Clark Squeeze Ball Popper on Chicago Cubs Website Sells Out


“This is indeed a disturbing universe,” said baby Maggie Simpson, voiced by James Earl Jones, on a Halloween episode of The Simpsons. While that phrase perfectly summates current events and headline news these past three weeks, we’re actually referring to something much more harmless.

Big fan of Clark the Chicago Cubs mascot? Ever wanted him to shoot balls out of his mouth at you? Well you’re in luck (or at least you will be once the Cubs store re-stocks their supply of this highly sought-after item.

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Stick to Sports? Not Anymore, not with the SERIOUS Concerns We Have


(Editor’s note: re-posting from November 18th, 2016)

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to acknowledge the passing of the phrase “stick to sports.”

It has now passed on into the great abyss.

Of course, to be honest with ourselves, we must first acknowledge

a.) that “stick to sports” only existed as a phrase conveniently leaving off the second, more important, self-defining portion of the expressed sentiment.

b.) that it was impossible for stick to sports to ever really exist in the first place.

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Yankees, Former Cubs P Adam Warren has Great “when I got traded” Story

adam warren

The New York Yankees recently announced that they have agreed to terms with SS Didi Gregorius, OF Aaron Hicks, LHP Tommy Layne, RHP Michael Pineda, C Austin Romine and RHP Adam Warren on one-year, non-guaranteed contracts, thus avoiding arbitration.

Given today’s world of extremely excessive communication technology and ridiculous over-communication, it’s nearly impossible to actually go off the grid. Like the B-52’s “roam if you want to, roam around the world,” and you’ll find more and more roaming available.

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Jake Arrieta Explains His Controversial Presidential Election Tweet


Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta made a very controversial Tweet on November 9th, the day after the U.S. Presidential election. It was very short and (not so) sweet, as all 140 or character less offerings are, and the political statement made in the micro-blog posting was highly scrutinized and excessively analyzed.

Yesterday, the Cubs were the guests of President and now Chicagoan, Barack Obama at the White House for what will be the final public event hosted by the 44th President of these United States while in office.

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President Barack Obama Hosting the Chicago Cubs at the White House


Like Boyz II Men told us “it’s so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday. Outgoing President of the United States Barack Obama gave his Farewell Address tonight, and the whole country was focused in on it. “Farewell Address,” Barack Obama, FLOTUS, Malia and plenty of other Barack Obama related search terms dominated the top ten national trending terms on Twitter tonight.

On the night that the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in game seven of the World Series, Obama invited the newly crowned champions to the White House via Twitter.

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12 Potential Chicago College Football Bowl Game Names


With the idea of bringing a college football bowl game to Chicago gathering steam, we penned an op-ed on this idea for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition. You can read it in full over at this link, and we excerpted part of the introduction below:

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2017 Chicago Cubs Convention Preview, List of Attendees

chicago cubs convention

The 2017 Chicago Cubs Convention for 2017 is obviously sold out. Given that little news event in early November that you might have heard about, the World Series win (it was on all the home pages, you probably clicked on something about it somewhere) the Chicago Cubs now own this town. Sorry Blackhawks, your run was fun while it lasted. 

Today the club released the full list of attendees for the 32nd Annual Cubs Convention, accompanied by a partial list of events and panels. 

Let’s run down the list.

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Joe Girardi Discusses Cubs World Series Win Experience, Aroldis Chapman


When asked about the return of Aroldis Chapman to the New York Yankees, and the controversy surrounding the polarizing relief pitcher, Manager Joe Girardi gave a very Joe Girardi answer.

By contrast, in response to a query about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, the former Cubs catcher gave a more human and less corporate answer. Girardi is a native of Peoria, Illinois (where a minor league team affiliated with the Cubs — 1985-1994, 2005-2012 — is located) and he grew up bleeding Cubbie blue.

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Upcoming Chicago Cubs World Series Trophy Tour Stops

Its official name is the Commissioner’s Trophy, and for the first time ever, the Chicago Cubs have one. It’s one giant piece of bling that is proverbially “priceless,” but has an estimated appraised value of around $8,000. Anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about the past and present of the World Series trophy is just a click away/available for free on the streets of Chicago today. 

Be sure to pick up a copy of the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye edition today. You can read a story containing all the details about what goes into caring for and transporting this coveted prize. Lots of baseball facts and figures, notes, nuggets and tidbits in there. 

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Koji Uehara: Meet the Chicago Cubs New $6 Million Man

koji uehara

On Wednesday afternoon the Chicago Cubs announced the newest member of their pitching staff- Koji Uehara. The right hander signed a one-year contract for 2017 reportedly worth $6 million. Thus Uehara, 41, is literally the six million dollar man. He’s the Lee Majors of MLB I guess.

His deal also includes a very interesting perk:

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Kyle Schwarber SCHWARB-O-METER Donated to History Museum

kyle schwarber

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber is only 23 years old, but he’s already made history several times. The fourth overall pick out of Indiana in 2014, Schwarber has a couple Babe Ruthian qualities to him. Like Ruth, he’s a World Series champion who achieved one of the most iconic home runs in Wrigley Field history with a monster blast.

He was the first to top the scoreboard in right field with a home run jack, and that ball currently still resides there, encased in glass.

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Five Most Popular Chicago Cubs Stories of 2016


You have no doubt what the Chicago sports news story of the year was. Actually, it was THE sports news story of the year, and such a big freaking deal that it was also a pop culture and hard news story.

Yes, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in early November, for the first time in 108 years. Thus, the Chicago Cubs owned the sports news cycle of the past year and inspired us to kick off our “most popular stories of the year” segment about a week or two early in 2016.

The Cubs, because of their monumental accomplishments, lead off the series this year (numbers beside each link and headline denote total page views, click where highlighted to read the story).

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