Landon Collins to Chicago Bears at draft pick #9?


It’s always NFL Draft season to me. 365 days a year, I enjoy a good NFL mock draft. For the rest of the world though, NFL Draft season begins once their team is eliminated from playoff contention. Therefore, Raiders and Jaguars fans see draft season begin for them in September. Chicago Bears fans have seen draft season begin much earlier that usual in 2014.

As we think about the Bears franchise overhaul, let’s think about their first round draft pick too. How about Alabama Safety Landon Collins?

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Six most popular Jay Cutler stories of 2014


2014 ends in just 13 days! We have lots of year end “best of” listicles to get to, so we kick things off today with newly benched Chicago Bears quarterbacks Jay Cutler. He’ll sit Sunday, as Jimmy Clausen takes the reins versus the Detroit Lions. The NFL’s highest paid player has now been benched for a guy who is a real life continuation of what would happen to J.D. McCoy on Friday Night Lights after graduation from high school.

So here are the five most popular Jay Cutler stories on The Sports Bank, with unique visitor totals displayed.

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Bears and Brandon Marshall (yes, him too) must part ways

Brandon Marshall kyle long

Embattled and currently injured Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall certainly needs to be a part of the upcoming Chicago Bears house cleaning.

Because he’s hurt, and therefore in the background right now, we forget that he’s also yet another personality contributing to the systemic problems in Halas Hall. Marshall wore out his welcome with two teams (Miami and Denver) before he got to Chicago. And after that embarrassing home loss to one of his former teams, (the Dolphins) and the fracas that ensued afterward, it became clear that B Marsh needs to part ways with his current team as well.

So let’s cover the whole revamping that we’re likely to see once Black Monday gets here in 11 days.

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Jimmy Clausen is what happened to J.D. McCoy after Friday Night Lights ended


In honor of the Chicago Bears signing Jimmy Clausen to serve as a back-up to Jay Cuter, I’m re-publishing running this article from April 21st, 2010.

Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen and his so-called character issues, are truly just fabrications when you break them down. In the Draft evaluation process, scouts and NFL “cognoscenti” alike said he was immature and void of leadership skills.

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Jimmy Clausen will start over Jay Cutler on Sunday


Jimmy Clausen will start at Quarterback for the Chicago Bears this Sunday, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Yes, that Jimmy Clausen.

The same Jimmy Clausen that choose his college by having an elaborate signing ceremony at the College football Hall of Fame. If the Bears quarterback situation was a nuclear power plant, we’ve moved past Three Mile Island and we’re rapidly approaching Chernobyl. This isn’t just a core reactor leak; this is explosion and subsequent nuclear winter fallout level of dysfunction.

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Jay Cutler: Bears options, costs of jettisoning him

jay-cutler-terry-bradshaw-aaaron-kromer-marc trestman

You’re just going to have to accept this fact Chicago Bears fans: Jay Cutler will be here. For at least another year. Maybe in 2016 they can write him a nice fat check and he’ll go away, but for now the Bears are stuck with him. Move over Alfonso Soriano, Ben Wallace and Jaime Navarro, we have a brand new “all time worst signing in Chicago sports history.”

As bas as those three previous deals were, the Jay Cutler contract is worse than all three of those combined.

As we chronicled before, if the Bears trade Jay Cutler, they will save $12.5 million against the cap next year. Good luck finding a trading partner though. So with the help of NFL trade rumors, we look at other Jay Cutler options.

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

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Bears will fire Marc Trestman; Phil Emery’s future in doubt


It appears Chicago Bears Coach Marc Trestman is done for; and GM Phil Emery is on the rocks.  The Chicago Tribune’s Bears reporter Rich Campbell posted a transcript of Phil Emery’s interview with WBBM before last night’s hot mess versus the New Orleans Saints. Emery discussed the Aaron Kromer drama and his comments about Trestman indicate that the so-called “quarterback whisperer” will be jettisoned.

You can read the transcript here. h/t Chi City Sports. However, this idea that Marc Trestman is going to be dismissed actually originates with the local CBS affiliate.

