Believeland: Sweet Masochism for Cavaliers, Browns, Indians Fans


The ESPN Films 30 for 30 series is like eating pizza or having sex- it’s very difficult to get it wrong. Most of the time, the experience is very enjoyable. That said “Believeland,” the latest 30 for 30 entry, is a very solid entertaining viewing experience, and I’d rather watch Believeland again than just about anything else on television, but…..

…it falls a bit short by 30 for 30’s lofty standards, and it does so because it adheres way too strongly to the corporate culture and ethos of ESPN.

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2017 NFL mock draft 5-20-16


A 2017 NFL mock draft? Yes, a 2017 mock. It’s never too early. However, it is still extremely early, thus the order was randomized and team needs were very lightly taken into account here, and in some cases not at all. The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

Enjoy the 2017 NFL mock draft, some player descriptions were filled in, others will be completed as we go along.

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Johnny Manziel: More a Sympathetic Character than You Think


Editor’s note: this Johnny Manziel feature article is by guest contributor Crissy Froyd

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was recently indicted on Class A misdemeanor charges. Ever since he began his NFL career, Manziel has been a victim of the media sensationalism, as all of mistakes have been magnified. If many of us were put to the same scrutiny that Manziel experiences, we might likely find ourselves in similar situations.

Countless athletes are just as “bad” as, or perhaps even “worse” than Manziel, but they simply do not find themselves brought forth into the limelight by the media. Therefore, their lifestyles are never exposed and criticized like Manziel’s is. 

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70 AWFUL, HORRIBLE NFL Draft Scouting Report Cliches


By this week, all the soundbites for every NFL draft prospect now run together into an indecipherable word salad. Actually, it all becomes gobbedly-gook well before this week, due to the over-usage of cliches. All the Draftniks do it:

Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, and Jon Gruden most of all. Gruden speaks with a much higher buzz word/NFL draft catch-phrase per sentence percentage than anyone. If I sat down and watched Gruden’s “QB Camp” show again, this list would be four times as long.

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2016 NFL Mock Draft 4-28-16 FINAL


Happy Draft Day!!!! This will be our penultimate 2016 NFL mock draft update, with the final version coming late this afternoon.  To get you ready for the draft, here’s a list of 40 NFL Draft buzzwords, catch-phrases and cliches that you’ll hear tonight, and all weekend, from the TV network draftniks.

“He can make all throws when you put him in space a hand in the round guy road grader space eater people mover who plays faster than his tape.”

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Cleveland Browns 2016 NFL Draft Mocksourcing


Cleveland Browns fans, Be sure to check out the main three NFL mock draft databases on the internet: Walter Football with 262 mocks included, Eat, Drink and Sleep Football and DC Pro Sports Report. With their help we did some “Mocksourcing.” you know like “Crowdsourcing” or “Twittersourcing.”

Complementing our own mock, we choose a few select mocks that we know have a great track record of being accurate. We only included mocks done by draftniks that we’ve worked closely with enough to trust the integrity of their work.

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Cleveland Browns: total overhaul coming again this offseason


Ah, the Cleveland Browns. No team’s fanbase is more engaged in the NFL Draft, year round, year in, year out, then this team. The Brownies fan club love themselves a good NFL mock draft; even in August. Of course, don’t mock another OT to the Browns because they’ll let you have in the comments section and/or on Twitter.

It’s because the Cleveland Browns are perpetually rebuilding and retooling. It seems like it’s always a makeover year on the shores of Lake Erie.

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2016 NFL mock draft 12-8-15


This 2016 NFL mock draft order is loosely based off the order derived at SB Nation. They took current record plus strength of schedule into account. We then made a few changes based on how current injuries could impact the team and their final season record.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account. We played fast and loose with that because it’s still quite early. So many of these picks are “Best player available.”

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Johnny Manziel comes from old money; affecting his motivation?


The Cleveland Browns are probably done with Quarterback Johnny Manziel, and if so, maybe no other NFL team takes a chance on him. Manziel has gotten better on the field lately, and the Browns did the right thing by promoting him to the starting role recently.

Then look what happened once Manziel assumed the QB1 role- more boozing, more trouble.

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Johnny Manziel Named Cleveland Browns QB1

Johnny Manziel brian hoyer

(Update: Cleveland Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine has named Johnny Manziel the starting quarterback for the rest of the season. We now update this post from Sunday afternoon, in which I made a strong take for Pettine to do exactly that)

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Johnny Manziel running out of NFL chances


It might be time to put a quarterback to the Cleveland Browns yet again in your NFL mock drafts. Johnny Manziel’s career in Cleveland could be in its last throes. If and when the Browns part ways with Johnny Manziel, where does he go next? His pro career might be in dire straits.

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Another critical year for Cleveland Browns QB position

Johnny Manziel brian hoyer

Brady Quinn. Brandon Weeden. Johnny Manziel. Drafting, and then re-drafting hopefully and potentially franchise QBs is what the Cleveland Browns do. What’s going to happen with Manziel? Is he going to buck the trend?

Or are we going to be talking about the Brownies drafting Connor Cook or Christian Hackenberg next year?

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