Milwaukee Brewers Superfan Front Row Amy is Someone that Exists

Remember Front Row Amy, the Milwaukee Brewers superfan who was a huge internet sensation back in 2010, or 2011 or whenever it was? Well, the internet still seems to care a lot about her for some reason, and that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. She doesn’t really do anything news worthy at all.

And it’s not like she ever really did.

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2016 MLB Mock Draft 6-9-16 FINAL


It’s version 1.0 of The Sports Bank’s 2016 MLB Mock Draft. TSB is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

The 2016 Major League Baseball Draft is June 9th-11th. Let’s get started with the 2016 MLB mock draft.

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Why whitewash Ryan Braun? Ryan Braun has NOT redeemed himself


Steroid cheat, but more importantly compulsive liar Ryan Braun has led the Milwaukee Brewers to the best record in baseball. You probably aren’t aware of this because the Brewers are not any of the following:

Lebron James, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, any of the New York or Boston teams, North Carolina, Duke, the SEC or Notre Dame.

Unless you’re one of the players or teams on that short list above, your coverage on ESPN will be minimal. And who can talk about the ultra-hot April the Milwaukee Brewers have had when OMG THE CUBS MADE A 400 WRIGLEY FIELD CAKE!!!! AND IT GOT THROWN AWAY!!!!

Because the cake narrative is the most important to happen in the Upper Midwest in the history of forever.

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Milwaukee Bucks Ekpe Udoh now has more time for his book club


Milwaukee Bucks big Ekpe Udoh is the most interesting man…in Brew City basketball. If there’s another NBA player how leads a book club, I’d like to see it.

“I want to be known for something more than just shooting basketball,” Udoh said at Milwaukee Bucks Media Day yesterday.

The group has about ten members which “keeps in touch with hashtags.”

Now Udoh will have more time for book club, as he’s sidelined for 4-6 weeks.

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Chicago Cubs 2011 draft review: Javier Baez and Dan Vogelbach


On or around the two year anniversary of former Chicago Cubs’ general manager Jim Hendry’s firing on August 19, 2011, we will write a brief retrospective on his tenure with the Cubs and his continued imprint on the organization.  While Hendry made some solid free agent signings and masterful trades, his overall drafting record and performance as a trade-deadline seller were woeful.  Where Hendry appears to have left the most positive imprint is through his international signings.

Aaron Rodgers comments publicly on Ryan Braun disgrace


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was one of the most vehement defenders of the Hebrew Hammer Ryan Braun when he made his appeal to MLB. Aaron Rodgers attacked anyone who doubted Ryan Braun at the time of his positive test for PEDs, tweeting:

“MLB and cable sports tried to sully the reputation of an innocent man. They Picked the wrong guy to mess with” and “Truth will set u free #exonerated.”

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Milwaukee Brewers t-shirts celebrate Ryan Braun “Innocence”


“I’m not that innocent.” Those are the words of the noted Southern American philosopher Britney Spears. And the phrase applies to Milwaukee Brewers slugger and 2011 NL MVP Ryan Braun.

But Ryan Braun is innocent when it comes to PEDs. Or at least he’s not guilty. And a t-shirt company appealing to Brewers fans has something to say about it- using the medium of cotton and polyester.

They released these t-shirts in April of 2012. They probably feel pretty stupid about Ryan Braun today.

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Ryan Braun and the Book of Biogenesis: What we know and where we go from here

Milwaukee Brewers Workout

The Milwaukee Brewers’ megastar and MVP-winning outfielder, Ryan Braun, has taken fans to hell and back when it comes to accusations regarding performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

Just when Brewers nation thought they were in the clear with a player their small market team threw the bank at, Major League Baseball comes roaring back with a 100 game suspension threat.

Whether or not the league office is bluffing or not, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to believe Braun is truly innocent.

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Sports Bank Flashback: Trenni Kusnierek Brewers Breakdown


This is a collaboration between Trenni Kusnierek & Paul M. Banks

PMB: There’s been a lot of talk about pitch counts lately. What do you think of Ned Yosts’ tendency to leave his starting pitchers in longer than most managers do. The Brewers rotation has had 8 games where the starter has gone 120+, only one other team -San Francisco with 6- has had more than four. Is this because of the bullpen’s shakiness?

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Brewers Sideline Reporter Sophia Minnaert hit by foul ball (video)


Milwaukee Brewers sideline reporter Sophia Minnaert was covering the Pirates vs Brewers game yesterday for Fox Sports Wisconsin when an errant foul ball struck her microphone. It came in with such velocity that it knocked the mic right out of her hand, into her face, and then onto the ground. I hope she washed it later.

When something gets on the dirty ground with all those germs you don’t want it close to your face. Minnaert was fine. She continued her segment, and finished it like a pro.

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Three ways to improve Major League Baseball


Ah, Major League baseball. When I write “three ways to improve Major League Baseball” what I really mean is “three ways to make baseball more like football.”  Sorry, major league baseball fans.  The National Pastime is past its prime and a distant second-string to the pigskin.  Don’t take it too hard.  It’s not like football is a sport; it’s a quasi-religion.  Heck, more Americans would rather watch a guy in a suit read names from a podium than catch another sport’s playoff game.

Major League Baseball will never be able to catch up to the NFL but it can close the gap.  After all, baseball, when the games really matter, is the most dramatic of all the sports.  Major League Baseball certainly has more substance than the NBA, tougher players than MLS (barely), and fewer franchises in inappropriate cities than the NHL.  Below are three ways the game of baseball can improve itself.

A word of warning to baseball purists, have your defibrillator ready.

(Guest post by Ryan Hogan)

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Brewers Braun engaged to Canadian model Larisa Fraser (pics)


The Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun recently got engaged to Canadian model Larisa Fraser.

Fraser posted the following excerpt from a post that appears to have been deleted:

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