Bears 1st round pick Kevin White could miss the entire season


As if the Chicago Bears needed any more challenges to overcome this season. Their rookie wide receiver, Kevin White, the 7th overall draft pick out of West Virginia will miss at least the first six games. His current shin injury is a stress fracture, and it will require surgery, according to Bears General Manager Ryan Pace.

Pace also said Saturday that it’s possible White could miss the entire 2015 season. White will start the season on the PUP list, which is a lot less warm and cuddly than it sounds.

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Another hilarious drunk Jay Cutler story emerges from the past


It’s football talking season again, and you what that means- time for the same Jay Cutler narratives. “Make or break,” “Now or never,” “do or die,” “now he has the right coach/coordinator/weapons around him/protection in front of him to succeed.” These Jay Cutler stories are all closely related to the “all the pieces are now in place for Jay Cutler to finally reach a level of production commensurate with his natural abilities” bit.

We heard all of these in 2013, then again in 2014. I even wrote a few myself. But at this point, I’d rather read another “Jay Cutler is Jeff George” hot take (there are plenty of those out there already) then any of the aforementioned pitches.

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NFLN’s Erin Coscarelli previews the Chicago Bears season

erin coscarelli

Our Never Too Early Season Preview series continues with another NFL Network personality podcast. On Tuesday we discussed the Chicago Bears offensive outlook with Curtis Conway. Today we break down the defense with Erin Coscarelli. She host of ‘Preseason HQ.’ Which airs from 5-7am pt. on NFL Network. Starting August 3rd, it’s your one stop shop and everything you need to get you ready for preseason football. The football talking season is here!

Let’s get this party started:

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Never Too Early Chicago Bears Season Preview: Offense

We’re just days away from the Chicago Bears opening training camp, and believe me we’re ready for some football. We’ve certainly had enough dark and depressing stories this offseason from the NFL. The Bears certainly chipped in, courtesy of Ray McDonald.
So let’s try and shift our focus to the field. We can start by breaking down Bears trying way too hard to fit in with today’s ultra pass happy NFL, and in the process neglecting some of their best assets in the running game.

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Kristin Cavallari’s latest remarks make Cutler even more unlikeable


If there were approval ratings for NFL quarterbacks and their wives, then Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari would be at about the same level as former President George W. Bush right after he bungled the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina.

Now, following the comments of the anti-vaxxer and former reality show actress Thursday morning, Cutler and K-Cav would be polling around W. post global economic meltdown of 2008 approval levels.

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Bears had zero tolerance for Ray McDonald upon signing him


Interesting stuff here from Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer regarding the Ray McDonald situation. It gives us a little more insight into the Chicago Bears immediate release of McDonald. Turns out that McDonald was signed to the Bears this winter with a sort of caveat that he was already on double secret probation.

There was to be zero tolerance regarding any malfeasance, and Ray McDonald entered into his Bears contract aware that he had two strikes already against him.

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For Chicago Bears, NFL fans, how much is “enough?”


The sports story of the day is former NFL Defensive Lineman Ray McDonald getting arrested for domestic abuse and child endangerment. This is his third arrest in nine months, and we can all safely assume that he’s one God awful human being. Shortly after the news broke, the Chicago Bears released him, so therefore one of their biggest signings this off-season is now a complete bust who will never play a down for the team.

Bears personnel released McDonald while still out of town on the holiday weekend; they did not wait until returning to the off. The player entered the agreement with the team aware that any malfeasance would result in immediate dismissal. 

He likely won’t play in the NFL ever again. Bears OL Kyle Long said it best when he Tweeted “good riddance.”

It was obviously the right move on the part of the Bears, but the more important question is why was he even there to begin with?

McDonald, repugnant human being that he is, is just a symptom. The Bears, questionably run organization that they are, also comprise nothing more symptoms of a larger disease within the league. The question is when will you, me, other Americans, when will we have had “enough?”

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PHOTO: Jim Harbaugh QB Camp a bit delusional about Jay Cutler

jim-harbaugh-michigan football 2015 nfl mock draft

The official Twitter account attributed to Jim Harbaugh tweeted out this promotional poster which is just unintentionally hilarious. The poster is for Michigan Quarterback’s Camp and it is about as “FOOTBALL! RAR RAR! FOOTBALL = WAR!!!” KILL! BLOW THINGS UP!” as it gets.

Whether the “AERIAL ASSAULT! AIR STRIKE! ELITE TRAINING PROGRAM!” promo is awesome or offensive is in the eye of the beholder- that’s another discussion for another time. (“Top Gun,” a movie which obviously inspired the poster, was a great film, we’ll just all agree on that.

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Chicago Bears DB Sherrick McManiss leads GRIDIRON FIT


I don’t know if Chicago Bears nickel back Sherrick McManis ever won the IRON CAT competition during his days at Northwestern, but he’s leading the very first session of Nike’s Train Chicago; a very IRON CAT like experience. The Iron Cat is an annual award Northwestern football hands out to the player who wins the weight room.

McManis is a great American success story of re-invention, as he was just a two-star recruit coming out of high school.

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Train Chicago: CHALLENGING Workout! Earn your summer body!


Most sports journalists are former athletes who eventually got passed up by the game. The rest are athletes who achieved all that was possible in their respective sports, then transitioned nicely to cushy media gigs. It happens to everyone, just a question of when.

I’m no different in that I’m a washed up former athlete myself. Except I wasn’t actually good even when I was in my prime. At least my Al Bundy/Uncle Rico type stories recapping the glory days (“hey, did I tell you about that time I intercepted Antwaan Randle El  in high school?” “How ’bout that time I held Eric Parker to no catches?”) are excellent. Those tales….might be true…or not.

No matter what your past is, Nike Train Chicago gives you an opportunity to create a more athletic future. You can repeat the past, Old Sport.


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Chicago Bears 2015 Draft drawing extensive praise


First off, before we analyze the Chicago Bears Draft, I have to say that referring to Chicago as “Chi Town” is akin to calling the United States of America: “‘Murrica!” Do you see now why us Chicagoans don’t like it? We kept hearing “Chi Town” over and over and over again during the 2015 NFL Draft, and you get to hear it yet again in the video below.

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Jay Cutler allegedly destroyed public safety phones in college


We all have stories of general dumbassery from our college days- Chicago Bears starting QB Jay Cutler is no different. FOX Sports Clay Travis was in school at Vanderbilt at the same time as Cutler, and he unveiled this gem on FOX Sports Live this week in the wake of the NFL schedule being announced.

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