Johnny Manziel partying questions hilariously dismissed by Kevin Sumlin

Johnny Manziel kevin sumlin

Today is the second day of SEC Media Days, which now start earlier than ever, and also last longer than any media days in college football history. Even though the actual season is still six weeks away, I’m totally okay with this. Because this week has zero sports events. Instead of sports it has the ESPYs and the MLB All-Star festivities.

As you might expect, SEC Media Days of course featured a Johnny Manziel question or two, and Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin rightfully condescended to the reporters who asked about ESPN’s favorite football player.

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Cleveland Browns: the most interesting team in the world


With the NFL, there’s always a demand for discussion. In America, the NFL slaughters everything, while all other leagues are merely a niche sport. Even college football, which clearly comes in second, is a very distant second.

Anyway, let’s get this party started. We continue the never too early season preview series with the Cleveland Browns.

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Josh Gordon: positives outweigh the negatives?


The Cleveland Browns knew they’d be facing some tough choices this season, mostly having to do with whether veteran Brian Hoyer remains their starting QB for the year or if they do indeed turn the job over to fan-favorite Johnny Manziel.

The team also knew they’d likely have to find a committee of wide receivers to fill a void left by the pending suspension of star WR Josh Gordon after a 2nd failed drug test in the offseason.

Following more trouble from Gordon, a DWI arrest on July 5th, Cleveland could be facing another item to ponder altogether – do they cut the troubled superstar and prepare for life without him for good? [Read more...]

NFL Early Outlook: Cleveland Browns Quarterback Situation


Going into the 2014 NFL draft, all of the hype was surrounding Johnny “Football” Manziel. During college, Manziel became known for his ability to scramble out of the pocket and his ability to salvage plays that looked to be over. He was able to escape the pocket, beat out defensive end players, and often run the ball in for a touchdown. [Read more...]

NFL Early Outlook: CB Justin Gilbert and the Cleveland Browns


Last season, the Seattle Seahawks showed the world something that most NFL coaches already knew – defense is what really wins championships. After the Seahawks completely dismantled Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, the rest of the NFL became more focused on defensive players, and because of this, the Cleveland Browns are now a much better team. [Read more...]

Time to get excited about the Cleveland Browns; I’m not joking


The Cleveland Browns are going to be fun this year. No seriously. The Cleveland Browns. The same team you know and love, will be exciting, competitive and exciting this NFL season. I’m not being sarcastic. It’s more than Johnny Manziel, it’s a new regime, a fresh start, a really solid defensive backfield. And exciting receiving corps…provided they can refrain from getting arrested.

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ESPN’s Lebron, Manziel, Tebow over-coverage IS TOTALLY justified

Johnny Manziel

We’ve all made jokes about the excessive coverage of Johnny Manziel. And Lebron James. And Tim Tebow.

Specifically, we’ve been critical of ESPN in particular for their over-coverage of these three hugely polarizing figures. Because ESPN is….well, not only is it the most popular network on cable among men 18-34, it’s #1 with a bullet. It’s numbers are so big that the flagship program, SportsCenter, if it stood alone would still be the fifth most popular network all by itself.

So when you’re that big, you’re also a big target. And you and I have repeatedly enjoyed taking aim. But I’m telling you the excessive focus on certain personalities is justified, and warranted. I had a conversation with Stuart Scott and Steve Levy, in which they verified this idea.


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Johnny Manziel has yet to win over Cleveland Browns fan Condi Rice yet

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is winning over hearts and minds everywhere; even outside of Cleveland. However, that doesn’t include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Not yet anyway.

Condi Rice, a big sports fan, revealed her favorite athletes and more in an interview with OZY. Rice talked about what it’s like to be on the playoff committee and who could potentially turn her from a Browns fan to a Colts fan.

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Browns may not start Johnny Manziel; how he slid so far to them

Johnny Manziel

The 2014 NFL draft can be described as exciting and tense. This year, the draft drew nearly 14 million viewers, which was more than the NBA and NHL playoff games that were airing at the same time. This crowd was drawn because the media and the NFL have sensationalized Johnny “Football” Manziel over the last year. Many people were expecting Mr. Football to go first overall, and at worst, third overall; however, this was not the case. [Read more...]

NFL Free Agency Winners: Browns, Giants. Losers: Vikings, Bengals


With the bulk of NFL free agency completed, some teams have hope that they can win, and win big, this upcoming season with their new acquisitions. Other franchises, though, took a step back as they didn’t make a key move to help their teams improve this NFL free agency period.

Sure, there will still be some minor moves, but since nearly all of the major names made their move, here are the rising and falling squads in 2014.

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Rex Grossman might be the Cleveland Browns starting QB soon, seriously


Your next Cleveland Browns starting quarterback? Rex Grossman.

This is not a drill.

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Badgers Gary Andersen turned down the Cleveland Browns job


So the Cleveland Browns pretty much fired their entire front office today. Given the way the coaching search went, you can pretty much cue “Yakety Sax” (the Benny Hill theme song) to typify the Brownies organization (it’s embedded for you after the jump, so I can put it in your head) And now we find out that Wisconsin Badgers Coach Gary Andersen turned down the Cleveland Browns job as well.

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