Roger Moore Was the Best James Bond Ever Because He Was Just Silly Enough

roger moore

WARNING! Unpopular opinion alert in progress!

Roger Moore is my favorite James Bond of all time, and is therefore THE BEST  007 in history; if history was written by me. Sadly, the world lost him today, but he did live a transcendent life that lasted all the way to age 89.

I know that there’s at least one other human being who agrees with me on Moore being #1, and it’s A.O. Scott of the New York Times, who penned this thesis in The Paper of Record.

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Michelle Beadle Jokes About Being a San Antonio Spurs Fan During Conference Finals


Michelle Beadle might be one of the few things worth watching in the Western Conference Finals. Top NBA pundits, even those who work for the league’s broadcast partners and therefore pretty much work for the league, have been telling us all along that there’s no purpose in watching the NBA Playoffs until the Finals. 

That’s true, as we’ve all known, even before the NBA regular season ended, who the two finalists were going to be.

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Emily Dickinson Embodied by Cynthia Nixon in New Film “A Quiet Passion” (Review)


It’s an absolutely huge week for fans of the 19th-century American poet Emily Dickinson as A Quiet Passion, a biopic of the legendary poet by Terence Davies, comes to Chicago. The latest offering by the highly acclaimed British filmmaker opens at the Music Box Theatre just days after the American Writer’s Museum opened, about five miles away.

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Nastia Liukin, Nick Offerman Among Chicago Cubs Honored Guests this Home Stand

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Cleveland Cavaliers Gave VIP Experience One Who Truly Did “Defend the Land”

cleveland cavaliers darron lewis

The NBA team who’s hashtag is “Defend the Land” welcomed one of the bravest people who certainly does so in the truest sense. May is National Military Appreciation Month, and with that, one Military veteran was honored as part of Cleveland Cavaliers Heroes Night, thanks to Crown Royal, a brand with some solid Cavs’ associations.

Officer Darron Lewis was treated to a VIP experience including watching the pre-game shoot around from the bench, receiving a signed jersey, meeting former Cleveland Cavaliers star, Campy Russell, and an embroidered, personalized Crown Royal bag.

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Both Extreme NBA Conspiracy Theorists, the Militant Believers and the Deniers, are Wrong


(Editor’s Note: this is being re-published from June 12, 2014. Also, check out the 2017 edition of this article from 2015, in which we made a conspiracy theory for every single team in the 2017 Draft lottery, drops Sunday, 6am central)

It’s summer so all your favorite shows are in re-runs; including the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat are here for the fourth year in a row, the San Antonio Spurs are here for the fifth year in the last eleven. Also, who the Spurs and Heat beat to get here, the Pacers and the Thunder, could have been easily predicted by anyone with at least an entry level knowledge of the NBA.

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American Writer’s Museum Exemplifies Future Trends in Exhibition Galleries (Photo Journal)

american writer's museum ernest hemingway

The American Writer’s Museum, the first and only of its kind in this country, opens up in Chicago, and not New York or Washington D.C. on Tuesday, May 16th.

At the media preview today, award winning poet and author Ana Castillo brought up the astonishment many people have when they find out the American Writer’s Museum is in Chicago, and not either of the two eastern seaboard metropolises previously mentioned. Chicago is a city that consistently flies under the radar when it comes to culture.

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Sports and Slots: Is There a Crossover?


Put yourself in the shoes of a slots developer for a moment. You’re tasked with developing a new slots title that’s going to stand out from the crowd – one that will attract its own audience of players, by appealing to the tastes and preferences of a slots demographic. Easy enough – except, there are already hundreds, if not thousands of different slots titles being played every day by slots fans worldwide.

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Tomi Lahren Addresses Beliefs that her 15 Minutes are Up, Diva Accusations


Now that Tomi Lahren and her former employer, Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze (yes, it really is spelled that way, no space between the two words for some bizarre reason) have settled their legal dispute, the alt-right millenial gun nut is speaking up and speaking out.

Her period of radio silence is long over, and she gave an exclusive interview to Playboy where she covered a multitude of topics.

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ESPN Layoffs: Five General Ideas For What the Network Should Do Moving Forward


The ESPN layoffs announced this past Wednesday sent massive reverberations all throughout the sports media business. In this trade, it’s the story of the year. It dominated national and international headlines for days because it reaches so many different facets and niches.

Last week, we listed eight truths this development taught us about the current state of the sports media business. Yesterday we looked at five major issues the network (and many of us as well) must resolve. Today we detail five steps that we believe the company should take in the wake of the ESPN layoffs.

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Mike Tirico to Host Inaugural Illini Athletics Hall of Fame Gala

mike tirico

It was just announced minutes ago that NBC Sports personality Mike Tirico will host the inaugural University of Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame Gala. The event, honoring the first ever Illini sports Hall of Fame class, will be held in Stanley Hall at the Field Museum of Natural History (1400 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago) with a cocktail reception at 6:30 p.m. followed by the dinner and program at 7:30 p.m (tickets are $250).

It is black tie optional. Many of the big names being enshrined in the 2017 Illini Hall of Fame class are expected to be in attendance, but it is not known at this time which specific former athletes will be there and which ones will not be.

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Donald Trump Attacks on Media Should Unite All Journalists Right Now

american military

Donald Trump has such an utter contempt for journalists that it’s become worse than Richard Nixon and Bobby Knight combined.

He’s openly declared full scale war against the concepts of transparency and accountability, and he’s blatantly aiming to dismantle the very ideal of a free press.

Last Wednesday’s press conference, the first Donald Trump had held in nearly half a year, was a farce on numerous levels, with the condescension aimed at CNN and Buzzfeed the most egregious offenses. However, it was also the incident which can galvanize us journalists to fight back, and make no mistake about it, we will fight back!

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