Marc Trestman, Jay Cutler once again NFL pundit punching bags

marc trestman

The Chicago Bears, Marc Trestman, Jay Cutler and friends were once again punching bags for the Sunday NFL punditocracy once again yesterday. Hey, they’ve earned it. We start with Fox:

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VIDEO: Jay Cutler shows emotion, draws penalty for it

jay-cutler-terry-bradshaw marc trestman

Jay Cutler is truly in the damned if you do, damned if you don’t category. Everybody, myself included, pick on him for never showing emotion. Well he just did, and what happens? He draws an unsportsmanlike penalty for it.  Sunday Cutler was upset with the refs blowing a play dead on the bears first drive and he received a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Here’s the Jay Cutler Vine below:

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Vikings Kyle Rudolph could mean more Bears woes defending the TE

Kyle Rudolph

Add Kyle Rudolph to the list of tight ends that could burn the Chicago Bears this season.

The Notre Dame product participated in full during the Minnesota Vikings’ practice on Thursday. He is returning from sports hernia surgery and would improve an inconsistent Minnesota passing offense. For Chicago Bears fans, the last thing they want to see is a promising rookie quarterback getting back a weapon that compliments his skill set. [Read more…]

Jimmy Clausen over Jay Cutler hot takes have already begun


You knew it would only be matter of time before the NFL pundits started suggesting that Jimmy Clausen replace Jay Cutler. It is surprising that the “start Clausen” hot takes have ALREADY begun. I figured the Bears would be about 3-9 or 3-10 before any of the NFL talking heads started proposing this idea. If you think things are bad now, just wait until you see Jimmy Clausen.

Trust me, you don’t want that. No one wants that. Except I guess for CBS Sports’ Rich Gannon and Steve Beuerlein:

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Last night’s Chicago Bears dumpster fire in Tweets


The Chicago Bears are just the second team in NFL history to allow 50+ points in consecutive games. The only other team to do it: the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons.

The Rochester Jeffersons? “since I moved up like George and Weezy,” as the Fresh Prince famously rapped.  The Chicago Bears have allowed 50+ points three times in their past 11 games. Prior to that, the Bears allowed 50+ points three times in their previous 759 games. This according to Elias statistics bureau. Whatever you do in life, you’re MUCH better at doing it than the Chicago Bears are at trying to stop their opponent from scoring.

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Marc Trestman interview with Bob Costas tonight (preview excerpts)


Below are excerpts from Bob Costas’ interview with Chicago Bears Coach Marc Trestman, the exclusive interview airs tonight on “Football Night in America.”

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Bears-Packers Preview, Prediction: Marc Trestman seat scorches

marc trestman

Marc Trestman will soon learn why Jay Cutler is the NFL answer to Deron Williams; a coach killer. It’s easy to scapegoat Cutler given that he’s like the 7-Up of caring: “Never have. Never Will.” However, he’s far from the biggest problem this season. Statistically, he’s having his best season ever, his first 90+ passer rating.

Unfortunately, that’s only good for 13th in the NFL, and the Bears passer rating allowed this season is on par with Cutler’s production. So you can blame the entire defense as much as you can blame Marc Trestman as much as you can blame the $22.3 million dollar man.

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Chicago Bears go from bad to downright hilarious


If you lived in Chicago, you might grow tired of the Chicago Bears; at least for one-third of the season. From September to January you would possibly get sick of the teams. If you live in Chicago, you are certainly sick of the 1985 Chicago Bears. There is no need to ever publicize them again, but…media outlets still do it.

Local talk radio is pretty much all Chicago Bears all time; rendering it unlistenable. However, the over-coverage does bring with it some benefits. If you need to run errands/go to the gym/pick up something at the store, then during the Bears game is the perfect time to do so. The roads are empty.

However, it could be changing.

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Terry Bradshaw, NFL pundits ask Jay Cutler to smile for a change


Jay Cutler is notorious for the zombie like demeanor he displays most of the time. You can’t tell from looking at Cutler’s body language if the Chicago Bears are a.) up 50 points or b.) like yesterday at New England getting destroyed.

Only Jay Cutler knows for sure how much he really cares or doesn’t truly care on the inside. His nonverbal communication though, almost always conveys apathy.

And the NFL Sunday morning pundits had a lot of fun at Cutler’s expense. They all had hot takes pertaining to “Cutler face.” And as the season goes from tragedy to comedy for the Chicago Bears, it’s time to embrace “just bad” becoming “so bad it’s now liberating.”

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Bears OL Kyle Long did right by retracting “booing” comments

Kyle Long, Jordan Mills

Kyle Long, the Bears unofficial Director of Fan Behavior, made the correct call by taking back his “booing” is “unacceptable” remarks.

Jeez, so Brandon Marshall called a few players out after the Bears rolled over and played dead Sunday versus the dangerous Miami Dolphins. Some local media guys are dumb enough to think this means that Marc Trestman “has lost the ballclub.” That’s nuts, beyond nuts.

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Marc Trestman: Year Two of bad decisions and worse explanations


Never mistake inarticulateness for gridiron stupidity.  Two-time Super Bowl winning head coach Bill Parcells’ insufferable verbosity and constant misspeak would have made many English professors cringe, but his astute game management skills evidenced a highly-intelligent football mind

Bears head coach Marc Trestman often times sounds like a college English professor, but his game management decisions are beginning to evince a coaching ineptitude that has cost the Bears victories and is creating a credibility crisis.

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Mike Ditka on the Seahawks trading Percy Harvin to the Jets


The Seahawks trading Percy Harvin to the New York Jets dominated discussion among the NFL punditocracy on Sunday morning. Harvin was the top trending topic of the day. Here’s what Mike Ditka and Cris Carter had to say about it on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown.

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