Kate Upton Justin Verlander are an item again


The Kate Upton Justin Verlander thing? Happening again according to the “evidence” of US Weekly. Back to back SI swimsuit issue cover girl and hottest woman alive is once again an item with the Detroit Tigers ace. Remember, this was never confirmed by either camp. Although Verlander’s grandfather verified it, and everyone knew Kate Upton Justin Verlander was a thing.

Sorry, Michigan Wolverines sharpshooter Spike Albrecht, but your window may have closed. Although I do appreciate your assertiveness with Kate Upton. More than that, I appreciate the perfect timing that you made your move.

Here’s what’s being “reported”

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Former Kane County Cougar Miguel Cabrera wins MVP

miguel cabrera

Kane County Cougar and current Detroit Tigers infielder Miguel Cabrera has won the 2013 American League Most Valuable Player award. Miguel Cabrera, who played at Kane County as part of the 2001 Midwest League Championship team, has won back-to-back MVP awards, becoming the first American Leaguer to be named MVP in consecutive years since Frank Thomas in 1993 and 1994.

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MLB Playoffs are on? I’ll pass…

Bored baseball fan

The MLB Playoffs are in full swing with the Divisional Series set.


The St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, and Oakland Athletics face off for the chance to win a championship that will be earned after 162 (or 163) games.


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Cleveland Indians fans start ‘Detroit is Bankrupt’ chant (video)

detroit lions cheerleader

When you can’t beat someone on the field, what do you do? You bring up socioeconomic issues. Well, that is if you have no class and nothing is out of bounds for you. That’s what you. Cleveland Indians fan started a ‘Detroit is Bankrupt’ chant in the 9th inning last night. Pretty pathetic.

Watch the video from ABC 7 (Home of Detroit traffic reporter Erin Nicole by the way! Who the search engines seem to love so much!)

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White Sox Trade Rumors (Peavy, Rios, Ramirez)

Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

As the July 31st Major League Baseball trade deadline looms, the White Sox are expected to move at least a couple of players including starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

What are the latest rumors? The Sportsbank has you covered.

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Three ways to improve Major League Baseball


Ah, Major League baseball. When I write “three ways to improve Major League Baseball” what I really mean is “three ways to make baseball more like football.”  Sorry, major league baseball fans.  The National Pastime is past its prime and a distant second-string to the pigskin.  Don’t take it too hard.  It’s not like football is a sport; it’s a quasi-religion.  Heck, more Americans would rather watch a guy in a suit read names from a podium than catch another sport’s playoff game.

Major League Baseball will never be able to catch up to the NFL but it can close the gap.  After all, baseball, when the games really matter, is the most dramatic of all the sports.  Major League Baseball certainly has more substance than the NBA, tougher players than MLS (barely), and fewer franchises in inappropriate cities than the NHL.  Below are three ways the game of baseball can improve itself.

A word of warning to baseball purists, have your defibrillator ready.

(Guest post by Ryan Hogan)

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Kate Upton fat, says very stupid pro-skinny blog (video)

kate upton-bikini

Kate Upton is back on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the first repeat champion since Tyra Banks in 1997. Some say she’s gained 21 pounds since then. Well sure, she looks a bit thicker this year on the cover than she did last year. But those 21 lbs seem to have all found their home in the proper place. Pro-Anorexia website calls supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton a “Fatty.” Is that the proper way to talk about the girlfriend of Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander? The AL ASG starter might want to whip a 100 m.p.h. fastball at the head of (whoever or wherever that head may be)

The Skinny Girl website which slams Kate for being fat, lazy, lardy and piggy looking! Have they seen these GQ photos that sent the internet ablaze?

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Repeat: Kate Upton Swimsuit Issue cover again (photo)


Another Kate Upton swimsuit issue cover! She’s the first SI Swimsuit model to adorn back to back covers since Tyra Banks (’96 & ‘97)

I’ve always said, if God made anything better than Kate Upton, he better have kept her for himself. Man I’m jealous of Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander. The doctors should prescribe me pills to deal with my jealousy of the man dating the hottest woman alive. See the cover shot, and a few more Kate Upton swimsuit issue pics for the fun of it after the jump.

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Yankees star Curtis Granderson building baseball field for his alma mater


University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) alum and current New York Yankee centerfielder (he also spent some time with the Detroit Tigers) Curtis Granderson has pledged the funding for a new multi-million dollar baseball stadium on the campus of UIC.  The facility will be home for Flames Baseball, but more importantly, is intended to serve area youth and the Chicago community.  Partnerships with Major League Baseball (MLB), Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and various youth organizations will provide access to the aptly named “Curtis Granderson Stadium” for a multitude of events.

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Ink dries on Chicago Cubs deal with Edwin Jackson


The Chicago Cubs and right-handed pitcher Edwin Jackson have agreed to terms on a four-year contract.  A Cubs source said that the deal is for $52 million; including an $8 million signing bonus with annual salaries of $11 million per year.

Jackson, 29, has pitched all or part of the last 10 major league seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers (2003-05), Tampa Bay (2006-08), Detroit (2009), Arizona (2010), the White Sox (2010-11), St. Louis (2011) and Washington (2012).  He has reached 31 or more starts in each of his last six seasons, has recorded double digits in wins in each of the last five seasons and has exceeded 180.0 innings pitched in each of the last five years, including three-straight seasons of 199.2 innings or more from 2009-11.

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Mike Trout Should Win the 2012 AL MVP

This writer is voting for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s Mike Trout for the AL MVP…PERIOD.  Why?  Let the debate continue!

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Chicago White Sox Will Win the AL Central

For the first time in almost a month, the White Sox share first place in the American League Central with the Detroit Tigers.  Now with the most optimism a White Sox fan with ulcers from the stresses of watching his team can muster, believes: The Chicago White Sox will win the AL Central.

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