NHL Central Division pre-Olympic power rankings

Drunk Fans

The Chicago Blackhawks is just weeks away from breaking for the 2014 Winter Olympics, and look to be in a dogfight for division supremacy until the last day of the season.

The St. Louis Blues have been the improved team they were expected to be, and appear to be poised as a favorite to win the Stanley Cup in June. The still-surprising Colorado Avalanche are in the picture for the NHL Central Division crown. The Minnesota Wild and Dallas Stars have had their fair share of issues but remain in the playoff picture. [Read more...]

Who is in, out for Team Canada Hockey?

Team Canada Hockey

Team USA has been in the headlines after their roster announcement following the Winter Classic. Team Canada will dominate those same headlines January 7. Hockey Canada is rich with talent that could easily field two teams.

The roster listed below will be broken down into three categories: Goaltenders, Defensemen, and Forwards. Team Canada will take more centers than any other forward position because of their amazing depth. Their natural position will be in parentheses.

There is no right way to predict or project this roster, so take it as another educated guess that goes along with the countless others. [Read more...]

Josh Harding is the man, athlete of 2013

Josh Harding

LeBron James won another NBA title. Peyton Manning set the passing touchdown record. Josh Harding has gone from obscurity to vying for a spot on Team Canada’s hockey team in the Winter Olympics. Harding is also battling multiple sclerosis.

M.S. is the damage of insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Side effects of the disease range from blurred vision to psychiatric instability. The disease is most commonly diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, and is more common in women. Harding became aware of his situation at the end of 2012.

The goaltender for the Minnesota Wild has played in 27 games this season, sporting an 18-5-3 win-loss record with a 1.51 goals against average and .939 save percentage. He leads the league in the latter two categories and is tied for fourth in wins. Harding has also missed time in December while adjusting to a change in his medication for M.S. [Read more...]

2013 Mock NHL Draft Final

NHL Draft 2013

The NHL Draft is almost here.  The 2013 abbreviated NHL season is over for everyone, congrats Blackhawks,  and it’s time for them to look forward to the 2013 NHL Draft.  This year’s draft, Sunday, June 30, from sunny New Jersey, will be a jam packed, one day affair (thank you Gary Bettman and  your lockout), having all rounds condensed into one day.  Someone other than the Edmonton Oilers (congrats Colorado Avalanche) will finally pick first for the first time in years.  The question is who will go where?  To find out, continue after the jump, and see who will be the future hero of your team.

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Stanley Cup Playoffs: backdrop for International Donut Wars


Happy National Donut Day! There’s currently an international battle for donut supremacy being waged. And all of must take a side.

This donut war is being waged right in front of our eyes; every time we watch hockey. Every time you turn on NBC Sports to watch a hockey playoff game, take notice of the Tim Horton’s billboard in the corner of the rink.

Then look closer to center ice to see the Dunkin’ Donuts ad. Yes, for the first time since the War of 1812, the United States and Canada are at each other’s throats.

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Blackhawks fan goes into labor at Playoff game; stays to watch (video)


This is one dedicated Chicago Blackhawks fan. Donna Lebano is probably Blackhawks fan of the year! This Mother’s Day was extra special for her as she welcomed Owen Michael into the world Thursday night.

Lebano, Blackhawks fan extraordinaire, took in the Hawks defeat of the Minnesota Wild May 9th at the United Center. The Blackhawks win eliminated the Minnesota Wild and propelled the Blackhawks to a second round playoff match-up with their old arch-nemesis, the Detroit Red Wings.

During that game five victory, Lebano went into labor a month premature.

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild game 3 takeaways


Get ready, I’ve written a Chicago Blackhawks post that’s strictly about hockey today. Actual solid strictly on-the-ice hockey.

I know. I’m scared too.

Well, obviously it’s about the Minnesota Wild too. As they won.

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Patrick Kane LOOKALIKE gives the middle finger (update)


This comes from Twitter user @MollieScott, who’s tweets are now protected.

By her account, that’s Chicago Blackhawks franchise player and drinking legend Patrick Kane giving the photographer the middle finger at Stanley’s, a Lincoln Park bar that’s famous as a Blackhawks player hang out. (Get it? Stanley’s, Stanley Cup. It works on so many levels!)

(update: she’s wrong. that’s just some guy who really looks exactly like Patrick Kane)

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Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild: game 1 takeaways

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild. It’s a matchup that was under most people’s playoff radar; until last night. A majority of pundits had the Chicago

Blackhawks sweeping the Wild. Regardless, this will be an interesting series. The Blackhawks came out flat against a Minnesota Wild team that was at the top of their game in game 1 of the playoff series Tuesday night.

NHL partners with gay rights group You Can Play


The NHL is partnering with the You Can Play Project for what is likely the biggest promotional campaign ever by a four major sport league in support of gay rights, The New York Times reports.

The NHL is taking a big step forward ahead of MLB, NFL and the NBA.

You Can Play is an organization dedicated to fighting homophobia in sports, and the locker room is certainly one of the last remaining bastions of homophobia in our society. It can actually be an atmosphere very hostile to gays; you know the kind of language that gets used there. It’s not exactly politically correct.

So what the NHL is doing is a tremendous sign of great progress.

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Who’s ‘In Play’ at the NHL Trade Deadline?


With less than two weeks to go until this year’s National Hockey League, the NHL, trade deadline, there is a great deal of speculation as to who might be moved and to where they might be moved.  However, this season’s deadline could either be interesting or it could be ‘much ado about nothing’.

If you look at the last shortened NHL season – 1994-95 – the action, if that’s what you want to call it, was quite underwhelming.  The only trade of any consequence was between the Montreal Canadiens, who obtained Pierre Turgeon and Vladimir Malakhov, and the New York Islanders, who obtained Kirk Muller, Mathieu Schneider and Craig Darby.

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Ten Truths For The 2013 NHL Season




Finally, after months and months of everyone involved being morons, causing 113 days, 625 games, and the biggest outdoor hockey game in history to be cancelled, hockey fans can finally say “Game On!”  The NHL has a new 10-year labor agreement, and is set to start the shortened, 48 game 2013 season on Saturday, January 19.  Find out ten things you need to know about the upcoming NHL season.  These ten statements can pretty much be guaranteed to happen in the next 99 days of hockey.  To find out what stories are locks for this year, continue after the jump.

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