2017 NFL Mock Draft 2-14-17


Time for another 2017 NFL mock draft update, as the NFL offseason is officially here.

The Sports Bank is the only independently owned, mom and pop on the internet with a mock draft for the top four American professional sports leagues. Be sure to check out our 2017 NFL mock draft, 2016 NBA mock draft, 2016 MLB mock draft and 2016 NHL mock draft.

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Martellus Bennett Only Patriot Speaking Up Against Trump, Not “Sticking to Sports”


New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett is as colorful a character as any in the NFL. He’s also among the most courageous and socially active. It’s hard to root against anyone with that both that much personality and qualities deserving of admiration.

As Nancy Armour of USA Today reported, the point of Media Day sessions are to talk without ever saying anything. To meet the press, and give them very little, if any, soundbites of actual news value. For Super Bowl Media week, those “goals” are magnified.

It gets kicked up a notch when you have the Patriots in the bowl, because “The Patriot Way” is to always speak to all media members in worthless coachspeak cliches and meaningless Bradyspeak platitudes.

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12 Potential Chicago College Football Bowl Game Names


With the idea of bringing a college football bowl game to Chicago gathering steam, we penned an op-ed on this idea for the Chicago Tribune RedEye edition. You can read it in full over at this link, and we excerpted part of the introduction below:

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2017 NFL mock draft 12-22-16


In our 2017 NFL mock draft, we based the order on the actual current order as of December 21st, with some good help from our friends at NFL Trade Rumors.

Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, as team needs are a very fluid situation. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Season’s Greetings, Happy Kwanza, Joyous Hannukah, Joy Noel, Make the Yuletide gay and a warm festivus for the rest of us.

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Jay Cutler Done in 2016, Likely in Chicago Too, We Mean it this Time


As the last days of 2013 winded down the future of Jay Cutler was in limbo. When his Chicago Bears blew a regular season finale that functioned as a playoffs play-in game versus the Green Bay Packers, his season was over and his contract was up. Then came reports he might not be staying, followed by Cutler himself talking that potential talk in press opportunities.

Perhaps it was just agent-driven posturing, maybe it was legitimate, maybe it was a little of both, but it certainly worked as the Chicago Bears realized what they might lose and therefore locked up with a monster contract as they ushered in 2014.

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Reports: John Fox on Hot Seat, Jay Cutler Exit Not Inevitable


In the words of Tribe Called Quest, “here we go yo, here we go yo, so what so what so what’s the scenario” with the Chicago Bears moving forward?

We’ve heard all about outside consultants coming in to evaluate the organization from top to bottom.

We’ve heard the pressure could be ramping up on both Head Coach John Fox and General Manager Ryan Pace. We’ve heard Jay Cutler could be done for the season, due to a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, and thus also finished as a Chicago Bear because he’s supposedly out the door once the season is over.

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Interest in the Chicago Bears as Low as It’s Ever Been

Chicago Bears nfl mock draft

Today was more than just one of those @EmptySeatPics kind of days at Soldier Field. It was a people will break into your house in order to leave you Chicago Bears tickets kind of days. The lakefront stadium had a “oh, what time is the game?”

“Well, what time can you get here” kind of Sundays. I guess people in Chicago were still focused on Black Friday sales. Here take a look:

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Chicago Bears Among Seven Potential Tony Romo Landing Spots


Remember when Drew Bledsoe got “Bledsoed” by Tom Brady back in 2001? Then he got Bledsoed again several years later by Tony Romo? You might remember when Romo himself then got Bledsoed, or now we can say Romoed; because it just happened.

While injured, Romo lost his starting gig to Dak Prescott, who’s an early front-runner for the NFL MVP award. Prescott has led the Dallas Cowboys to a 9-1 record, placing them a peg or two above a National Football League that is mostly overflowing with mediocrity.

It’s Prescott’s team now, which means Romo needs to move on in 2017.

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The NFL Fully Deserves Their Massive TV Ratings Decline

roger-goodell nfl

Perhaps now the NFL has become an Icarus; it’s flown too close to the sun. The National Football League has been top dog in America by such a wide margin for so long that league hubris has become unbearable. They just went too far: with both the over-expanding and the unapologetic attitude persistently conveyed.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been vociferously booed every single time he graces the stage at the NFL Draft for years, and it is one million percent deserved.

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Lovie Smith “Miserable” with Illini Claims ESPN, Coach Responds

lovie smith

All bets are off with Lovie Smith and the Illini football program; both literally and figuratively. The line for Michigan State at Illinois on November 5th opened briefly with the Spartans as 9 1/2 point favorites, but then quickly went off the boards. There is no spread, at all, on the game at any major leading sport book right now.

Vegas simply does not mess around. They are all business so when instances like this occur, something is definitely up.

That something might be Smith being “miserable” in Champaign according to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg.

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John Fox, Chicago Bears Front Office Reportedly All on Hot Seat


So this is why Chicago Bears Head Coach John Fox has been more condescending and ornery than usual to the media this season.

He’s worried about his job. Fox, even been his standards and those of the Bears organization, has acted more defensive and stand-offish towards the press in 2016 and you can bet the warming temperature of his seat has a lot to do with that.

It’s reportedly not just John Fox, but also General Manager Ryan Pace and the Bears front office who are being intensely re-evaluated at this point. If they don’t impress the outside consultant evaluator, a pink slip could be coming in the near future.

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Jay Cutler Exiting Chicago? Signs Point that Direction


There’s a saying in the National Football League- “new regimes mean new quarterbacks.” The phrase applies to new head coaches or new general managers; and sometimes when you get a combo platter at those positions. We’re in year two of the General Manager Ryan Pace/Head Coach John Fox era for the Chicago Bears.

Pace/Fox didn’t get to bring in their own signal caller when they took over because there was still a ton of money owed to Jay Cutler at the time.

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