Former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn attempting comeback


The NFL career of Brady Quinn is no more. potentially alive again.

According to NFL Media’s Dan Hanzus, Quinn has been working with former NFL quarterback Jeff Christensen, who has also worked with the likes of Drew Stanton and Kirk Cousins in the past.

Remember, he never made an official retirement statement. Yes, he made the decision to join Fox Sports last year; hanging up his cleats and picking up a microphone.

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Joe Buck talks about his Johnny Manziel critique


Joe Buck is an individual that a lot of people seem to have very strong opinions about. I’m not one of them, as I don’t find his work to be very polarizing. Versus Johnny Manziel, who is obviously “love ‘em or hate ‘em,” for obvious reasons. (Doing things like this is for instance)

You’ll remember back on December 15th, when Manziel made his very first NFL start; and he flopped badly.Joe Buck returned from a commercial break while broadcasting the first quarter of Seattle Seahawks versus San Francisco 49ers (neither team is the Cleveland Browns, the team Manziel plays for) and proceeded to RIP MANZIEL TO PIECES

YouTube below:

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PHOTO: Johnny Manziel flipping bird to bar hecklers


Good ol’ TMZ, they really know their click-bait. And is there any better NFL click-bait material than a photo of Cleveland Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel (likely drunk) and extending his middle finger to (also likely inebriated) hostile bar patrons?

The word is out now, for all opposing NFL teams, this is how you shut Johnny Manziel down. Les Miles and the Bayou Bengals provided the blue-print which the Cincinnati Bengals already copied. Hey, I would be defensive too.

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Formula to stop Johnny Manziel; provided by LSU


The Johnny Manziel hot takes are flying fast and furious right now, and some of them are truly SCORCHING HOT. And unless Manziel really takes a really long hard look at himself this offseason, his pro career will be over before you know it.

The blue print to stop Johnny Manziel is right there, hiding in plain sight. Les Miles and LSU figured it out in college, and the Cincinnati Bengals copied it. In his only NFL start, Manziel was atrocious, and it’s because the Bengals did their best impression of the Bayou Bengals, and it worked to a tee!

Johnny Manziel brian hoyer

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Rex Grossman turns down Browns; has Xmas plans with in-laws


Your next Cleveland Browns starting quarterback?

Not Rex Grossman. Christmas plans with the in-laws was more important than leading the Brownies in their final garbage time game of the 2014 NFL season. Rex Grossman would literally go kite-surfing over the Yuletide than collect a week’s pay from Cleveland.

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VIDEO: Daily Show applauds Browns WR Andrew Hawkins


Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Andrew Hawkins is yet another example of how athletes can make excellent activists. Hawkins statement calling for justice for the family of Tamir Rice is yet another example of why more athletes should express their opinions on sociopolitical issues.

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Johnny Manziel “hot takes” SCORCHING your eyes and ears

Johnny Manziel brian hoyer

No matter how Johnny Manziel played yesterday, you knew the reaction was going to be SO EXTREME DUDE! Manziel was abominable, so now all the “he’s a total bust” and “he’ll never play at this level” hot takes are streaming in. Had Johnny Manziel thrown for 300+ yards and 4 TDs and the Cleveland Browns won, then we’d all be subjected to “he’s the new Russell Wilson, RIGHT NOW!” type of hot takes.

Fox Announcer Joe Buck took time out of his calling a NFL game two time zones away to rip Manziel (video here). NBC’s Peter King seemed to have cracked some mysterious code that no other NFL scout could. King claims to have the blueprint which all opposing Defensive Coordinators can now copy.


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Brian Hoyer, not Johnny Manziel, will and should start


Yes, Brian Hoyer is slumping as of late. But also remember that Hoyer won all these games for Cleveland as well. They’ve greatly exceeded expectations, and find themselves in playoff position thanks to Brian Hoyer. However, we get it: Johnny Manziel drives ratings, page views, sports talk call-ins, social media buzz, Klout scores, Q Ratings, etc. etc. But Manziel is not the path to winning right now.

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Josh Gordon: have we seen the end of his character issues?

cleveland Browns josh-gordon

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon likely knows that he’s running out of chances in the NFL. Gordon just came off a suspension (which was probably too harsh, maybe a bit Draconian) and is active again, giving Brian Hoyer that vertical threat the Brownies offense desperately needs. The Browns have had a pleasantly surprising season, and Josh Gordon would be a welcome addition.

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Browns QB Brian Hoyer will get $8-12m per year in open market

Hoyer and Pettine

(Cleveland’s Brian Hoyer, Update from The NFL Today)


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Johnny Manziel NOT ready to start, sorry marketers, ESPN


As much as the publicists, marketers and agents want Johnny Manziel to be a true NFL superstar right this second. Sorry, he’s not there yet. Cleveland Browns Coach Mike Pettine is making the right call here- Brian Hoyer should start. When I say marketers and publicists, I am speaking about ESPN and NFL Network as well.

When it comes to the Man ZEAL that Bristol, ConnectiCleveland has for Manziel, they are essentially his marketing and publicity agents, they are not reporting on him.

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Cleveland Browns aren’t exactly who you thought they were


Stifle your laughter: the Cleveland Browns may actually be good this year. Yes, those Cleveland Browns. The ones who have exactly two winning seasons since their rebirth in 1999. This might be their year.

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