Frank Vogel: “Lebron, Heat the Michael Jordan, Bulls of our era”


Indiana Pacers Coach Frank Vogel, or mini Tom Thibodeau as he’s often called had very high praise for Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Here’s a tweet of his quote from Larry Hawley Fox 59 Indianapolis:

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Game 5 only verifies that the Indiana Pacers have ZERO chance in the series

indiana pacers.

Paul George had 37 points and six steals to help the Indiana Pacers erase a nine point halftime deficit, but did their win do anything more than delay the inevitable for 48 hours?

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Indiana Pacers’ Paul George will play vs Heat Saturday

Fresno State guard/forward Paul George

The Indiana Pacers announced that Paul George is convalescing and will play Saturday versus the Miami Heat in game three. Yes, game three of the series that absolutely every single one of us already knows the outcome of. Hey, at least they (I’m not actually sure who the “they” are any more at this point) are trying to make this series at least not appear fixed and pre-determined.

At times, the Eastern Conference Finals appears on the up-and-up.

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Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat: brutally snarky series preview


This series is like the movie “Open Water,” there’s no one to root for. In that flick, I actually rooted for the man-eating sharks. Indiana Pacers versus Miami Heat; the most tired and predictable Eastern Conference Finals in NBA history. Like a mindless Michael Bay blockbuster, you already know the outcome, but you’ll tune in just to see how the specifics of the outcome unfurl.

You want to see what weapons the action hero uses, or how he escapes from certain death to blow up the villain in the end. But you know who the league wants to win this thing. You know who the broadcaster of the series wants to win. So it’s only matter of do the powers that be let the Indiana Pacers hang around for five games? Six?

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The Indiana Pacers should be proud of nothing


I’m sure every Indiana Pacers fan is thrilled that their team made it through to the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs with Saturday’s 92-80 win over the Atlanta Hawks. But neither the team’s players nor their fans should be very excited. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Pacers, Paul George heckler overshadows NBA TV announcers

Indiana Pacers paul george

Paul George and the Indiana Pacers may have assured themselves a dubious place among the worst #1 seeds in NBA history. The Last time I saw a team this lifeless and apathetic playing at Conseco Fieldhouse…was only 6 weeks ago actually:  the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Big Ten Tourney.

Pacers playoff tickets for game two went for only $7.20 in the secondary market, and the way Indiana played the first half tonight, that’s WAY OVERPRICED.

Paul George and company did make a furious comeback late, making the final score a bit more respectable, but they’re still down 3-2 in the series, just one game from elimination at the hands of an Atlanta Hawks team that finished the regular season 38-44. The Pacers lack of effort in this one angered the crowd.

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Indiana Pacers the #1 seed, but are they the favorites?


You might want to root for the Indiana Pacers this season, if only to see some variety from last year. Especially if you’re an “anyone but the Miami Heat” person. Like the story of last fall: Johnny Manziel vs. the NCAA vs. the creepy autograph seekers, there’s no one to root for in a Heat-San Antonio Spurs rematch.

America doesn’t need to see that again. The Indiana Pacers are the biggest roadblock for the The Big Three in the East. Indiana got off to an amazingly hot start out of the gates; it was blistering. They haven’t been the same team since the Evan Turner trade, and declined. Despite the regression, the Indiana Pacers still grabbed the #1 seed in the East.

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VIDEO: Pacers Roy Hibbert makes a funny Shaq, Star Wars joke


Roy Hibbert and his Indiana Pacers are the #1 seed in the NBA Eastern Conference. They are as much a favorite as any other team in regards to winning it all. Before the postseason began Roy Hibbert had some questions posed by Pete Holmes in the latest interview from “The Pete Holmes Show.”

In the piece, the All-Star big man talks about height slams, works on some new signature moves and shares stories about his friend Chelsea Peretti from “Brooklyn 99.” 

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Up to the second updated NBA playoffs picture

NBA Playoffs

The 2013 – 2014 NBA playoffs are just about a week ahead and several teams around the league are still fighting for a better seed in either conference. Let’s have a look at the updated NBA playoffs picture as of April 12th. [Read more…]

2014 NBA Mock Draft- First Round (3/25/14)

nba draft logo

Andrew WigginsJoel Embiid, or Jabari Parker.  Who will be the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft?  It’s an ongoing debate that will continue up to draft night on June 26th.

Here is The Sports Bank’s 2014 NBA Mock Draft where team needs and outstanding trades have been taken into account.  Click on the player’s name for an in-depth draft profile.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013.

So without further ado, here is our 2014 NBA mock draft.

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2014 NBA Mock Draft- Second Round (3/25/14)

nba draft logo

Here is the second round of The Sports Bank’s 2014 NBA Mock Draft where team needs and outstanding trades have NOT been taken into account with this second round.  By the way, The Sports Bank had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft in both 2011 and 2012 along with the second most accurate mock in 2013.

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Lance Stephenson is more realistic for the Bulls than Melo


Carmelo Anthony this. Carmelo Anthony that.

What about Lance Stephenson? Which player’s addition is more realistic?  Would Lance Stephenson help the Bulls reemerge as championship contenders?

Much will hinge on the health of star point guard Derrick Rose, who’s been limited to ten games the past two seasons. But a healthy Rose,  assuming he returns to MVP fashion, will not be enough.  But the Bulls need more.

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