Is 2018 the Year Red Sox Legend Luis Tiant Gets Into Cooperstown?

red sox

By John O’Leary photo credit

If there’s one question on most baseball fan’s lips this year, it must be: will 2018 be the year that Sox legend Luis Tiant is inducted into the hall of fame? If this happens, we could all be heading out to Cooperstown, N.Y. to celebrate the event.

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Forbes: Chicago Bears 16th Most Valuable Team in the World, Cubs #18

In summarizing the Chicago Bears consistent recent ineptitude, the legendary Dick Butkus concluded: “It’s embarrassing. I don’t give a damn (about) the draft or whatever; there’s no reason we should be in this situation, one of the best franchises.”

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2017 MLB Mock Draft 6-12-17 FINAL


Welcome to 2017 MLB mock draft

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop shop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2018 NFL mock draft, 2017 NBA mock draft, (NBA mock round two). and 2017 NHL mock draft (coming soon).

The Major League Baseball Draft is Monday June 12th in Secaucus, New Jersey, live on MLB Network.

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Liverpool FC Ownership was Offered to Bill Gates, Patriots Owner Bob Kraft

bill gates

One of the most interesting Liverpool news stories circulating in the Twitterverse, blogosphere, cyberspace and media world today involves two big names that you would never expect- Bill Gates and Bob Kraft. Gates, the Microsoft founder and current richest man alive was offered a chance to purchase the team but did not respond.

Bill Gates, with a current estimated net worth of $84.2 billion, has been deemed the wealthiest man alive since 2014, and he also held the title from 1995-2007 and 2009.

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Koji Uehara: Meet the Chicago Cubs New $6 Million Man

koji uehara

On Wednesday afternoon the Chicago Cubs announced the newest member of their pitching staff- Koji Uehara. The right hander signed a one-year contract for 2017 reportedly worth $6 million. Thus Uehara, 41, is literally the six million dollar man. He’s the Lee Majors of MLB I guess.

His deal also includes a very interesting perk:

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Chicago Cubs Fans, What is the New Quest? What Comes Next?

chicago cubs world series

Most Chicago Cubs fans would never probably admit this, but I’m sure many have pondered it already. “What if/when we win, what’s our identity then?” “What’s the new Holy Grail going to be?”

A friend of mine, on our group text message thread that we’ve been running consistently throughout the postseason (it absolutely exploded last night when I was at Clark and Addison for the victory celebration; not sure I’ve ever received that many texts all at once) worded the question this way:

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2016 MLB Mock Draft 6-9-16 FINAL


It’s version 1.0 of The Sports Bank’s 2016 MLB Mock Draft. TSB is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

The 2016 Major League Baseball Draft is June 9th-11th. Let’s get started with the 2016 MLB mock draft.

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Notre Dame at Fenway=14 times the profit of Avg. Red Sox game


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish headed to Boston, also known as West Ireland or Ireland Jr. to take on Boston College in the Shamrock Series Football game at Fenway Park a couple weeks ago. Just by writing that sentence I now qualified to be an extra in the 1995 Tommy Lee Jones/Jeff Daniels film “Blown Away.”

ND’s trip down Yawkey Way was indeed wicked pissah, from a financial point of view. The Fighting Irish at Fenway generated 14 times the economic impact of a typical Red Sox home game.

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Fascinating historical essay of American Baseball Imperialism


Very interesting submission to the site this week as the baseball postseason is set to begin. This is an essay entitled “American Baseball Imperialism” by historian Christopher Kelly. Enjoy:

Armed American forces have fought in eighty-five out of the 194 countries in the world (excluding the USA itself) or 44 percent of the total.  Over the course of this amazing history, filled as it is with heroic liberations and a few tragic blunders, we Americans have had one undeniable achievement – we have exported the game of baseball around much of the world.

american-flag-star spangled banner

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Pedro Martinez on his Hall of Fame induction


2015 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee Pedro Martinez was on teleconference, along with fellow TBS analysts Ron Darling and Cal Ripken Jr., to preview the Sunday MLB on TBS package.

Here is Martinez on his Hall of Fame induction:

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Curt Schilling is right; Pete Rose is SO PLAYED OUT!


There’s a whole lot to find wrong with a lot of what ESPN Baseball Analyst Curt Schilling has to say. His social and political views are viewed as quite extreme by many. Many of his statements are quite disagreeable. The statements below, however, are not.

Much like the way Schilling handled those disgusting and horrible Twitter trolls who deplorably harassed both him and his daughter in March, Schilling really got this one right. Schilling totally nailed it here.

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Bill Simmons: Elvis Presley of Sportswriters


Maybe you remember an old Sirius XM radio advertisement. The spot highlighted the men who changed music (Elvis Presley), comedy (Richard Pryor), sports (Michael Jordan) and radio (Howard Stern).

If and when the title is bestowed upon a sportswriter, it will no doubt be former’s “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons. As the daily newspaper sports section diminishes; finding a new home on the world wide web, perhaps no one personifies this revolution better than Simmons.


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