Cleveland Indians begin moving away from Chief Wahoo logo


Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, tweeted today that the Cleveland Indians have changed their primary logo to the Block C instead of Chief Wahoo. Lukas is an outspoken critic of the Chief Wahoo logo, and he added that the offensive cartoon will still be on Cleveland Indians jersey sleeves and home caps. This is a small change, but it is a very newsworthy change. The move to the Block C rather than Chief Wahoo seems like it will be a gradual one. No word yet either way from the Cleveland Indians themselves, but this appears to be the next step in a phasing out.
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Bob Costas halftime essay on Redskins, ethnic nicknames (video)

bob-costas-aaron hernandez

Bob Costas gave another halftime op-ed last night during the Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Football Team game. This was similar to the Bob Costas essay on gun control last season in that Bob Costas (rightfully so) mixed politics and sports. The next tangible event will be a meeting between the NFL and the Oneida Indian Nation tentatively set for November 22, but efforts are underway to accelerate that meeting

Bob Costas offered his candid and very respectful view of the the name controversy. Here’s the essay in full text, following the Bob Costas video.

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Cleveland Indians logo skewered by Native American group


The National Congress of American Indians published a powerful image that truly speaks for itself.

This visual juxtaposition rightfully skewers the Cleveland Indians logo, by effectively portraying its racially-charged stereotyping. The fictional Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians is an abomination, and this picture says it all.

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Cleveland Indians fans start ‘Detroit is Bankrupt’ chant (video)

detroit lions cheerleader

When you can’t beat someone on the field, what do you do? You bring up socioeconomic issues. Well, that is if you have no class and nothing is out of bounds for you. That’s what you. Cleveland Indians fan started a ‘Detroit is Bankrupt’ chant in the 9th inning last night. Pretty pathetic.

Watch the video from ABC 7 (Home of Detroit traffic reporter Erin Nicole by the way! Who the search engines seem to love so much!)

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White Sox Trade Rumors (Peavy, Rios, Ramirez)

Jake Peavy Chicago White Sox

As the July 31st Major League Baseball trade deadline looms, the White Sox are expected to move at least a couple of players including starting pitcher Jake Peavy.

What are the latest rumors? The Sportsbank has you covered.

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Cleveland Indians top prospect Francisco Lindor: #1 SS


As we’re just two weeks away from the MLB Trade Deadline, we’re looking at some of the biggest MILB prospect names that will be brought up by MLB GMs. Not saying any of these guys will be traded, but all of them will be talked about. Some are actually on the table; others are not.

The 8th overall pick in the 2011 MLB draft, shortstop Francisco Lindor is the next huge can’t miss prospect for the Cleveland Indians. Currently with the AA level Akron Aeros, I caught up to him at the 2011 Midwest League All-Star game. And yes, watching Low A baseball is WAY BETTER than watching the ESPYs. No question.

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Top 10 most redneck cities


In the words of redneck, actually I think it’s spelled: Rednex

“ain’t a been for Cotton Eye Joe I’d been married a long time ago, where did you come from where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton Eyed Joe?”

Jeff Foxworthy might have cornered the market on the term redneck, but we can still talk Dixie Chicks, shirtless driving season, Chelsea Lately, the people of rural Virginia, having dogs half the size of your porch and Waffle House. Just don’t make the mistake of equating redneck with NASCAR and NASCAR with redneck; I cover the sport so I know, you do not.

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Three ways to improve Major League Baseball


Ah, Major League baseball. When I write “three ways to improve Major League Baseball” what I really mean is “three ways to make baseball more like football.”  Sorry, major league baseball fans.  The National Pastime is past its prime and a distant second-string to the pigskin.  Don’t take it too hard.  It’s not like football is a sport; it’s a quasi-religion.  Heck, more Americans would rather watch a guy in a suit read names from a podium than catch another sport’s playoff game.

Major League Baseball will never be able to catch up to the NFL but it can close the gap.  After all, baseball, when the games really matter, is the most dramatic of all the sports.  Major League Baseball certainly has more substance than the NBA, tougher players than MLS (barely), and fewer franchises in inappropriate cities than the NHL.  Below are three ways the game of baseball can improve itself.

A word of warning to baseball purists, have your defibrillator ready.

(Guest post by Ryan Hogan)

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Chicago White Sox Will Win the AL Central

For the first time in almost a month, the White Sox share first place in the American League Central with the Detroit Tigers.  Now with the most optimism a White Sox fan with ulcers from the stresses of watching his team can muster, believes: The Chicago White Sox will win the AL Central.

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Indians Carlos Santana crashes into disgustingly obese Reds fan (photo)


Check out the disgusting southern Ohio gut on this Cincinnati Reds fan who got tackled by the Cleveland Indians Carlos Santana as he sought a foul ball. The Reds took the latest battle in the birthplace of aviation state showdown 12-5, but this buckeye bulge is brutal on the eyes.

This dude is in the same weight class as that 76ers fan who became semi-famous for awhile during the NBA playoffs a couple weeks ago.

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Hastily Made Cleveland Indians Ballpark Tourism Post


After Camden Yards, the second ballpark to really usher in the new era of baseball stadiums was Jacobs Field in Cleveland. The move away from cookie-cutter to retropark began in Baltimore, but Cleveland wasn’t very far behind. And I finally made the trek to Cleveland in July to see “the Jake” or “Progressive Field” as they now call it. But the trip wasn’t as much about the game, or Alex Rodriguez’s quest for 600* on that night, it was much more about the “social deck,” in left field.

And this game just also happened to be the same exact one in which a fan wore a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey to the game, acted like a douche to egg on the crowd, and got kicked out after causing a riot. So that was a story in itself.

Like my friend Peter Pattakos of Cleveland Frowns said “here, it’s not about this (pointing outward), it’s about this (points inward)” It’s true, in Cleveland it’s not about where you go, but who you’re with that matters.

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