Minnesota Vikings hire Bengals DC Mike Zimmer as head coach


Mike Zimmer is the next Minnesota Vikings Head Coach. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, and corroborated by sources at both ESPN and NFL Network, the Bengals defensive coordinator and the Vikings agreed to terms today. Once the Mike Zimmer deal is complete, coupled with NFC North rival Detroit hiring Jim Caldwell yesterday, only the Cleveland Browns will be searching for a coach among NFL teams.

As you can see, NFL Head Coach openings are a Rust Belt thing this offseason. By the way, you may enjoy this video of Mike Zimmer cursing out his Bengals defenders from “Hard Knocks” (language NSFW)

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NSFW VIDEO: Mike Zimmer cursing out the Cincinnati Bengals defense


Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer is the next Minnesota Vikings Head Coach. Nothing is official yet, but the Mike Zimmer situation has progressed to the point where multiple outlets: NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports are reporting it as a done deal. It’s rumored that Mike Zimmer wasn’t even going to leave the Vikings practice facility in Winter Park, Minnesota. He would accept the job and stay there. Jay Glazer seemed to have the Mike Zimmer story first.

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Chicago Bears logo re-imagined as a European football crest, NFL badges

This comes to us from football as football.com. It’s every NFL team reimagined as a European football crest. Or “soccer” as we call it here in the United States. And it is AWESOME! That’s why it’s called “football as football” Every team more than one to choose from. I’ll lead with the hometown team the Chicago Bears of course, but we’ll include everyone here from the NFC North division in the NFL.

At the end, you’ll find the link to see the rest of the NFL football as football.

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Trent Dilfer sees Brett Favre in Johnny Manziel

brett favre johnny manziel

Is Johnny Manziel the next Brett Favre? That’s what Trent Dilfer, the game manager of all game-managers thinks. The ESPN analyst was evaluating Manziel’s draft stock, as actually all ESPN talking heads did, and he sees the ol’ gunslinger in there. Manziel officially officially declared today, even though we all knew he was going to since last summer.

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Forget November, Marc Trestman

CT bears-bengals010.JPG

The rookie wall may have hit Marc Trestman a little harder than he may have liked. The Chicago Bears start December reeling and stuck in the ninth spot in the NFC. The offense has been better than average, but the defense is regressing far beyond the mean. Tack on Trestman’s self-admittance of second-guessing his decisions and a rash of injuries, and you get a team that is struggling to remain in the playoff hunt.

Marc Trestman was brought in to give the Bears offense an infusion of current day NFL play calling, and that has happened. Jay Cutler and back-up Josh McCown have shown signs of competence leading to near-career and career numbers for the two signal callers. The two have an improved offensive line and legit offensive weapons to thank for making life easier on the field. Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett have excelled at various levels in Marc Trestman ’s offense. [Read more...]

Brutally Honest Preview: Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings II


The Chicago Bears are in the NFC North race. The Minnesota Vikings are in a race too. For the #1 pick in the NFL Draft.  So even though “It’s a quarterback driven league.” And “It’s a passing league.” I know I know I’ll stop before I make you puke with the cliches. We have to ask if Adrian Petersen will break the rushing record on Sunday. Seriously, we could have the first 300 yard rushing game.

You know how bad the Bears run D is. And Adrian Petersen is their offense. No one ever needs to “He can make all the throws.” Ever. About anyone. And no one will ever say it about Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder. However, we can post multiple pictures of his wife, ESPN personality Samantha Ponder. Or Samantha Steele. For lack of truth in reporting and justice towards reporting of talent, we’ll just refer to the Minnesota Vikings QB as Christine Steele, or Christian Steele from now on.


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Detroit Lions own stupidity keeps them from controlling NFC North


When the Detroit Lions are your bellwether, your division is another NFC Least. The NFC was considered one of the strongest divisions in the NFL just a month ago. But since then, the Green Bay Packers lost Aaron Rodgers, degrading into a shell of themselves in the process. The Minnesota Vikings continued to stay in the dregs with the Jacksonvilles and Tampa Bays of the world. The Chicago Bears defense went on permanent bye week and the Detroit Lions just continue to act like the Detroit Lions.

They’re like the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA; very talented, but playing dumb. Very dumb. Every games.

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Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: brutally honest prediction part II

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants

The Green Bay Packers haven’t hit the panic button yet, but it could happen soon if they fall to the division-rival Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field.

Starting this Sunday, Green Bay will embark on a stretch of two games against NFC North opponents in the span of five days.

Only a single game back of the Detroit Lions (who plays Green Bay on Thanksgiving) and Chicago Bears, the Packers are very much still in the hunt for another division title.

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Packer nation, Brett Favre doing Today Show exclusive


Former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre is as big a personality as the NFL has ever seen. Favre has accomplished so much, on and off the field. Sure, his career with the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Jets was a footnote, but he still became the man-crush of John Madden and the end of Jenn Sterger ‘s career. (With help from Deadspin). Then there’s all the NFL passing records he broke.

Brett Favre still impacted the game after former Northwestern and current Chicago Bears DE Corey Wootton ended his career.

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Greg Jennings has come to Jesus moment on Aaron Rodgers


Obviously, the Greg Jennings vs. Aaron Rodgers soap opera will be one of the main topics of discussion in tonight’s Green Bay Packers versus Minnesota Vikings primetime tilt. Or at least the obsession Greg Jennings seems to have with his former team will be discussed on social media all across America.

You might recall the time that the sister of Greg Jennings went all out full blitz on Rodgers on Twitter.

In an exclusive interview airing tonight on Football Night in America, Bob Costas sat down with both separately. And I bet you can guess what topic came up.

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Minnesota Vikings QB: 86% polled support high schooler instead

minnesota vikings helmet

Just how much of a train wreck is the Minnesota Vikings situation? Well, did you watch Monday night?  86% polled support high schooler instead

Maybe your Twitter timeline was similar to mine, and my TL was dominated by a few re-occurring themes:

“My god the Minnesota Vikings are bad”

“Why did the Minnesota Vikings start Josh Freeman?”

“Is it possible to overthrow that many people in one night, Josh Freeman?”

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Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: brutally honest preview

Packers vs. Vikings

Let the primetime streak begin as the Green Bay Packers make their first appearance in the spotlight in a bout with the division-rival Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers currently own sole possession of first place in the NFC North division and the Vikings are trying to pick themselves up from the bottom of the league.

It also marks the first time that Vikings’ wide receiver Greg Jennings will compete against his former team.

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