Purdue Basketball: Isaac Haas NBA Draft Stock Update


Purdue Center Isaac Haas terrorized the Illinois Fighting Illini last night in the same manner Jaws, the villain in many James Bond movies terrorized 007. While Jaws destroyed plenty of Bond’s allies, he never got the better of Bond himself. Haas, on the other hand, ultimately had his way on the Illini and imposed his will throughout the game, showcasing the skill set and potential that will excite NBA scouts.

“It was definitely surprising that they didn’t double-team me as much as I was expecting them to, but when I’m left one-on-one on the block, coach always tells Biggie and I to score it,” said Isaac Haas of his breakout performance.

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Indiana Basketball Has Trumpian Relationship with the Media

indiana basketball

The Indiana basketball community would be much better served if the spirit of this quote, from James Madison, was actually present within it-

“To the press alone, checkered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression.”

Last week, we published a piece calling out this year’s edition of Indiana basketball for being extremely under-achieving, given the tremendous amount of talent that they possess. We referred to Indiana basketball Coach Tom Crean as the hoops version of Ron Zook, an elite recruiter who can’t ever seem to maximize that talent.

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Indiana Basketball is Ridiculously Under-Achieving Yet Again

indiana basketball

(Editor’s note: the response to the piece below inspired an interesting follow-up to the article below, read that over at this link)

It’s another year of Indiana basketball Coach Tom Crean coming off as a basketball version of Ron Zook.

He’s elite at bringing in top tier talent, but again fails in maximizing it. OG Anunoby is the Big Ten’s top overall pro prospect, at least according to a consensus of current NBA mock drafts. Thomas Bryant is right there behind him as the second best blue chip in the league.

Now NBA mock drafts aren’t gospel or anything, but they do give you a general idea, and the patterns show that the league is very lacking in kids with sky high pro potential. The league’s noticeable poor presence in the national polls is also reflected in their MIA from mock drafts.

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College Basketball Shouldn’t Begin Until January


In negotiation, it’s called the “door in the face” technique.

Your initial pitch is far out, because you’re content to settle later somewhere in the middle with the opposition. Thus we make our pitch that college basketball should not commence until after the New Year.

Maybe that’s seems preposterous to you? Ok, how about we just shorten the season some and commence the campaign a bit later?

Approach this idea with an open mind.

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B1G Basketball Power Rankings: Every Team as a Past or Present Presidential Candidate

hillary clinton

It’s November 8th B1G basketball fans! Huzzah, if you’re reading this it means that we actually made it through the strangest, ugliest and most low brow election cycle in the history of our glorious democracy. Election Day fell on the latest possible day that it possibly could, and that’s unfortunate, given how one poll showed that 13% of respondents preferred a meteor hitting the Earth to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

Hey, it’s all over tomorrow and then we can all move on to other past times like college hoops, which tips off its season on Friday.

Viva la Revolucion!

american-flag-star spangled banner

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Donald Trump Made Awkward Gene Keady Reference in Stump Speech


(Editor’s note: as we head into the final hours preceding the U.S. Presidential Election, we revisit and republish some of the sports and pop culture stories we ran in 2016 relating to the electoral process) 

Speaking in Cleveland today, Donald Trump covered a litany of topics, first and foremost his much discussed and hyper analyzed Republican National Convention Acceptance speech from last night. Trump then shifted gears to his notorious feud with Texas Senator Ted Cruz before discussing his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

The Republican nominee then described why he loves the state of Indiana and this included mentioning a cadre of coaches with elite won-loss records.

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Northwestern Football Game Preview vs Indiana Hoosiers


Dear future Northwestern football opponents, you may want to reconsider scheduling them for Homecoming. NU has ruined opponents’ homecomings in back-to-back weeks. First it was the Iowa Hawkeyes, then came the bye week. (We wrote more about this homecoming angle more at this link)

Last week it was the Michigan State Spartans. In both contests, the Northwestern football team came in as heavy underdogs. This week, NU are slight favorites for their very own homecoming game, this one against the Indiana Hoosiers, who are a much better team than you probably think they are.

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Dan Feeney to Continue Indiana Hoosiers Sleeper NFL Draft Pick Tradition


No one ever thinks of Indiana as a football school. Why would you? The gridiron Hoosiers haven’t been relevant for a long time and in Bloomington, IN it’s basketball 12t, 2nd, 3rd, 4th…..24/7/365. However, IUFB is making its presence felt in the NFL Draft in recent years.

Offensive Guard Dan Feeney is set to continue that tradition next April. The tough versatile tactician can play numerous spots along the offensive line and that greatly augments his NFL Draft stock.

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All B1G Teams as Simpsons characters: Michigan Wolverines =Mr. Burns


Today kicks off B1G Media Days and your Michigan Wolverines are now deemed the league favorite. Actually, some sports books have ascribed UM the National Championship favorite. Ok, that’s a bit presumptive! Yes, we know that the media fawns over Jim Harbaugh more than they fawn over any other individual, but I still don’t know how we really got here on that one.

Of course, I also have no idea how a casino magnate with three wives and a disturbing tendency to publicly lust over his own daughter became the Presidential nominee of the political party dominated by the religious right, as 2016 is truly bizarro world.

How did we get here? The last time the Michigan Wolverines were last nationally relevant in 2006 and their most recent title came in 1997.

michigan wolverines basketball

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College Football Award Watch Lists: Just Please Stop Already!

college football

Yesterday kicked off, as the great Elvis Costello sang, “the other side of summer.” That’s because Tuesday July 5th initiated the evil scourge that is College Football Award Watch List Season. These pointless press releases are sent out as breaking “news.”

Not only does the journalist receive the email blasts from the award and college football organization themselves, every single school sends out their own individual email blast themselves. Now you cannot blame the SIDs for this. It’s not their fault and don’t shoot the messenger.

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Bilas Analyzes Yogi Ferrell, Troy Williams’ NBA Draft Stock


It’s Draft Day! Jay Bilas was on a media call yesterday, and here’s what he had to say about where the two former Indiana Hoosiers might end up. Bilas sized up the IU duo of Troy Williams and Yogi Ferrell. He sees Williams going in the late second round and Ferrell not getting drafted at all. For what it’s worth, we do not have Ferrell or Williams in our NBA mock draft.

Transcript via ESPN Media Zone. 

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Mark Cuban Politically Inspired By Donald Trump’s Rise

mark cuban mavs

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban is apparently gearing up for the start of a political career. Cuban went on NBC News “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd today and talked politics. In getting his name out there, in the political arena, it’s a huge hint that he’s planning to make a move into that field.

Mark Cuban would certainly be a non-traditional kind of candidate, and he says that Donald Trump, with how far he’s come already, has certainly opened the door to such genres of politicians.

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