Even Jay Cutler haters will find this sick and disturbing (photo)

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler

It seemed like Nelson Muntz had hijacked the Twitter account belonging to one of ESPN’s most high-profile pointless gasbags who shall not be named yesterday. Of course, said pundit usually acts like a dickbag, so when he did his “well, as long as he’s hurt” bit regarding Jay Cutler it actually wasn’t all that much of a story.

Watching the Cutler schadenfreude unfold on Twitter yesterday following the Chicago Bears starting quarterback’s hamstring injury inspired me to Tweet this:

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Is five wins the 2015 Chicago Bears ceiling?


One very highly circulated national publication, who we won’t name because they obviously did this as a publicity stunt, rated the Chicago Bears dead last of all 32 NFL teams; well before the devastating Kevin White news. While the Bears aren’t the worst team in the National Football League by any stretch, they are certainly down in the bottom runs with the Jacksonvilles, Tampas and Tennessees.

Losing their first round pick, the 7th overall, who was desperately needed to replace the departed Brandon Marshall, puts this team, as Principal Skinner put it as he approached Ralph Wiggum on diorama-rama:
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How much will Vic Fangio improve the Chicago Bears?


Chicago Bears coverage needs a so-called “FOX attitude.” We report, you decide…if the team will finish in last place again, and just how far out of first place they’ll end up.

What effect will the (John) Fox attitude have on the Chicago Bears? It depends on how much magic both he and Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio can work with a rapidly aging, non-cohesive defensive unit.

If John Fox is the best thing the Bears have going for them in 2015, Vic Fangio isn’t too far behind.

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2015 NFL Preview: Big and Bold NFC Predictions


Chip Kelly might be one of the most compelling story lines in the NFC this season. Everyone articulates how wildly unpredictable he is, but hey, I accurately forecasted his pick in the NFL Draft this past April. That’s because with Kelly and I there’s a “great minds think alike” vibe going on; as evidenced by our Rose Bowl press conference moment in 2012. 

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Brandon Marshall says race impacts NFL disciplinary process


Current New York Jets and former Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall returns to his weekly analyst role on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this season. In the season premiere last night Marshall made some controversial comments that have made his name a top ten trending topic on Twitter all morning long.

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Every national media story on Jay Cutler is the same exact thing

chicago-bears-jay-cutler-brandon marshall

Chicago Bears fans who expect Quarterback Jay Cutler to finally reach his potential this season are insane. After all the different coaches he’s had, all the offensive coordinators he’s gone through, he’s remained exactly who he is. There won’t be any changes in 2015. All the “THIS is the Year for Jay Cutler” pieces were written in 2013 and 2014.

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London Fletcher is the best NFL pundit out there


Today’s sports media talking heads are getting increasingly vanilla. Sure you have a Charles Barkley here and an Alexi Lalas there, but the majority of big time national television network pundits are often dry. Every team is great. Every player is “among the best in the game.” Monday Night Football’s Jon Gruden takes the most heat for embodying this stereotype, but there are plenty more in this vein.

This landscape makes the excellent, irreverent work of CBS’ London Fletcher stand out even more. He’s not afraid to be an iconoclast, and his strong opinions are backed up with facts.

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Bart Scott Sizes up the NFC North race


The Green Bay Packers are the ruling oligarchs of the NFC North. The Pack have won it four years straight and appear to be the favorites once again this season. Not just in the division, but quite possibly the conference. We spoke with NFL on CBS Analyst Bart Scott and he believes the Packers are still a Super Bowl contender even despite the loss of Jordy Nelson to injury.

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John Fox: one of the Chicago Bears’ few bright spots


This fall John Fox will be keeping on wearing orange and blue. Of all the deals that rookie Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace has made thus far, the one to acquire “Foxy” as he is affectionately known, is the best. When the Coaching carousel finished spinning, the Bears had a feeling of winning.

Don’t get used to that feeling this season, because it’s not going to happen much.

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Chicago Bears Season Preview with NFL Network’s Erin Coscarelli

erin coscarelli

Our Never Too Early Season Preview series continues with another NFL Network personality podcast. Earlier this summer we discussed the Chicago Bears offensive outlook with Curtis Conway. Today we break down the defense with Erin Coscarelli. She hosts of ‘Preseason HQ.’ Which airs from 5-7am pt. on NFL Network. It’s your one stop shop and everything you need to get you ready for preseason football. The football talking season is here!

Let’s get this party started:

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Another hilarious drunk Jay Cutler story emerges from the past


It’s football talking season again, and you what that means- time for the same Jay Cutler narratives. “Make or break,” “Now or never,” “do or die,” “now he has the right coach/coordinator/weapons around him/protection in front of him to succeed.” These Jay Cutler stories are all closely related to the “all the pieces are now in place for Jay Cutler to finally reach a level of production commensurate with his natural abilities” bit.

We heard all of these in 2013, then again in 2014. I even wrote a few myself. But at this point, I’d rather read another “Jay Cutler is Jeff George” hot take (there are plenty of those out there already) then any of the aforementioned pitches.

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Never Too Early Chicago Bears Season Preview: Offense

We’re just days away from the Chicago Bears opening training camp, and believe me we’re ready for some football. We’ve certainly had enough dark and depressing stories this offseason from the NFL. The Bears certainly chipped in, courtesy of Ray McDonald.
So let’s try and shift our focus to the field. We can start by breaking down Bears trying way too hard to fit in with today’s ultra pass happy NFL, and in the process neglecting some of their best assets in the running game.

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