: Chicago Now Cubs Den Flashback, John Arguello Tribute

chicago now

John Arguello was a Chicago Now teammate of mine from 2010-2014. His passing hit me very hard, just like it affected everyone who knew him. Arguello founded Cubs Den, on the CN network of blogs, and it will continue publishing regularly, and thus Arguello’s creation now outlives him after he’s gone.

You should check out this GoFundMe page, which has already surpassed its fundraising goal by $2,730 and growing each day.

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