PHOTOS: Blair O’Neal of the LPGA and LFL


Maybe you’ve never heard of Blair O’Neal, since she’s played in two sports that no one cares about. However, you will care after you see her pics here. Blair O’Neal is the hottest golfer in the LPGA, yes even ahead of Natalie Gulbis. Blair O’Neal is also a former QB from the Legends Football League. And she’s one scorching hot Sun Devil, as she’s a recent Arizona State grad.

Blair O’Neal was the starting quarterback for the LFL’s Phoenix Scorch before deciding to focus solely on golf instead.

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Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders: photos and bio

holly sonders

The Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders is rather easy on the eyes, as you can see. And she’s a great golfer. And she has a new eye-catching photo spread in next month’s Golf Digest. Holly Sonders is also an MSU Spartan. Go Green!
Holly Sonders, who can be seen on Morning Drive and School of Golf on the Golf Channel was a four-year member of the Michigan State golf team, and the Lady Spartans won a Big 10 title during her time there.
Holly Sonders may be the most exciting Spartans figure this side of Tom Izzo. And maybe both of them have enough sway among the Michigan State people to get them to stop doing this! DUMB BEHAVIOR!

Lauren Thompson: more Golf Channel bikini model journalism


The latest from new Sports Bank contributor Helen Salinger

So Lauren Thompson of the Golf Channel has a hot bod, blonde hair and . . . a marketing degree from Central Florida which has obviously helped her out.

Did I mention Lauren Thompson’s hot bod? Which I’m sure people are more apt to discuss than Lauren Thompson’s hosting skills or anything Lauren Thompson can discuss from classroom experience at the Mecca of academia that is UCF.

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Cleavage of Holly Sonders attends Chicago Cubs game (photos)


With Kate Upton, Erin Andrews and Katherine Webb all played out; at least on the internet anyway. The smart owner of an internet news site evolves to see what the next eye candy will be to replace the trio of SEO gold. Holly Sonders seems to be emerging as one of the next page views drivers. Don’t rule out Jenny Dell either.

This is starting to get like 2010; the brunettes are taking over the search engine queries like Jenn Sterger and Ines Sainz did. Holly Sonders of the Golf Channel seems to be stepping up in that regard.

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Golf Channel personality Win McMurry (Phelps GF): photos and bios


Golf Channel hottie Win McMurry is Michael Phelps’ girlfriend, we have confirmation on that now. Yesterday I got a lame pitch letter from some PR hack asking me to publish pictures of Michael Phelps wearing a specific brand of loafers. And to write an editorial about said loafers. YEAH, I’LL GET RIGHT ON THAT! BREAKING NEWS.

However, the letter said the pics of Phelps getting off the plane were taken by his girlfriend Win McMurry; so thus ends the speculation about the status of Phelps and McMurry. I get over a dozen LAME pitch letters like that per day, with zero news value. Yet this one delivered something worthwhile. But I don’t want Michael Phelps pictures in my inbox; I want Win McMurry pictures in my inbox. Here’s some in this post.

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Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders makes golf watchable


The Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders is about to bring a lot more eyeballs to the sport of golf. Well, she’s bringing a lot more publicity to the sport anyway. Who is Holly Sonders?  Here’s her biography and photo collection. She’s also the cover girl for May’s Golf Digest. Which is the fitness issue. And she certainly showed off just how fit she herself is.

Holly Sonders can be seen on “Morning Drive” and “School of Golf” on the Golf Channel. She was a four-year member of the Michigan State golf team, and the Lady Spartans won a Big 10 title during her time there. She might the most inspiring MSU figure this side of Tom Izzo.

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Sophie Horn is golfing’s new Natalie Gulbis


As photogenic as Natalie Gulbis is, she’s got company. Here’s some photos of British bikini and LPGA babe Sophie Horn, who’s described on her Facebook page and Twitter account as:

GOLFER – GQ Magazine Golf Columnist- MODEL – PRESENTER – PERSONAL TRAINER (Sophie Horn .com)
Let’s look at more pics of this sexy Brit Sophie Horn
And if you want to compare her against Natalie Gulbis, look here

John Daly out 3-4 months after elbow surgery


John Daly, of Dardanelle, Ark., will undergo elbow surgery next week, keeping him off the golf course for about 3-4 months. As he rehabs from a torn tendon, remember that John Daly the golfer is a completely different person from Daily Show host Jon Stewart. I cannot tell you how many times my senior citizen parents mix these two men up; and I have to correct them.

Today Daly tweeted:

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PGA reporter Amanda Balionis photos and bio

I’m not an expert on the work of Amanda Balionis, but that’s only because I’m not one for watching golf on television. Amanda Balionis is the latest and greatest eye candy member of the sports press core. Amanda Balionis has become an internet search engine superstar in recent months.

After the jump, here are some pics of the PGA Tour Anchor and Reporter.

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LPGA star Suzann Pettersen photos and bio


LPGA golfer Suzann Pettersen is one of the latest crop to appear in the ESPN the magazine body issue. Appearing naked that is. See it after the jump. Remember you won’t see the naughty bits of Suzann Pettersen though. This is ESPN after all. Which is owned by Disney, and Disney’s philosophy is “family magic.”

Even if the Suzann Pettersen naughty bits were on display, you likely wouldn’t see them here. As this is a SFW site, not a NSFW.

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From semi-famous to Masters Champion, the evolution of Adam Scott

evolution of Adam Scott

Believe it or not, there are two relatively famous men named Adam Scott. One is known for being married to Leslie Knope on the American comedy series, Parks and Recreation, and the other is a top-ten golfer who hails from the Land Under.

The actor Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec) even had something to say about the matter back in 2009:

“We’re both semi-famous within our little subcultures but neither one of us is a global mainstream behemoth. Overall, I’d say he’s way more famous than I am. I think the main difference between the other Adam Scott and me is that I’m the one who doesn’t give a shit about golf. I have absolutely no interest in the game whatsoever.”

No disrespect to the actor’s lack of golf knowledge, but Adam Scott the golfer just became that “global mainstream behemoth,” with the addition of a Masters Green Jacket to his wardrobe. [Read more...]

Five best bets to win the 2013 Masters

Tiger Woods green jacket

“A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” is a mere hours away and the anticipation has golf fans frothing at the mouth.

In the 2013 Masters, do you have Tiger or the field?

If you’re not quite sure who to pick, check The Sports Bank’s five best bets to win golf’s most prestigious golf tournament.

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