Jay Cutler Having Last Laugh on the Chicago Bears Thus Far


It’s early but Jay Cutler certainly looks at home with the Miami Dolphins, and the one coach during his career that truly seemed to maximize his potential. Yes, it was the lowly Chargers, and it’s only one game, but if you could at how things are going for him, versus how things are going for his former team, well, there’s quite a disparity.

Cutler went of 24/33 for 230 yards passing and a touchdown with no interceptions.

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Chayce Crouch Needs to Be More Illini Kyle Orton than Rex Grossman


History exists so that we may derive where we are going based upon where we have been. Saturday night brought the first green shoots of growth in the Illini football garden that head coach Lovie Smith has planted. The roots have taken hold, and a very commanding 20-7 win over Western Kentucky conveys the first real signs of true progress within the program.

Quarterback Chayce Crouch will be a major factor in determining the pace and the magnitude of that progress. Smith said at B1G Media Day that “Chayce is our quarterback,” and at least partially, it’s an allusion to his days as Chicago Bears head coach, during the period when you had a Kyle Orton versus Rex Grossman position battle.

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PetPlan Puppies Picked NFL Winners at 70% Clip Last Year

petplan puppies

Another NFL season kicks off tonight and, just like in most recent seasons, the news cycle surrounding the league has been very dark and gloomy. If you need some more light hearted NFL news, then I suggest you take a look at the PetPlan pup-nosticators.

Yes, what’s better to deliver you from gloom and doom news, then puppies! Puppies that also actually do better at picking NFL winners than the so-called “experts.”

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TSB Show 8: Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson, Dave Kerner, Smashing Pumpkins Jimmy Chamberlain

illini lovie smith podcast illini

TSB Show 8 is here, and it’s another star-studded line-up. CBS Sports hosted a national media conference call with CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus and the Network’s lead college football announce team of Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson along with studio analyst Rick Neuheisel. On the call I asked a very well informed question about Illini football and Lovie Smith, and the reaction was….well, we covered that in detail at this post.

Dave Kerner from WBBM News Radio Chicago was up next, and we covered the reaction I got from the national guys on that conference call. We also talked Cubs, Bears and Northwestern. It’s just too bad he wasn’t at the Ryan Field new concessions food tasting with me.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft 8-24-17


Welcome to the 2018 NFL mock draft. Order was based on an amalgam of NFL power rankings from across the internet. If you have issue with the order, well so do many others. That’s what the comments section is for! Just keep it above board and professional in your criticism.

Team needs were not taken into account for the 2018 NFL mock draft as it’s just too early. 2017 NFL Draft picks were mostly not taken into account for our projections.

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Jay Cutler Finalizing One Year Deal With Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler has decided to delay his foray into broadcasting. He was slated to work the week one broadcast of his former team, the Chicago Bears, but it appears that contract to work in the media business has been torn up. Instead, Cutler will be back on the field this fall, agreeing to a contract with the Miami Dolphins.

“Insiders” (whatever the hell that word means these days) from both ESPN and NFL Network just minutes ago tweeted out news of the new deal.

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Dave Wannstedt Hopes Mike Glennon Gets a Fair Chance with Bears


Former Chicago Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt is a football pundit these days, and his gig requires that he must opine on every team out there. That includes teams with which he has direct first hand, negative experience. Wannstedt replaced Mike Ditka, another Pittsburgh alum, when he took over the Bears job.

The Bears of Dave Wannstedt made only one postseason appearance in 6 years and compiled a 41–57 record. After Wannstedt posted back-to-back 4–12 seasons and a 1–11 overall record against long-time rival, the Green Bay Packers, he was let go.

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IlliNation Show 3 Featuring Lovie Smith, Dave Wannstedt, Josh Whitman


From Chicago, the heart of Illini country, it’s the IlliNation Show with Paul M. Banks. Welcome to the third ever episode of the IlliNation show, your home for audio of the biggest and best interviews in all of Illini Nation.

This episode features an exclusive with Dave Wannstedt, who is now an analyst for FOX Sports. Next we have some of the best audio with Lovie Smith at B1G Media Day. (We tried to book Marc Trestman and Dick Jauron too just to complete the theme!)

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Jay Cutler Will Call His Very First Game in Chicago; Obvious FOX Publicity Stunt

jay-cutler-2016-NFL-MOCK-DRAFT-aaaron-kromer-marc trestman

Sports television networks LOVE to bombard the journalists on their email distribution lists with mass mailings they refer to as “news,” but which are in reality nothing more than product promotion. Ninety-nine point nine percent of these press releases are instantly deleted, due to their worthlessness, but hey, it’s the age of shameless self-promotion, and everyone must to do it to try and survive.

Besides, it’s not like the pointless mass emails from the pro and college teams themselves, are any more useful, right?

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The IlliNation Show Featuring Peanut Tillman, Dick Butkus and Dee Brown


Welcome to The IlliNation Show, inaugural edition! It’s volume I, chapter I of The Sports Bank’s special, exclusive Illini podcast. We have an action packed first show for you which covers the following topics in the segments below:

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Forbes: Chicago Bears 16th Most Valuable Team in the World, Cubs #18

In summarizing the Chicago Bears consistent recent ineptitude, the legendary Dick Butkus concluded: “It’s embarrassing. I don’t give a damn (about) the draft or whatever; there’s no reason we should be in this situation, one of the best franchises.”

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Dick Butkus Gets Candid on Steroids, Concussion Crisis (EXCLUSIVE)

dick butkus

For football legend Dick Butkus, the first and foremost cause celebre is keeping the next generation of athletes from resorting to illegal and dangerous steroids, as well as other performance enhancing products. Butkus and his son Matt formed the I PLAY CLEAN program in 2006  to educate and encourage high school students to make the right choice of playing clean.

While steroid usage has been a major problem in young males for quite some time (and continues to be today), the program’s research has shown that the biggest increase, recently is in female athletes.

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