Badgers Gary Andersen turned down the Cleveland Browns job


So the Cleveland Browns pretty much fired their entire front office today. Given the way the coaching search went, you can pretty much cue “Yakety Sax” (the Benny Hill theme song) to typify the Brownies organization (it’s embedded for you after the jump, so I can put it in your head) And now we find out that Wisconsin Badgers Coach Gary Andersen turned down the Cleveland Browns job as well.

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Your new Cleveland Browns Coach is Mike Pettine


Adam Gase pulled out of the Cleveland Browns coach derby Tuesday, meaning your next Cleveland Browns Coach is? Mike Pettine Jr. Reports claim he will officially be announced as the next Cleveland Browns coach by the end of the day. Therefore, the next Cleveland Browns coach will not be Dirk Koetter.

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PHOTO: Cleveland Browns WR Davone Bess holding a joint


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Davone Bess posted a picture of himself holding a blunt, or “joint.” That’s a “marijuana cigarette” for our readers with little to no recreational drug knowledge. He’s also holding that blunt next to an homage to Bob Marley, who was known for, among other things, smoking a blunt or two in his day.

Davone Bess had the day off from the Brownies, and it looks like he’s going to get a lot more time off from the Browns, but not the kind of time off an NFL player would be looking for.

Fun times in Cleveland again, still Cleveland! C’mon down to Cleveland town everyone.

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Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns brutally honest preview


The Chicago Bears head to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Fun times in Cleveland again! Still Cleveland! C’mon down to Cleveland town everyone! Peyton Hillis isn’t even on the Cleveland Browns anymore. Yet I went with that picture anyway. Because it’s funny. Look at him dancing. Don’t you want to get up and dance when you think about this game? It’s party time, it’s a great opportunity for the Bears to go 8-6 and get right back into the playoff race.

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New NFL Draft movie focuses on Cleveland Browns; stars Jennifer Garner


Hey, there’s an NFL Draft movie in the works! It’ll probably be the best movie featuring the NFL Draft since “Jerry Maguire.” It’ll probably also be the worst NFL Draft movie since Jerry Maguire. I know that was really a thinly-disguised “chick flick” and buddy picture about an Arizona Cardinals WR and his agent, but I’m really stretching to think of any other NFL Draft movie.

Hollywood has overlooked this topic for some reason. Don’t they understand how much us sports bloggers obsess with this topic during the month of April? So I was excited when I heard about this project on the Tribune news wires.

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Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon: narcotics offenses and receiving records


Josh Gordon is the name you need to know as the Cleveland Browns get ready to host the Chicago Bears on Sunday. He was relegated to the Supplemental Draft, so only Browns fans and fantasy owners knew who he was before he had his raucous record re-writing receiving rampage in mid-season this year. He’s obscure no more as Josh Gordon has been the darling of this fantasy football season.

Of course, we’ll stop the fantasy football talk right there because you know how much I care about that stuff. I like pre-conference college basketball, no one else does. Lots of people like fantasy football, I do not.

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Brady Quinn lives! Stl. Rams desperate enough to sign him


The NFL career of Brady Quinn lives on! For at least another team. The St. Louis Rams have decided to bring aboard veteran and former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn. To make room on the active roster, the Rams will release offensive lineman Brandon Washington and place starting quarterback Sam Bradford on injured reserve.

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Two former Notre Dame stars cut from NFL teams in same day


(Update: Cierre Wood cut due to smoking weed, reports say)

Today was a bad day for Notre Dame fans. Both the starting tailback on the 2012 National Title game team and the QB1 on the most recent Notre Dame BCS team prior to last year. Yes, if you forgot Brady Quinn was still in the NFL you’re not alone. Quinn’s NFL career is now over, as the New York Jets cut him today.

But as Sports Bank Blackhawks and St. Louis Cardinals writer Jeff Hicks said, “when did his NFL career ever start?”

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Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns: brutally honest preview

aaron rodgers vs. browns

The Green Bay Packers have clawed their way back to being one of the powers in the NFC conference with two straight impressive wins following a 1-2 start to the season.

Now the question remains if they have enough left on the roster after injuries ravaged the wide receiver and linebacker positions.

A team who would love to capitalize on the Packers’ current problem and keep surprising doubters in the AFC North is the Cleveland Browns. [Read more...]

Cleveland Browns should start Brian Hoyer from here on out


“Spartans Will!”

Brian Hoyer, former Michigan State Spartans QB, threw for 321 yards and 2 TDs in leading the Cleveland Browns over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Hoyer wasthe Browns 19th different starting QB since 1999, the most in the NFL over that span. Brian Hoyer, a undrafted free agent out of Michigan St. (yes, I brought up MSU a second time) had previously played for the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cardinals.
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Trent Richardson learned he was traded from newsradio


The Trent Richardson trade proves just how dumb the Cleveland Browns front office really is. Cleveland fans better get to know their college football Saturdays  because the Brownies just dealt one of their franchise cornerstones before week three. By dealing Trent Richardson for a first round pick, they’ve conceded the 2013 season.

And the Indianapolis Colts showed they’re ready to contend for the whole enchilada; in a very wide open AFC. As Cleveland heads into the 2014 NFL Draft they will have multiple picks in the first, third and fourth rounds and almost certainly will target a new quarterback. And I guess a new running back too.

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Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden: make or break season

brandon-weeden-melanie weeden

For quarterback Brandon Weeden, it’s put up or shut up time. The Cleveland Browns will either invest in him long term after this season, or move on.

Unfortunately for Brandon Weeden, he has Norv Turner as his offensive coordinator; but at least Weeden doesn’t have Turner as his head coach. So he has that going for him, which is nice. The 2014 NFL Draft class is LOADED at quarterback- Teddy Bridgewater, AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray, David Fales, Johnny Manziel (if you’re the riverboat gambler of all insane riverboat gaming NFL GMs), so if the Brownies tank and Weeden is terrible, the options for starting over again are right there.

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