Jaren Jackson Jr. Gives Michigan State Basketball a Generational Talent

jaren jackson jr

One-and-done isn’t really a thing that has come to East Lansing yet. Deyonta Davis (2016) is just the second Michigan State basketball player in history to declare for the NBA Draft after just his freshman year in school. Zach Randolph was the first, and that was way back in 2001.

Be sure you keep an eye on Jaren Jackson Jr. He’s that kind of rare talent, much closer to being the finished product for the NBA than most kids who come to East Lansing.

Here’s a fun fact, he’s a almost a full year young for his class in school. He really could be a high school senior right now given his age.

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ESPN Promotion of College Football Playoff Rankings is Very Obnoxious


There are three things to remember every single Tuesday night when ESPN releases the updated College Football Playoff Rankings.

First, this endeavor only merits a tweet and press release, not an entire television show. Maybe you could stretch this out into a two or three minute desk segment, but that’s really pushing it.

Secondly, all the controversies, real as well as the contrived debates created and then amplified by ESPN, will sort themselves out in the end. There’s no real reason to care all that strongly about the rankings until the last week of the season or conference championship weekend.

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#2 Michigan State Basketball: Champions Classic Preview vs #1 Duke


Just a year ago, it was believed by most that Paradise Lost had already come to Michigan State athletics. The Golden Era of MSU sports peaked in 2015 with both Michigan State basketball and Spartans football reaching the final four. For one brief shining moment there was Camelot. Then it crashed the following season with football inexplicably going just 3-9 last season, and hoops registering only a 20-15 mark. 

By Michigan State basketball standards, not reaching the NCAA Tournament’s second weekend/double digit losses is a failure. Well, that’s ancient history in Sparta now, as both program are trending up again. (Yes, Saturday in Columbus totally SUCKED, but hey this year saw State controlling their own destiny for a B1G championship into mid November, which is all you could have asked for after last year’s 3-9)

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2018 NBA Mock Draft 11-6-17

Welcome to version 1.0 of our 2018 NBA Mock Draft. It’s never too early. For more on a given prospect, click his name where hyper-linked. That will take you to an in-depth feature piece on said player. Team needs were not taken into account, and the order was randomized for this 2018 NBA mock draft.

Enjoy! For our NFL mock draft link go here.

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Brian Lewerke Breaks Michigan State Passing Records in Loss

brian lewerke

Michigan State quarterback Brian Lewerke made his first ever start in a 54-40 loss to Northwestern last season, a football game that was truly drunk. That 2016 contest wasn’t just drunk, it was a sailor on his first evening of shore leave style inebriated, with 28 points being scored over a five minute stretch in the third quarter.

Tonight was a wild one as well, with Northwestern outlasting #16 Michigan State 39-31 in triple overtime.

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#16 Michigan State Football Game Preview: at Northwestern Wildcats


Simply put, last year’s Northwestern vs Michigan State football game was drunk. It was extremely drunk, like an individual who gets kicked out of Rick’s American Cafe on St. Patrick’s Day. 

NU came up to East Lansing, and ruined homecoming by beating the Spartans 54-40, in a wild game that saw 28 points scored over a five minute stretch in the third quarter. Northwestern had scored just seven points against a FCS foe a month prior, but broke the Spartan Stadium record for opponent points scored.

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Notre Dame Football Game Preview: Week 4 vs Michigan State Spartans

michigan state-dance-team-sparty

Time to cue up all the usual 1966 references as Spartan Stadium hosts a Michigan State versus Notre Dame football clash once again. There will be numerous allusions to their legendary meeting that November in East Lansing, which ended in a 10-10 tie. It’s considered one of the greatest and most controversial college football games of all time, as both teams finished the season ranked #1 in several polls.

The Fighting Irish head coach that storied season was Ara Parseghian, who we just last month. MSU was led back then by Duffy Daugherty.

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ESPN College Gameday: How it Went From Transcendent to Unwatchable


To pinpoint what’s so wrong with ESPN College Gameday in 2017, there are a couple different places from which you can start. You can begin with ESPN’s horrible bungling of the Jemele Hill and Robert Lee situations, and go from there. The same principle, that of “let’s try to never hurt anyone’s feelings ever, no matter what the cost, because hurt feelings means upset sponsors” applies across the board.

ESPN should have never apologized for what Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump.

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Athletic vs Academic Scholarships for Student-Athletes

There is confusion on how academic scholarships and athletic scholarships work. For example, if an NCAA Division II institution offers you a partial scholarship you can still use academic aid to cover your tuition. About 2 percent of high school athletes are awarded some form of athletics scholarship to compete in college.

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Ohio State Football Tops B1G Pre-Media Days Power Rankings

ohio state football buckeyes michael bennett

It’s another national title or bust kind of season for Ohio State football. All the college football preseason preview magazines see at least a final four appearance in Columbus, with two of the three calling a national championship game appearance. Thus, it’s pretty obvious who tops our B1G power rankings pre-Media Day.

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Three Michigan State Football Players Charged with Sexual Assault, Kicked Off Team


Michigan State football suffered through a 3-9 disaster last season, fielding a team that both 1.) fell far below expectations and 2.) often looked very disinterested. Winter brought very serious off-the-field issues to supplement the on-the-field catastrophe, as a sexual assault complaint was filed against three players.

Those three Michigan State football players, who allegedly committed the attack in January, were indefinitely suspended in February. Yesterday, the still publicly unnamed Michigan State football trio were charged with formally charged with sexual assault.

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Michigan State Football Expected to Return to a Bowl Game This Season


Michigan State football was a punchline in 2016 and deservedly so. The Spartans had all the ingredients necessary to elicit ridicule. First you must be formidable enough that you’re both relevant and a big target. You can’t beat up on the little guy, and MSU entered last season with big expectations.

Coming off a final four appearance the prior season MSU football was back in the national spotlight and thus a well known brand.

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