Golfing Mistakes that You Must Stop Making


There are a lot of errors and mistakes you’re probably making on the golf course. And many of these will be things that are affecting your game, but you don’t realize it. These are mistakes you need to stop making if you want to improve your performance.

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Does Natalie Gulbis Appeal to “Family Values” Arch-Conservatives?


Natalie Gulbis is quite possibly the “Anna Kournikova of Golfing;” much more famous for salacious scantily clad photo shoots than actual athletic accomplishment. The label is often slapped on Danica Patrick, and rightfully so.

If you follow NASCAR, you’ve no doubt heard Patrick referred to as the “Anna Kournikova of Auto Racing.” With Gulbis she has just one LPGA Tour win, and that came way back in 2007. She’s currently ranked the 492nd player in the world of golfing, dropping from #363 last year.

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St Andrews: the Experience of Visiting Golf’s Origination


History is written by the victors, the saying goes, and upon visiting St Andrews, one learns that golfing history is no different. As far back as 1691, St Andrews, in the Fife region of Scotland, has been credited as the birthplace of golf. The origins of the game trace all the way back to the 1400s with the two types of golf being played in the very early days.

One form for the game was for the commoners (plebeians, peasants, etc. or whatever you want to call them) and it was actually played in city streets, and led to building damage and personal injury.

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Golf Resort Makes Donald Trump Persona non Grata in Scotland


Donald Trump, the current front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, is no newcomer to controversy.

In 2006, the high-flying New York tycoon embarked on a mission to build one of the greatest luxury golf resorts in the world – along with hundreds of homes and condos, a giant hotel and a conference center – near Aberdeen on the historic northeast coast of Scotland.

The project sparked heated opposition from locals who felt the venture would spoil their pristine coastline and jeopardize the 4,000-year-old sand dunes of special scientific interest, but the developer broke ground in 2010 and Trump International Golf Links opened in July 2012.

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How Star Power Makes a Difference in Golf Products


Although many people think of premier golf products as being designed by current or former professional golfers, some of the top products come from other famous people who play and decided to put their design ideas to good use. Bob Parsons golf clubs have risen in popularity among serious golfers, along with many other celebrity-focused brands. Many business owners have an interest in golf and have decided to help share their passion for the sport with their fellow golfers. Many of these types of golf products are easy to find in pro shops.

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Adrian Rubin Applying Golf Etiquettes in the Real Estate Business

the master's

The real estate development business has many great builders, including the famous Adrian Rubin. Other than being good at what he does, his belief in the notion of paying it forward and giving back to the community has led to the voluntary work in the Children’s Hospital. This hospital focuses on making children healthy, so that they can contribute to the society in the future, by utilizing their potential to the fullest.

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Bubba Watson will paint over the General Lee’s Confederate Flag


Bubba Watson won the 2012 Master’s, but before he took home the green jacket, the “General Lee” from the classic television series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The orange 1969 Dodge Charger unfortunately has a large Confederate flag atop its roof.

Well, no more. (at least not in this case) Watson confirmed today that he will paint over the Confederacy’s signature corporate logo. The flag of Dixieland has been co-opted by white supremacist hate groups; and therefore signifies bigotry, oppression, prejudice and some of the worst hate crimes in our nation’s history. Right now America is removing it as quickly as possible.

Bubba Watson is doing his part to preach tolerance and equality instead. He posted this statement via his social media channels:

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Epic and infamous Holly Sonders Cubs game photos


Holly Sonders seems to be 2015’s “Erin Pageviews.” Actually, she’s been there for awhile, but she’s receiving a spike this month due to her frequent on camera appearances during the U.S. Open. There has been a ton of criticism regarding her two question interview of Jordan Spieth; especially since one of those questions was “do you have a 5th outfit in case it goes to a playoff.”

I know….borrrrrrrrrrring. But when only have 20 seconds to work with, who deep are you expected to get? Remember people in these gigs aren’t doing hard core journalism. Whether or not it’s reporting; that’s even up for debate.

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2015 US Open: an Inside Look

rory mcilroy

With the 2015 US Open next month we are quite literally salivating at the exciting prospect of seeing some more terrific golfing action. All the action will take place on Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington and marks the 115th time that the event has been held. The tournament is watched by millions around the world and many believe it to be the ideal course for Tiger Woods to once more tackle to help him claw his way back to his golfing best.

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Tune Your Technique: Indoor Golf Drills to Do at Home


It’s time to get back into the swing of things, but before you hit the links, you need to practice a few shots. What’s a golf enthusiast to do? Get out your clubs and run some drills at home. Unless you live out in the country, you probably don’t have a lot of space to drive a ball or practice putting. But, what you can do is mow a small section of your yard and set up a net to catch balls.

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Rory McIlroy leads top 10 Golf shots of ’14 list

rory mcilroy 6_18_11

2014 was another thrilling year for golf fans, with Rory McIlroy continuing to establish himself as the world’s best player. But it wasn’t just the Northern Irishman who caught the eye with some incredible shots during the season.

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Focus switches to Augusta

rory mcilroy 6_18_11

As the 2014 golf season draws to an end, focus has already begun to switch to Augusta ahead of April’s Masters. The first major of the year is still one of the most iconic tournaments in the golfing calendar, and the best players in the world all head to Georgia in the USA looking to win the season’s first major event and stamp their mark on the year.

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