Second half looks bleak for Chicago White Sox

Hot white sox girl

The Chicago White Sox are heading into the All-Star Break with their worst record since 1989. The team has been tough to watch, and the next four days off gives the players and fans time to forget about the first half.

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Boston Red Sox acquire former All-Star Matt Thornton


The Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox have made a deal. Not a deal of huge proportions, but the Red Sox did acquire former All-Star reliever Matt Thornton along with cash considerations in exchange for minor league outfielder Brandon Jacobs.

The Red Sox have added a lefty arm for the stretch drive while the White Sox have officially begun their tear down. Thornton is 0-3 with a 3.86 ERA, 18 holds and 21 strikeouts over 40 relief appearances this season. He is 31-35 with a 3.28 ERA and 164 holds in 512 career games with the White Sox.

Matt Thornton ranks among Chicago’s all-time relief leaders in appearances (1st), holds (1st), strikeouts (2nd), wins (T3rd) and strikeouts (5th). At 37, he probably doesn’t have a whole lot left in the tank, but he’s a good acquisition for the Red Sox hopes in the LOADED AL East this season.

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White Sox Chris Sale makes All-Stars; W-L records irrelevant?


As Chicago White Sox starter Chris Sale makes the All-Star team, teammate Jesse Crain was selected too, you have to wonder if win-loss records for a pitcher are still relevant. It’s kind of a really dumb stat. I know it was gospel for the longest time, and 300 wins is this gold standard for pitchers to reach Cooperstown, but that doesn’t matter as much anymore.

No one in MLB will reach 300 wins again anytime soon. And no pitchers really last long enough these days to even come close. And for Chris Sale, well the Sox just don’t hit for him, so the ol’ W-L record sucks.

Since May 17th, the White Sox have scored a meager nine runs for Chris Sale.

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President Barack Obama: top 8 sports related photos, moments


Happy birthday America. As you know, President Barack Obama is a huge basketball fan; it’s his favorite sport. And he’s a tremendous White Sox fan, so we’ll start with this White Sox moments. And some pics from when he got elected.

My “cocktail party question” is people asking me how/why Obama follows me on Twitter. I’ve even changed my Twitter bio to say nothing else except that. As my Twitter feed contains every post I write, there’s a chance the President could actually see this post. Probably a 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 chance. But still a chance nonetheless

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White Sox White Flag MLB Trade Rumors


The Chicago White Sox announced recently that they will listen to offers for anyone on their roster with the exception of pitcher Chris Sale and first baseman Paul Konerko.  In a recent question and answer session with the fans, most indicated that any player would be fair game if led to a better team in the long run.  So the Sportsbank takes a look at possible locations for players on the White Sox roster and offers names of possible prospects the White Sox could get in return.  Your MLB trade rumors featuring the White Sox are right here!

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White Sox should trade Chris Sale, everyone for right price

Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox have been nothing short of miserable in 2013. From a punch-less offense to losing three of four to baseball’s worst team in Houston, very little has come up White Sox. Sox GM Rick Hahn has said that the team is not looking to talk trades at this point because the team can still make a run. This would make sense if it was early May, but it is late June, and the team continues to suck. Call it optimism, but Hahn is blowing hot air.

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Obama and China make progress on Climate Change


An actual hard news article on The Sports Bank!! Warning! Warning!

I mean, c’mon I’m not going write about soccer. And writing about baseball subtracts from your page views. The green movement has been hurting lately. I’m in complete agreement with the ideals of the cause, yet even I have given up because 1.) most people are too damn stupid/lazy to understand basic science to realize how important this is. 2.) the world’s politicians are the ones who need to get this done and they’re all a bunch of sick bastards who don’t care.

Finally, some good news to report on this for once.

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The Irrationally Overrated, White Sox Mark Buehrle and tribute videos

Last night the Chicago White Sox welcomed back Mark Buerhle with a tribute video in the first inning of game one in their series versus the Toronto Blue Jays. You can watch it later in this post. As well as the White Sox 2013 opening introduction video. But first we re-publish a magnificent post from former Sport Bank contributor Peter Christian:

Just as there are certainties in life (death, taxes, et al) there are certainties in sports. Some of the more notable certainties are the die hard fans, heartbreak and the euphoric high of winning a championship. Additionally, with every sports franchise comes the list of current and former players who are irrationally overrated.

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White Sox fan Raquel Pomplun: Playboy’s first ever Mexican PMOY


What does the most powerful man and the sexiest woman alive have in common? They’re both Chicago White Sox fans. Meet Raquel Pomplun, the first ever Mexican-American Playboy Playmate of the year. Like President Barack Obama, she’s a White Sox fan. The pic above is from the Raquel Pomplun Facebook page.

Congrats to Raquel Pomplun for winning the title.

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Evaluating Chicago White Sox #1 draft pick Tim Anderson


The Chicago White Sox drafted short stop Tim Anderson #17 overall in the first round of the MLB Draft tonight. Anderson is a speedster with 41 stolen bases, also can play CF.

The White Sox took Anderson out of East Central Community College in Decatur, Miss. Anderson had a big year in Division II of the NJCAA, hitting .495 with 10 home runs.  For the third year in a row, the White Sox have drafted a position player with their first pick in the draft. Last year, the White Sox selected outfielder Courtney Hawkins, and in 2011, they picked Keenyn Walker, an outfielder who also played in junior college.

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White Sox Adam Dunn is rather bad at his job


Adam Dunn, who plays the position of Designated Hitter is hitting .159 for the Chicago White Sox this season. Kind of Orwellian doublespeak, a “DH” hitting .159. To his credit, he is on pace to hit about 40 home runs, and drive in about 90 runs. But is that worth $15,000,000 a season? Especially when you consider that he doesn’t draw walks anymore. This is what Adam Dunn is, White Sox people.

Move over Jaime Navarro, I think we have a new worst all-time signing in Sox history. Good job Kenny Williams, on locking up “Designated Hitter” Adam Dunn. If this season continues in the manner in which it started, move over Alfonso Soriano and the Cubs, because you now have an all-time worst signing in Chicago baseball history.

Congrats to the Big Donkey, Adam Dunn.

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Brandon McCarthy’s wife is rather attractive


Remember former Chicago White Sox hurler Brandon McCarthy. Who happens to be a pretty funny tweeter. Not just “funny for an athlete” or “humorous by celebrity standards,” but an actually funny guy. You can tell because even his public @replies and RTs are funny too.

But wait till you see his hot model wife. Amanda McCarthy is certainly someone you want to look at. Especially in a swimsuit.

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