Tom Izzo sizes up the B1G basketball hierarchy


Michigan State’s Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio were voted the nation’s number 1 coaching combo in a recent poll; up from #7 last year. Yes, in the two college sports that people care about, you can’t find a better one-two punch then H to tha Izzo and MD. However, there was once a time in Spartan lore when both Tom Izzo and Nick Saban were coaching in East Lansing, Michigan.

The overlap period was 1995-1999, and you’d be hard pressed to find a better pair in modern college sports history than Izzo and Saban. The two remain close friends today.

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2015 NBA Mock Draft-First Round (10/30/14)

nba draft logo

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2015 NBA Mock Draft where team needs have NOT been taken into account.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013. [Read more...]

2015 NBA Mock Draft-Second Round (10/30/14)

nba draft logo

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2015 NBA Mock Draft where team needs have NOT been taken into account.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013. [Read more...]

Brady Hoke apologizes for “stake” incident at Michigan St


Michigan Wolverines Coach Brady Hoke acknowledged and apologized for the “stake” incident yesterday. First a little backstory. Some angry Mark Dantonio quotes from his presser yesterday about it:

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VIDEO: Upset Mark Dantonio calls out Michigan program

Mark Dantonio-darqueze-dennard-no-fly-zone

Michigan State had just beaten Michigan by the widest margin ever at home. The Spartans scored more on the Wolverines than they every have at Spartan Stadium. Still head coach Mark Dantonio was even more  non-smiling than usual. In his post-game press conference, Dantonio explained why his team scored in the final minute despite holding a 17-point lead and went on a rant about all of the “little brother stuff” that Michigan has been talking recently.

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PHOTO: MSU fans fly airplane banner encouraging Brady Hoke


Michigan State is 6-1 versus Michigan ever since former Wolverines star tailback Mike Hart made him infamous and over-played “little brother” comments. Today, Hart, one of the greatest rushers in UM history is a running backs coach at Western Michigan while the current Michigan Coach, Brady Hoke, is a proverbial dead man walking.

Hoke finally got a “vote of confidence,” some “support” if you will today.

It came in a snarky sarcastic form.
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Tom Izzo hilariously lists out MSU’s bizarre, freakish injuries

tpm izzo

Tom Izzo has seen some of his Michigan State Spartans underachieve, overachieve and everything in between. Often in the same season. One of the few reasons he’s earned the nickname “Mr. March” is because his teams often struggle in midseason and/or start slowly. Last year’s Spartans had an 18-1 start to the season, the best in school history. They looked like a national champion.

However, Sparty then had a brutal 5-7 stretch over from January 25th to March 9th. February was not kind.

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VIDEO: MSU Spartans mascot dancing in Taylor Swift parody


It’s a good thing my 11-year-old niece doesn’t read my site. She’s a “Swiftie” and might get upset by seeing how much I’m about to rip the music of Taylor Swift here. On the other hand, she’d probably find this parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” as disturbing and bizarre as I do. In the video below, you’ll see several Big Ten mascots “shaking it” and “working it” and lusting after young women.

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Brutally honest B1G Basketball rankings; Bo Ryan supreme overlord

bo-ryan-big ten basketball

As Tom Izzo pointed out Wednesday night in Chicago, Bo Ryan and the Badgers are sitting up top, and then you can flip a coin 2-10 in the Big Ten this season. That’s entirely correct. The Badgers are the class of the league. There’s a whole bunch of teams that are in the NCAA Tourney and NIT mix in (2-10) in the second tier. Then there’s a third tier of teams that won’t be going to the post season.

So enjoy it Bo Ryan, you’re in the penthouse.

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Washington QB Kirk Cousins will be starting somewhere in ’15

kirk cousins michigan state

Three MSU quarterbacks started, and won in week three: Drew Stanton, Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins. Don’t forget Nick Foles in Philly, who transferred from Michigan State. Someone should call Jeff Smoker’s agent; and draft Connor Cook early in the first round this May.

Kirk Cousins will be a full time starter in this league. Somewhere. He’s proven himself now. It may not be in Washington; where they have gone all in with Robert Griffin III. Every year, the idea of mortgaging the house on RG3 seems to look yet another Daniel Snyder mistake. We know there have been gone quite a few of those.

Maybe he can deal Cousins away for something to build his franchise around?

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Best tweets hilariously slamming Big ten football last night


Was it the worst day in Big 10 football history yesterday? Perhaps.

Was it the worst day in the history of Big Ten football from a national perception/brand damage stand point? Absolutely. No doubt it was nothing short of catastrophic. I did a cover story for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition previewing and predicting this season in August. (link here) I also listed the biggest story-lines. I did not have “Big Ten football will resemble a bunch of mediocre mid-majors by week two” as one one of them.

If you don’t turn on the Big Ten Network again until basketball season, no one would blame you. Well, it’s worth it to see Teddy Greenstein do his work (Dave Revsine and Gerry Di Nardo are very talented too), but non Tedward reasons to watch BTN are few and far between. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that this league’s broadcast arm of its Sports Information Department exists. Because now you can see games that would otherwise never be televised.

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Oregon Ducks vs Michigan St: Brutally honest preview


Like Kermit the Frog told us, “it’s not easy being green.” It’s the primary color of both teams playing the primary college football game of the preconference. Well, sort of. The Oregon Ducks now have about 1,345 different team colors; because Oregon rolls out a new uniform for just about every drive of every game of every season.

The University of Nike Product Development and Marketing Focus Groups has a foil in Stanford. If the Cardinal wore green instead, you’d have the Michigan State Spartans. The college football pundits at FOX Sports agree with me.

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