Danica Patrick, Anna Kournikova of Racing, to Host the ESPYs


Danica Patrick has accomplished a lot of “firsts,” among women, in the history of auto racing. She’s the first woman to: lead laps at the Indianapolis 500, finish in the top five at the Indy 500, secure pole position in a NASCAR Cup Series race, gain the pole in the Daytona 500 and win a race in a North American open wheel series. However, her actual accomplishments are still nowhere close to the level with which she’s been marketed, promoted or covered by the media.

It’s not really her fault, but what she’s done on the track, throughout her whole career, hasn’t lived up to her hype. Of course, who among us wouldn’t turn down all the endorsements, publicity and money that has come her way? There’s nothing wrong with taking all the opportunities that she’s been offered, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

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Real Madrid: Stadium Tour Reflects Regal Club History and Royal City

real madrid karim benzema


Real Madrid, the Reyes Del Europa (Kings of Europe) reflect their home city about as well as any sports team can. Their name translates to royalty, and their crest is the crown of the monarchy, a perfect symbol to embody the Spanish capital, as Madrid was once, centuries ago, the seat of the world’s most powerful empire.

Madrid is a city that’s stately, grand, imposing, cosmopolitan and a place, like London and Paris, implicitly tells the visitor “you’re in a former capital of the entire world.” Real Madrid as a football club, El Mejor Palmares Del Mundo (The Best Track Record of the World) is a mirror image of the Spanish monarchy at the height of their empire.

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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Shouldn’t Be Publicly Funded


Absolutely no one, outside family and friends of the couple, SHOULD CARE about Saturday’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but unfortunately that train has long left the station. The Royal Wedding as a “news story” is the biggest nothing burger of all nothing burgers, but what can you do? This endeavor, for some reason, is considered worth paying attention to by millions of people all around the world, who have never met Harry or Meghan.
Meghan Markle, today, is now one of the world’s most famous people. The Northwestern grad who played annoying characters and really bad television shows has truly come a very long way. In 2013, when College Gameday came to NU and Markle was referenced in signs, as Rachel Markle, we were all like “who?”

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How To Win Betting On The Royal Ascot


“Ascot” by Devan Bickley (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Royal Ascot is one of the biggest horse racing events in the world, and at the top of the list of the biggest flat meets in the UK. As a result, plenty of punters get in on the action during Royal Ascot week. If you are one of the occasional bettors who are planning on wagering on Royal Ascot, don’t forget these tips to give yourself the best chance to win.

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Cinco de Mayo No Fiesta for Chicago Fire; Atlanta United Cruise

cinco de mayo

All the ingredients were there to provide a special night for the Chicago Fire: Cinco de Mayo falling on a Saturday, a late night kickoff in summer weather (when the very preceding Chicago Fire home game was hard core winter weather), and the best team in Major League Soccer (Atlanta United) coming to town.

Atlanta came in to this match second in the MLS in points this season, but the only team ahead of them, NYCFC, has played two more matches. This could have been a statement game for the Fire, and a fiesta grande for their seguidores y fanaticos, but they couldn’t capitalize, as the 15,024 in attendance (many of which were outfitted with festive holiday accoutrements) at Toyota Park saw United take all three points, winning 2-1.

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The Aaron Judge Jedi Bobblehead You Didn’t Know You Needed


May the 4th be with you tomorrow. If you’re attending the opener of the New York Yankees‘ next home stand, then this Aaron Judge Jedi Bobblehead will almost certainly be with you as well

Yes, Friday May the 4th will see the Yankees will host their third-annual Star Wars Night, with the first 40,000 guests in attendance receiving that Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead that you didn’t know you really needed until just now when you saw the picture. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for, but this must be the promotional bobble giveaway that you’ve been searching for, from Coruscant to the Outer Rim Territories.

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As eSports Takes Off, eSports Media Coverage Also Booming


eSports are taking off like a rocket ship, and with it so are ancillary gaming industry businesses. These action packed eSports encounters have a high spectator value and drive a huge amount of curious fans and gamers from all around the world to watch the events unfold.

 We’re talking about millions of eSports interested fans. This activity is a gold mine for advertisers who are willing to buy prime estate for ads in order to get the right exposure to their brands. Thus, a whole lot of money is pouring into this field. 

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Why is there so much money in the competitive eSports scene?


By Bill Burke

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there is a serious amount of money in the competitive E-Sports scene today. What might however be much less known to people is what the cash-pumping channels that are filling the scene with money actually are. Therefore we have written an article taking a closer look at this!

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VIDEO: The Master’s Re-imagined in Mini Golf Form

the master's


The Master’s may be “a tradition unlike any other,” but you know what would make the golfing tournament at Augusta a must watch event for me? This.

And by “this” I mean watch the amazing and creative mini golf video below, which includes some lovely narration from the soothing voice of Jim Nantz. Then meet me back below the embed to discuss. Also, if you’re a golf fanatics looking for an excellent golf ranger finder online, be sure to check out We Talk About Golf, it’s a must bookmark site for all golfers.

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HBO’s Joe Paterno Film a Crime Drama with a Plot Twist Ending

joe paterno al pacino

There are not one, but two protagonists in the HBO film Paterno, which chronicles the period in 2011 when the nation learned what a child raping monster former Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky is.

Although the entire plot centers around Sandusky’s criminal and deplorable actions, his actual presence is reduced to a few cameos and only a couple lines of dialogue. Paterno is actually the story of two main characters, former Penn State head coach Joe Paterno and then Harrisburg Patriot-News/now CNN reporter Sarah Ganim.

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Australian Grand Prix is Almost Here So Get Ready for the Action!

australian grand prix

By Osama Khan

The Australia Grand Prix F1 race is just around the corner. Slated to take place on March 22-25 in Melbourne, Australia, which is also referred to as Australia’s sporting capital. There are mixed sentiments from fans about what they expect and anticipate from this F1 race. Some people say it is worth looking forward to, while others believe that it’s better to manage expectations intelligently.

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Will F3 Turned WRC-2 Japan Racer Takamoto Katsuta be a Spectacle in WRC 2018?


World Rally Championship, aka WRC, is a rallying event that keeps motorsports fans thrilled almost all year long. The championship sets off by the end of January and concludes in November.

The main championship is supported by 3 different rallies: WRC-2, WRC-3 and Junior WRC. The difference between the events is that each event follows a different set of standards or rules. For instance, the WRC-2 follows the Super 2000, N4, R5 rules. Moreover, the WRC-2 event is restricted to only the production-based cars.

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