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Why Aaron Kromer is still employed by the Chicago Bears

aaron kromer

Here’s an update on the Aaron Kromer, Jay Cutler and Marc Trestman drama with the Chicago Bears, and it comes from the man who first reported the news that started it all, NFL Network “Insider” Ian Rapoport. The use of the word “insider” has beaten to death so badly, that the word itself it bastardized to the point of having lost all meaning. Basically, it works like this: teams/leagues/players/coaches leak their info to the broadcast rights holders first, about 90% of the time.

Each network designates a personality to be that team/league’s “insider” for show business purposes. Remember media is show business. It’s not a news business. So unless you’re one of these TV personalities who works for an outlet in bed with the league/team you’re not an insider. Period.

With that established, let’s move on to the Aaron Kromer saga:

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Latest Chicago Bears drama turns season into tragic farce

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler


(Update on this situation, via Rapoport on 12-14-14)

For the 2014 Chicago Bears, tragedy has become farce. With the Aaron Kromer versus Jay Cutler he said, he said, tragedy has become comedy. So it’s comedically tragic. Or tragically comedic. Or tragicomedy, or…..well, just when you were ready to check out of the ’14 Chicago Bears season, they keep pulling you back in. However, for all the wrong reasons.

Today’s media availability for Jay Cutler, Marc Trestman, Aaron Kromer etc. could be very interesting.

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VIDEO: Jay Cutler hilariously lampooned in music video

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler draws a large amount of ire from Chicago Bears nation. Much of it is fair, but a lot of it is not. Bears fans love to give Cutler less of the credit than he actually deserves, and more of the blame than he truly deserves. It’s partially because he reminds them of Billy Czapka, a villain in quite a few ’80s movies.

Of course, being the highest paid player in the NFL brings with it certain expectations and responsibilities, and Jay Cutler has failed massively in living up to that. $22.3 million should buy you an MVP; or at least 35 TDs, 4,000 yards passing, at least a long run deep into the playoffs. Cutler has not come even remotely close to being worth the exorbitant price tag, and his biggest let-down has been in the leadership department.

Therefore, a parody music video such as this was inevitable.

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2014 Chicago Bears: seven things that actually went right

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

Chicago Bears, way to be disappointing. The 2014 season wasn’t supposed to go like this. Chicago’s record is 5-8, and because of tiebreakers and other fancy stuff, the Bears are mathematically eliminated from postseason contention. The players will “play for pride their jobs the final three games. That is all well and good for them, but it’s also clear that losing out and getting a better draft pick is the best case scenario at this point.

The list of what went wrong this season is far too long for your attention span right now. You have checked out of this Chicago Bears season, so the only Bears related content you can enjoy at this point is something quick and to the point.

Here’s what actually went right this regular season.

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What Chicago can do about Jay Cutler buyer’s remorse

chicago-bears-jay-cutler-brandon marshall

(Update on this situation, via Rapoport on 12-17-14)

We crunched the numbers now, following the Saints loss and we looked at all the scenarios for getting rid of Jay Cutler, this is what it would cost. Of course, the Chicago Bears also have to pay good money to Coach Marc Trestman, to make him walk away. Which they have every intention of doing on “Black Monday,” reports concur.  Even Bears GM Phil Emery has job insecurity.

Both fairly and unfairly, Quarterback Jay Cutler has been the scapegoat for the Chicago Bears failings much of this season. Bears nation has directed a lot of their vitriol towards him (as well as Marc Trestman and Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker, who could likely be dismissed soon) for an abysmal season that’s been a complete team effort. Or lack there of. If you have to single out somebody, usually the blame falls on the quarterback.

Again, Cutler has been kind of unfairly criticized. He’s done his job as a passer- as his stats have been as impressive as you could expect from him. You can’t blame Jay Cutler for all of the running game’s issues either.

Obviously, the biggest problem is the defense, and that is obviously not Cutler’s fault.

(Update: Cutler and Bears Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer at odds, Kromer has emotional admission that he leaked the info. How this latest Bears drama affects the future direction of the franchise)

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