VIDEO: Chicago Bears mock draft Danny Shelton


Danny Shelton to the Chicago Bears at #7? I guess that makes sense. We did have Shelton mocked to Chicago at one point. Here’s who we have projected to the Bears right now, in our latest NFL mock draft

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VIDEO: Jay Cutler, Jameis Winston ZINGED by FOX pundit

jay-cutler-2016-NFL-MOCK-DRAFT-aaaron-kromer-marc trestman

If you need brutally honest assessment of Jay Cutler, Jameis Winston, and the NFL Draft season (or at least the NFL Draft talking season look no further than this video below from Fox Sports.

It delves into the reports yesterday that Winston met with the Chicago Bears.

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Bears moving Jay Cutler, drafting Marcus Mariota narratives = rubbish


Never underestimate the ability of people to overrate the NFL Draft and place an unhealthy amount of importance on it. It’s not just the NFL itself which is a year round sport possessing an insane level of popularity; The NFL Draft by itself is now a year round sport that Americans have a dysfunctional obsession with.

NFL Draft media conference calls often last for multiple hours and draw hundreds of reporters. Oh, and you’ll hear the exact same question/narrative/storyline re-packaged over and over and over and over again.

It’s exactly like the Malibu Stacy doll on The Simpsons; the same exact thing as you’ve seen multiple times, just slightly re-packaged.

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Jay Cutler signed football gets ZERO bids at charity auction

jay-cutler-2016-NFL-MOCK-DRAFT-aaaron-kromer-marc trestman

The word “polarizing” no longer applies to Jay Cutler. It’s unfair to call him a “polarizing figure” now. Sometimes that two word phrase is attached to those with legions of fans and haters. Polarizing figures are loved and hated by many all at the same time.

John Calipari, Urban Meyer, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, these are polarizing figures. Jay Cutler is not. People incorrectly label him a polarizing figure because the phrase is often used as a corporatespeak euphemism.

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From an off the field perspective, Brandon Marshall is addition by subtraction

Brandon Marshall kyle long

It’s now pretty much official that Brandon Marshall is out of Chicago and he has no one to blame but himself. The 5-time Pro Bowler is coming off an injury riddled season where he grabbed 61 passes for 721 yards and 8 touchdowns.

If only it was Marshall’s poor play in 2015 that caused the Chicago Bears to part ways with the most productive wide receiver in their long history.

Editor’s note: this Brandon Marshall feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. (@WesEvans24)

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Bears trade Brandon Marshall, re-sign Jimmy Clausen


4..3…2….1….HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, the NFL new year officially begins in March. Roger Goodell’s league of domination fiscally begins in March ever year and that’s when business can officially open up. The Chicago Bears opened the year with plenty of fireworks, triangle shaped hats and noise-makers by making two big deals at the skill positions.

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Gale Sayers: we will never see his like again


“His like will never be seen again”

George Halas, the NFL Godfather, describing the brilliance of his running back Gale Sayers at the comet’s 1977 Hall of Fame induction in Canton, Ohio.

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Chicago Bears have nose tackle options in the NFL Draft


We’ve discussed numerous scenarios when it comes to the Chicago Bears drafting seventh overall in April. We  explored the idea of the Bears drafting Landing Collins in this article, but then realized that’s likely too high for Collins to go.

Here we discussed the idea of the Bears drafting Dante Fowler instead at this link. It’s a possibility, he could fit in the new system as the Chicago Bears transition to a new base 3-4.

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Dante Fowler and the Chicago Bears would make a good fit

Chicago Bears

As the NFL Scouting Combine begins this week, NFL Network Analyst Mike Mayock conducted a media conference call. One topic of discussion was the Chicago Bears picking 7th overall and transitioning to the 3-4 defense. There’s obviously a need for a solid edge rusher.

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Marshawn Lynch won’t be cast in your dumb movie, Media


We used to go for a different kind of movie. Historically, America has revered the Hollywood leading man that spoke with his actions and not his words. The strong and silent type who didn’t wax poetic, but instead just took charge. Talk was always cheap, or so the romantic narrative went.

Movies evolve and so then the characters that the audience demands.

This all does not apply to Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, someone perfectly content in playing football really well and not talking about that. He isn’t a character but his own man. Any rational person would at best respect someone who takes pride in his work and doesn’t feel the need to draw attention to himself.

Many people in the media are not rational.

There are things that have to be written, damn it.

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PHOTO: Jay Cutler’s wife posts his surly texts on Instagram


What goes on in your own home is your business. It’s between you and your family. Unless you or a family member decides to broadcast it on social media for the world to see. Thanks to the former reality show personality, and wife of Jay Cutler, we now get to see a glimpse inside their household.

Not that we should care, but apparently we do, cuz Deadspin decided to devote a whole post to this. Deadspin isn’t wrong either.

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HBO Real Sports’ 1985 Chicago Bears: MUST WATCH

1985 chicago bears

I should not have doubted HBO Real Sports. I have to take back what I said previously about their 1985 Chicago Bears feature. I made those statements based off their press release previewing the episode and hyping it up. After seeing it, I have to say that I was wrong. Completely wrong.

You have to see the Real Sports piece on the 1985 Chicago Bears. It was incredible. Incredibly good. It was the polar opposite of the puff piece features you see on local Chicago TV.

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