Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs Eagles Odds, Prop Bets Guide

super bowl lii

The Super Bowl LII match-up is set and once again it includes the New England Patriots, who have become the National Football League’s Hulk Hogan of sorts. If you watched/followed WWE in the late 1980s-early 1990s, it was called WWF back then, then you remember Hulk Hogan being the guy that seemingly always won, despite how much it seemed that he was going to lose the whole time.

The Patriots certainly have that sort of feel these days, especially so in yesterday’s AFC Championship win over the Jacksonville Jaguars and last year’s Super Bowl triumph over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Man United Winger Jesse Lingard Dating Instagram Model Jena Frumes

jena frumes man united

Jena Frumes is an “Instagram model” which is certainly a new, modern day term in 2017. She is also the girlfriend of Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard, as she recently went public about their relationship on her Instagram account.

Frumes posted a series of pictures that convey her devotion to Lingard and the team.

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United Fan Julia Roberts Greets Players on Pitch After Loss at Chelsea

Julia Roberts, the legendary Hollywood actress and producer, was in west London to see her favorite club, Manchester United lose 1-0 at Chelsea today. After the game, Roberts took to the pitch and greeted some of the players, no doubt lifting their spirits somewhat after what was such a disappointing result in a big time crunch clash.

The Daily Mail, perfectly encapsulated the appearance of Julia Roberts:

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Is this the New Liverpool FC Away Kit for 2018-19?


Today is certainly a day for Liverpool shirt news. First and foremost is the leak of what might be the Liverpool FC away kit for 2018-19, via Footy Headlines, a site that specializes in this sort of thing. Sometimes these leaks are ultimately proven to be fake news, but quite often they are right and only time will tell.

If this is the new Liverpool FC away kit, then it will go over well, at least with the very tiny and somewhat limited focus group that is Twitter.

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Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich Set for Very Costly Divorce

dasha zhukova

Chelsea Football Club Owner and Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is set for his third, and likely costliest, divorce yet. On Monday Abramovich and his wife Dasha Zhukova released a joint statement indicating their end of their marriage. They deemed it a very amicable split, and indicated intentions of continuing to work together.

Roman Abramovich is an extremely secretive man, who does not like to do interviews, and he kept his marriage to Zhukova a secret for six years.

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Where Sports, Fashion And Art Collide


by Kevin Bennett

Ballet, jazz, tap, and interpretive dance all require relatively similar costuming solutions. All are artistic, and all are athletic. Dances and productions which represent the most popular musical numbers are also likely to parallel fashion trends. Thus, buying dancewear is a quadruple-threat, if you will.

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Arsenal FC Away Kit Revealed; Gunners Go Light Blue on Road (Photos)


The Arsenal FC away kit has been revealed and light blue is the color of choice. The hue is somewhat similar, albeit darker, to what we usually see from Manchester City at home, or the kit worn by Barcelona last night in their win over Manchester United.

The electric blue strip supplements the third shirt, a very sleek black with hot pink lettering, unveiled by Arsenal in Syndey, Australia two weeks ago (check those out over at this link).

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The Benefits of Wearing Compression Gear While Playing Soccer

soccer compression gear

By Jake Owen

If you are not yet familiar with compression gear – where have you been living, really? – you need not worry as this is the definitive article on the topic. Compression gear is the extremely tightly fitted clothing often worn by athletes in practice or on game day. Alternatively called pressure garments, it includes t-shirts, tights, socks, sleeves or underwear and it’s often made largely from a spandex type material, a synthetic fiber renowned for its extreme elasticity, or sometimes nylon and latex.

This article thoroughly reviews the current literature on it and sheds light on their many purported benefits.

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2017-18 Liverpool FC Third Kit Released (Photos, Videos)


The 2017-18 Liverpool FC third kit was released today, and it’s getting a much reception than last year’s model. That’s fitting, as the new strip is vastly superior to 2016-17’s very troubled “toxic thunder” shirt. Of course, that’s also a very low bar to clear, as last year’s alternate shirt looked like it received its coloring from an unholy concoction of Hi-C Ecto Cooler, liquified boogers and lemon-lime Gatorade that was left out in the sun too long.

Can’t forget these-

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Notre Dame Football: Photos of Today’s Shamrock Series Uniforms


The University of Notre Dame football program unveiled the uniforms for this year’s Shamrock Series game. This contest is Notre Dame’s sixth annual Shamrock Series event, an off-campus home game which will be have played versus November 12th in San Antonio.

The previous Shamrock Series events were played in New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Indianapolis and Dallas.

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Klay Thompson has a Wearable Tech as Hot as Golden State


Klay Thompson, his Splash Brother Steph Curry, and the rest of the Golden State Warriors are like Hansel in the first Zoolander movie “so hot right now.” The Warriors are ahead of the pace to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls season wins, winning percentage record.

That Michael Jordan led team went 72-10, so this Warriors side looks very likely to finish with single digit losses on the season- unheard of! The GSW march towards hoops immortality is making them a national sensation.

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