Bulls Must Trade Rajon Rondo to Cavs; Potential Addition by Subtraction

rajon rondo

The NBA salary cap gets a ton of attention, but hardly anyone ever discusses the salary floor.

Rajon Rondo is a rare “salary floor casualty,” just like you have your traditional “salary cap casualties.”

In an organization that’s done a lot of “he brought in his guy” kind of maneuvers, Rajon Rondo (who will make $14,000,000 this season in year one of his two-year, $29 million contract) is not really anyone’s guy.

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NBA on Christmas Day: Full Schedule, Storied Tradition


It’s a tradition we’ve all come to know and love- the NBA on Christmas Day. 

The NFL has Thanksgiving. College basketball has St. Patrick’s Day. College Football has New Year’s Day, and they’re trying to claim New Year’s Eve as their own, but it’s going over like a lead balloon thus far. Boxing Day (December 26th) belongs to The English Premier League while Yuletide is one with the National Basketball Association.

On Sunday, Dec. 25, ABC and ESPN will combine to present over 13 consecutive hours of NBA action over five games. It’s the NBA on Christmas Day for the 15th consecutive year on ABC/ESPN. They don’t really have to compete with the NFL either. Obviously, the NFL owns Sunday, but this weekend most of their slate is on Saturday, Christmas Eve.

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We Should All Support Stan Van Gundy, Regardless of NBA Fandom

stan van gundy pistons

The following message is brought to you by a lifelong Chicagoan, member of the Chicago Bulls media corps and lifelong Bulls fan.

There was a time, not very long ago, when the Bulls’ biggest and fiercest rival was the Detroit Pistons. The rivalry still lives on to some extent today, just on much a smaller scale. I’m not saying Bulls fans need to trade in their red and black for red, white and blue of the Pistons, but they should support Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy.

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Is the NBA Catching Up to the NFL?


This week, the 2016 NBA season begins with 28 teams trying to figure out how to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, who are the favorites to win the title this year. While plenty of people will be making their picks next Thursday or their NFL picks on Sunday, one major question some people have been asking is will the NBA ever catch up to the NFL?

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MUFC Target Paul Pogba Plays Hoops in Full Lebron James Cavs Uniform

paul pogba

Paul Pogba, the midfielder who left Manchester United in 2012 is the hottest transfer rumor circulating in the Twitterverse, blogosphere, cyberspace and media world right now. Will his return to Old Trafford actually happen? Well, no one really knows, but plenty of media outlets claims to possess that knowledge every single day.

Here’s a link to the latest on that. Now on to the reason that we’re here. Pogba played a recreational game of basketball in a full Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

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Lebron James Offers to Play for Liverpool FC in USA Friendlies

oLeBron James

Fresh off bringing his home city their first championship in any sport in over 60 years, Lebron James is ready to tackle other obstacles. Well, kind of. The Cleveland Cavaliers small forward and greatest basketball player alive also happens to be a minority owner in Liverpool Football Club.

Since purchasing his shares in the club back in 2011, Lebron hasn’t been very publicly involved with the Reds. Although he did visit Anfield a couple years ago.

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Mo Williams Gifted Cavaliers Teammates with Extra Rare Whisky (Photo)

CLEVELAND-CAValiersS-LOGO-nba draft lottery

Cleveland doesn’t need to be Believeland any more, as faith has now become a realization. Next year is finally year as the Cleveland Cavaliers have finally ended the city’s infamous and well publicized 52 year drought. We are all witness as Lebron James and company brought those beliefs to fruition.

Now it’s time to celebrate! Cavaliers point guard Mo Williams gifted bottles of Crown Royal XR to the entire 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers roster.

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Believeland: Sweet Masochism for Cavaliers, Browns, Indians Fans


The ESPN Films 30 for 30 series is like eating pizza or having sex- it’s very difficult to get it wrong. Most of the time, the experience is very enjoyable. That said “Believeland,” the latest 30 for 30 entry, is a very solid entertaining viewing experience, and I’d rather watch Believeland again than just about anything else on television, but…..

…it falls a bit short by 30 for 30’s lofty standards, and it does so because it adheres way too strongly to the corporate culture and ethos of ESPN.

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Kyrie Irving gets Apology from Hotel over Bed Bugs

kyrie irving cavs

Kyrie Irving, and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, may not get much resistance from the Eastern Conference this postseason, but mother nature does have a secret weapon to stop Irving- bed bugs. The disgusting, tiny vermin are an under-the-radar clickbait topic. All of us sleep, have a bed, and hence bed bugs are like sharks: you don’t think about them a lot, but when they come up on the internet, you can’t help but click on the story.

Bed bugs are scary, and they’re not anything to mess around with.

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New Alex Morgan documentary produced by Lebron James


After the 2011 World Cup, Alex Morgan and Hope Solo were, from a public relations stand point, equals. After the 2015 World Cup, they couldn’t be more opposite. Disney XD will premiere their new documentary “Becoming: Alex Morgan,” a week from Sunday.

It’s Disney, so of courser, it’s an aspirational story, profiling the young American soccer superstar and Olympic gold medalist.

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Can the Cleveland Cavaliers bounce back in ’16?


After losing to Golden State Warriors in the 2015 NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers will be desperate to go one better and claim the NBA title in the 2015-16 season. The NBA title that has eluded Cleveland for so long was within their grasp last season but they fell 4-2 to the Warriors, who claimed their fourth NBA championship success. This year, the people of Cleveland have high hopes for their side and who could blame them? With the likes of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in the side, the Cavaliers will always be in with a chance of victory.

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Lebron James, Cavaliers not talking contract just yet

LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t worried at all about LeBron James returning. The King has said he will return to The Land, and his opt-hot this free agency period isn’t about leaving. James intends to keep signing short-term deals until the league pushes up the salary cap.

When that does happen in the next couple of years, Lebron James can sign a long term deal when the max contract is much more lucrative.

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