Chicago Bears vs NY Jets: game preview, prediction


This match-up looks like kind of a disaster for the Chicago Bears and this is why:

NY Jets: #1 run offense, #1 run defense

Chicago Bears: #29 run offense, #25 run defense

Yep, easy to figure out what the focus will be for both coaching staffs this week as they get there usual three hours of sleep per night from September to January.

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Colin Kaepernick allegedly N-bombed Bears DE Lamar Houston


National Football League officials seem to think that San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick used the N-word on Chicago Bears Defensive End Lamar Houston last Sunday night in the Bears win at the Niners. This despite the fact that both Houston and Kaepernick said that he did not.

This was reported this morning on Fox NFL Sunday.

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Jay Cutler to showcase his personality Friday night


Jay Cutler isn’t exactly known for being an entertaining character with a whole lot of charisma. He doesn’t exactly “win the press conference” all that often. It explains why he doesn’t have a ton of endorsements and likely doesn’t have a future in broadcasting once his playing days are done. However, with his new contract, neither nor his kids and grand kids will ever have to work.

Jay put in a great effort in the second half Sunday night in the win at the San Francisco 49ers. He was dominant on the field. Off the field, well you can evaluate his performance there Friday night.

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Brandon Marshall: Professional Victim

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall has done so much to rehab his image and rehab as a human being. Today erased all of that.

Marshall decided to speak on the current state of the NFL and talk about a few issues concerning him. A recent piece on ESPN’s “E:60” and Gloria Allred’s Wednesday press conference empowered the Chicago Bears wide receiver to speak Thursday afternoon.

That decision was a mistake.

What could have been a perfect moment to use his rehabilitation into a functioning member of the NFL after poor life choices turned into a session of victim-blaming and ranting. Marshall was openly bashing ESPN even though he does a weekly radio show on their Chicago affiliate, WMVP-AM 1000. [Read more...]

Bears WR Brandon Marshall featured on NFLN’s “A Football Life”


Brandon Marshall has truly become the face of the Bears franchise. Now he will get even more promotion this Friday when he is the subject of NFL Network’s “A Football Life.”

Here’s a scene:

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Brian Urlacher resigns from TV Broadcast gig


Brian Urlacher couldn’t reach a deal this summer with the Chicago Bears, or any other NFL team, in 2013, but he did land a television broadcasting job with Fox Sports 1. Urlacher turned down the small offer the Bears presented him, but no other team was willing to match or outspend Chicago for #54.

Now Brian Urlacher has turned down the opportunity to continue being an analyst on Fox Football Daily on Fox Sports 1; alongside Curt Menefee, Jay Glazer, Ronde Barber and others.

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Mike Ditka’s stance on the Adrian Petersen child abuse case is predictably Ditka


If Mike Ditka hadn’t already officially moved into the Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Donald Trump category of right win loons, then today was his official initiation. If Da Coach wasn’t already a member of the Screaming A. Smith, Skip Bayless category of sports pundits, those say things that no sensible person believes, likely themselves even, then he arrived there this morning.

Yes, Ditka is now in the “say anything and everything just to stay relevant” crowd.

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Chicago Bears vs S.F. 49ers: brutally honest preview


You already know how Jay Cutler usually plays in prime time games. His record and statistics in prime time contests during his Chicago Bears career speaks for itself. You also know how the San Francisco 49ers have a balanced ground attack. Match that up against the Bears run defense which is….well, you know.

So what could happen Sunday Night in the weekly prime time battle, the first regular season contest ever at Levi Stadium?

Take it away Carrie Underwood. Let’s get the Jim Harbaugh bowl party started!

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Deion Sanders, Bill Cowher agree Bears run defense still bad


Why did the favored Chicago Bears lose to the lowly Buffalo Bills at home Sunday? They gave up 193 yards rushing and 5.3 yards per rush to the AFC East’s perennial cellar dweller. These numbers are even worse than last year, when the Bears defense was historically bad.

Deion Sanders addressed this issue on NFL Network Gameday Final. Seeing this statement on the program, and also noticing that the Bills were getting a first down with every two carries, I brought this up yesterday.

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Peanut Tillman: media’s fault people think Chris Conte is bad at football


“Blaming the media for being bad at football” season started early this year. Kickoff week to be exact. Chicago Bears cornerback Peanut Tillman blamed the media for who fellow defensive back Chris Conte is perceived. Charles Tillman and the Bears suffered a disgraceful home loss to the lowly Buffalo Bills today. It’s the Bears first opening week loss in five years, and Buffalo’s first ever win at Soldier Field.

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Jay Cutler ripped by former Bills Linebacker London Fletcher


Former Buffalo Bills Linebacker London Fletcher took some shots this morning at quarterback Jay Cutler on his NFL Sunday morning talk show. On “TOPS: That Other Pregame Show” on CBS Sports Network, Fletcher says Cutler’s Chicago Bears teammates really don’t like him. He also pointed how Cutler just doesn’t care and that his arrogance and attitude rubs people the wrong way.

Not good qualities to have in a supposed team leader; especially one who is the highest paid player in the NFL this year, at $22.5 million, or $1.4 million per game.

The transcript:

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Jay Cutler will be the NFL MVP, says Michael Irvin


With apologies to Jay-Z, Jay Cutler is “playing monopoly with real cash.” #CuttyDoesIt will be the highest paid player in the NFL this season, a million dollars more than Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons(source: Roster Management System, via ESPN). “Jay day” became payday largely due to the lackluster history of Bears quarterbacking.

I did a story on this exact topic that made the cover of Thursday’s RedEye. I suggest you check it out here, as it has exclusive conversations with the biggest national media names covering the NFL this season. I had some 1-on-1s with a few NFL Hall of Famers, who gave me their take on what Jay Cutler expectations should be.

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