Chicago Bears make DL Corey Wootton now a free agent


Corey Wootton and the Chicago Bears were not able to reach an agreement. The Northwestern product, best known for sacking/injuring Brett Favre on the final play of “the ole gunslinger’s” career will now test the free agent waters. Corey Wootton tweeted today:

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Brian Urlacher thinks Devin Hester should land in Tampa Bay


By now, you’ve no doubt heard what Brian Urlacher had to say about the Chicago Bears not offering Devin Hester a new deal. Since Urlacher had his less than amicable break-up with the Bears organization in 2013, he isn’t holding back at all when it comes to criticizing the Bears front office. At times, Brian Urlacher can sound like an ex-spouse who still holds grievances from a bitter divorce.

It’s pretty clear that Urlacher is no fan of Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery (he’s obviously not BFF with Jay Cutler either), and he hasn’t accepted the manner in which the Bears let him go in 2013. Then, when no NFL team was interested in extending his playing career, his break-up with the only team that he ever played for became even more bitter.

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Chicago Bears free agency preview part two: the targets



Chicago Bears free agency is here. Tomorrow is the first day that NFL teams can officially start contacting their targets. And the Bears have made a couple moves already with some of their own guys. In part one of my Chicago Bears free agency preview, I looked at who will be likely leaving Chicago; as Devin Hester is.

(Update: Brian Urlacher thinks Hester could land in Tampa Bay)

Here, in part two we look at who the Bears are hoping to sign. Obviously, it all starts with Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett, brother of Bears Tight End Martellus Bennett. I recently talked with the Orange Dino about the recruitment of his brother.

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Chicago Bears free agency preview part one: the departing

chicago bears free agency


Chicago Bears free agency is here! Yes, the NFL has succeeded in making themselves a year round sport. Well, close enough. Nothing goes on in June and training camps don’t open until very late July, but with NFL Draft now moved to May, you now have some NFL news to consume year round. Saturday is when Chicago Bears free agency begins.

Well, NFL free agency officially starts Saturday, as it’s the first day that NFL teams can start contacting their targets. Let the silly season begin.

(Update: Brian Urlacher thinks Hester could land in Tampa Bay)

Here’s part two: Chicago Bears free agency targets

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Chicago Bears part ways with Devin Hester


The Chicago Bears have told Devin Hester they want “to go a different route.”

(Update: Brian Urlacher thinks Hester could land in Tampa Bay)

Devin Hester has captivated Chicago like few other professional athletes with his breathtaking returns since joining the Bears in 2006.  He holds a host of league records, including the most combined kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns.

However, coming off a season in which he finished eighth in kick return average and third in punt return average while not playing any offense or defense and carrying a salary cap figure of approximately $3 million, it is time for the Bears and Devin Hester to amicably part ways. Now it’s happened.

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Ex Bears practice squad QB Zak Kustok to testify in father’s murder trial


Zak Kustok, former practice squad quarterback with the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers has been subpoenaed, and is on the list of potential witnesses for the murder trial of his father, Allan Kustok. He is on trial for murdering his wife Jeanie Kustok. Opening arguments begin today at Bridgeview County Courthouse.

Zak Kustok is the brother of Sarah Kustok, a current Brooklyn Nets presenter formerly of Comcast SportsNet Chicago. According to an exclusive interview I had with Sarah Kustok in January of 2010, Zak Kustok today is…

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VIDEO: Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery in action movie spoof


Chicago Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery had a breakout season in 2013. Jeffery had one of the best seasons in Chicago Bears receiving history actually. And it turns out Jeffrey does his own stunts too.

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Martellus Bennett says Benjamins are key to landing brother Michael in Chicago


“It all comes down to our other brother, Benjamin franklin,” said Chicago Bears Tight End Martellus Bennett in regards to the hopes of Chicago signing his brother Michael Bennett away from the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks.

“The Benjis talk, I can only do so much by talking to him, at the end of the day you got to show him the money,” Martellus continued during his media availability at the Comcast SportsNet Awards Sports Awards last night.

Indeed socioeconomic theorist P. Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, was correct when he told us in 1998 that “It’s all about the Benjamins.”

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Bears Martellus Bennett on Michael Sam and what he means to the NFL


Martellus Bennett is the best soundbite on the Chicago Bears, and one of the best soundbites in the NFL. He’s probably the best Bears soundbite in a generation, maybe since Jim McMahon. Here, he opines more on Michael Sam coming out and what his announcement means to the NFL

Would Michael Sam be welcomed in the Chicago Bears locker room? How will Sam’s announcement affect his draft stock? What does the Orange Dino think?

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Mel Kiper, Martellus Bennett weigh in Michael Sam’s NFL Draft stock


Where will Michael Sam, the first openly gay Division I college football star end up getting drafted? Will his coming out affect his NFL Draft stock?

Hopefully, we’ll reach a point some day where an NFL player being openly gay is not a news-story. Hopefully, we’ll reach a level of acceptance and tolerance in our society where it’s a non-issue. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

Here to break down the NFL Draft stock of Michael Sam is ESPN Draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. and Chicago Bears Tight End Martellus Bennett.

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Obama describes Vladimir Putin in a fashion that’s Jay Cutler esque


Jay Cutler has a public demeanor that is rather…alloof? Disinterested? Would rather be anywhere else, doing anything else than what he’s doing at the moment. Not to say that Jay Cutler is thinking that, but it’s the way he comes off in about, oh 90% of his public appearances.

#CuttyDoesIt was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the transcript NBC just sent out of Bob Costas’ big Winter Olympics exclusive with President Barack Obama. The interview, conducted today, was about issues surrounding the just underway Sochi games. And the following exchange is the only part of the sneak preview sent out to the media that was even remotely interesting.

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Mike Ditka picks Denver, discusses correct game this time


Mike Ditka has done a really fine job of exploiting one accomplishment 30 years ago and turning it into a second career as a mega-endorser of every product possible. Even more impressive is how Mike Ditka has constructed a third career as a multi-media pundit. From WMVP ESPN 1000 to the Chicago Sun-Times to ESPN NFL countdown, Mike Ditka is ubiquitous.

Dikta, along with all the other ESPN talking heads, released their Super Bowl predictions a couple hours ago

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