Jay Cutler: NFL Comeback Player of the Year Favorite


Jay Cutler and his famous for being famous wife welcomed their third and soon-to-not-be-vaccinated child into this world yesterday. That poor kid; I’m so thankful this thanksgiving that I had parents who believe and accept basic physical science. Anyway, while Saylor James Cutler’s arrival was burning up the online media heat maps yesterday, there’s actually another, more football related Jay Cutler story in the works.

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Jay Cutler, K-Cav welcome 3rd child; Anti-Vaxxer Jokes Ensue


There’s a third Cutlet in the world now. Enter Saylor James Cutler. This is the third child of Chicago Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler and Famous for Being famous Kristin Cavallari. The couple already have two sons, Camden and Jaxon.

K-Cav made the announcement on her Instagram profile posting a photo of Saylor’s pink outfit and pink bow. Soon after, social media blew up. As you might expect, given how polarizing these two individuals are, Twitter was pretty ruthless.

Hey, if you don’t believe in science, then it’s fair game. Vaccinations work. They’re not something you can choose to “believe in.”

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Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos: more series memories


With the Chicago Bears playing host to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, we have been revisiting memorable meetings between the two franchises.

The Bears spoiled the Broncos’ 1981 playoff chances and rudely welcomed John Elway to the NFL in 1983 and 1984.

Elway struck back with cardiac wins against the Bears in 1987 and 1996.

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Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos: more memorable moments


The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears series has produced a long line of memorable moments, and we anticipate more this Sunday.

Previously, we reminisced about the Bears’ shellacking of the Broncos in the final week of the 1981 regular season, leaving Denver’s playoff hopes on Lake Michigan’s thinnest ice.  We also revisited the Bears’ demolition of Denver and a young John Elway in the 1983 and 1984 seasons.

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Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos: memorable moments


The Chicago Bears (4-5) and Denver Broncos (7-2) square off this Sunday, the Bears buoyed by two consecutive road wins and the Broncos having lost two straight games and facing the prospect of being without QB Peyton Manning for an extended period of time if not for the rest of the season.

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2016 NFL mock draft 11-17-15

nfl draft town 2016 nfl mock draft

This 2016 NFL mock draft order, #1-#10 at least, is derived from Niners Nation, the 49ers community on SB Nation. They took current record plus strength of schedule to determine the top ten.

Picks #22-#32 were based on a composite of current NFL power rankings. Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account. We played fast and loose with that because it’s still quite early. So many of these picks are “Best player available.”

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Chicago Bears vs. St. Louis Rams: More Memorable Series Moments


In anticipation of the Chicago Bears’ and St. Louis Rams’ game this Sunday, we have been revisiting some of the most memorable moments of this longstanding series.

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Chicago Bears-St. Louis Rams: memorable series moments

Fresh off their come-from-behind win against the San Diego Chargers, the Bears (3-5) make the short trek to St. Louis to take on the Rams (4-4) this Sunday.

Today, we will begin revisiting some of the more memorable moments from a series that dates back to 1937.

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Bears icon Mike Singletary subject of next “A Football Life”

singletary boxers

Mike Singletary, yes Mike Singletary came up again in the NFL coaching carousel this past December. Unfortunately, Mr. boxer shorts, the man who now owns “cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them, can’t DO IT!” was ultimately deemed not hot enough of a coaching prospect and he remains out of coaching since 2010.

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Jay Cutler paid 45% income tax this past year

jay cutler

It’s been quite a half season for Jay Cutler. His team is still awful, but at least he’s re-writing the Chicago Bears passing record book. You can say without hyperbole that he’s the greatest passer in Bears history, and the Cutty Love is now going national. Seriously, the national pundits are now singing the Jay Cutler praises.

Opening the door to a very different, but still really interesting story pitch I got this week.

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Chicago Bears vs. S.D. Chargers: Most Memorable Moments part 2


In preparation for Monday evening’s game between the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers, we have been revisiting some of the most memorable moments in this interconference series. On Thursday, we featured three games between the two teams and discussed some interesting storylines connecting the franchises.

Today, we follow suit in highlighting three more.

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Chicago Bears vs S.D. Chargers: most memorable moments


Monday might,  the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers will meet for the 12th time during the regular season.   To try to ratchet up the excitement for a game between teams with a combined record of 4-11, we will highlight six memorable clashes, starting with three today, between the two clubs and also discuss some quixotic coincidences that link the two franchises.

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