Fake Jurgen Klopp Quote About Philippe Coutinho Gets Reported as News


It’s very common for many British newspapers to report questionably sourced and extremely unrealistic transfer rumors as legitimate reports, but fictional quotes? This is a definition of “fake news” that we rarely, if ever see. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, one of the most entertaining soundbites in football, made the perfect subject for an interview quote hoax because of what an affable and entertaining man he truly is.

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Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Had Affair with Columnist Anna Subbotina

anna subbotina

Anna Subbotina, a well known Russian columnist, had a secret affair with Chelsea FC Owner and Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich. Forbes magazine estimates Abramovich, a very close confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and bosom buddy to Jared Kushner, son-in-law of United States President Donald Trump, to be the world’s 139th wealthiest man; with a net worth of 7 billion.

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Julie Ertz on How Doing the Body Issue Educated Her, Husband Zach

julie johnston

Julie Johnston became Julie Ertz right before she, along with her husband Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, did the ESPN magazine Body Issue photo shoot. Johnston at the time, and Ertz today said the session helped her become accustomed to life with a new legal name.

“They kept calling me Mrs. Ertz, and that kind of helped me get used to it,” the United States Women’s National Team and Red Stars Defender said Saturday night after Chicago lost 3-2 to the Portland Thorns; the team’s first home setback this season.

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Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich Set for Very Costly Divorce

dasha zhukova

Chelsea Football Club Owner and Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich is set for his third, and likely costliest, divorce yet. On Monday Abramovich and his wife Dasha Zhukova released a joint statement indicating their end of their marriage. They deemed it a very amicable split, and indicated intentions of continuing to work together.

Roman Abramovich is an extremely secretive man, who does not like to do interviews, and he kept his marriage to Zhukova a secret for six years.

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Sharknado Writer, Field Museum Scientist Gave Fascinating Insights into Film


“Sharknado, enough said,” the tagline to the cult classic original film reads. Last night the Field Museum of Natural History headed to the Music Box Theatre to present Sharknado as part of the cinema science series.

Screenwriter Thunder Levin, yes, the man who wrote Sharknado, which attracted nearly 1.37 million viewers, was on site to discuss the “so bad that it’s good” blockbuster of our generation.
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Matt and Laura Vandeberg Starting Iowa Football Marriage Trend

laura vandeberg

The story of Iowa Hawkeyes football power couple Matt and Laura Vandeberg is a very familiar one. Football player at a glamor/ skill position dates cheerleader. Then comes a marriage proposal on the field right after a game. Cheerleader then breaks into broadcasting, working as a host.

You know these types of tales, and this specific one received extensive national media coverage.

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Julia Roberts Visits Manchester United Training Camp at UCLA


Julia Roberts, the legendary Hollywood actress and producer, stopped by Manchester United training camp in Westwood, California this week. United are in southern California training at the University of California-Los Angeles’ Drake Stadium for their preseason exhibition tour of the United States.

Roberts, who also took in the Red Devils 1-1 home draw with West Ham and a tour of Old Trafford last November dropped in on United while they are at UCLA.

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Diego Costa Surpasses Selena Gomez to Achieve Instagram Record

selena gomez

Move over pop sensation Selena Gomez, because Diego Costa has stolen a bit of your thunder. The Spanish striker has reportedly said his goodbyes to Chelsea, but his return to Atletico Madrid is still a bit far from finalized at this point.

With a sliver of hope and window just a teensy bit open, Besiktas fans got online and urged Costa to come join their club. Costa posted a photo of himself with Sao Paulo midfielder Petros Araujo on Instagram, and the comments section for some reason, lord only knows why, became overrun with Besiktas fans trying to woo him.

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NJ Governor Chris Christie Making Transition to Sports Talk Radio

chris christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has no more worries about approval ratings. In his next career, the ratings he’ll be pre-occupied with will pertain to radio listenership. Christie is going through the motions as he finishes out his final term, blissfully aware that it no longer matters what the public thinks of him as a politician.

The Fourth of July Holiday week, in which Beachgate had a heavy presence in the news cycle, showcased just how much Chris Christie doesn’t a give a you-know-what. Well, in his next career, being hated could help, as long as the haters tune in.

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Britt McHenry Showcasing Politically Conservative Side in Life After ESPN


Britt McHenry, known first and foremost for her infamous berating of a tow company employee, was among those laid off by ESPN in April. She hasn’t secured her next gig yet, and as such doesn’t have to currently adhere to the “opinions expressed are my own and not that of the corporation” routine.

The only brand she has to be concerned with right now is that of the individual named Britt McHenry. Given that she’s let loose a bit and showcased her political bent, which leans to the right.

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Reporter Wendy Burch Vomited On During Ironman Competition Live Shot


KTLA morning show reporter Wendy Burch is the latest viral video sensation this holiday weekend. Local news reporter or anchor mishaps, misadventures and misspeaking incidents always make for tremendous comedic fodder, and quite often make the internet rounds.

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Aubrey Plaza Stars in, Co-Produced Bold and Bawdy “The Little Hours”

aubrey plaza

Aubrey Plaza not only stars in, but also co-produced “The Little Hours,” a ribald romp that’s a refreshing change from the currently sad state of movie-making. Plaza makes her producing debut and along with Alison Brie and Kate Micucci, play bored, volatile and horny nuns living a secret life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in rural 14th century Italy.

The National Catholic Reporter described it as a “smart/stupid movie, but it’s practically porn.”

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