Chris Collins didn’t show any real progress in year two

chris collins northwestern basketball

Chris Collins “said all the right things” yesterday following his team’s rather decisive defeat at the hands of a desperate Indiana Hoosiers team. IU never really let NU have a chance Thursday night, as the Hoosiers were playing with their NCAA chances (and perhaps even Tom Crean’s job security) hanging in the balance.

The Hoosiers played with the sense of urgency that Illinois should have had, but lacked, earlier in the day. Following the loss, Chris Collins made it official that his Northwestern Wildcats would not be playing in the CBI.

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Alex Olah having a breakout season at Northwestern


Northwestern has been plagued with very poor play from their center position for years and it took a player from Romania to finally break the trend. Alex Olah is a 7 footer who has had his ups and downs during his time in Evanston. It was not until Coach Chris Collins arrived on campus that Alex Olah started to reach his potential as a basketball player and started to play like a dominant big man.

Editor’s note: this Doug McDermott feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. (@WesEvans24)

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Vic Law starts to make progress at Northwestern

vic law

The Northwestern Wildcats have never made an NCAA men’s basketball tournament and barring a miracle, they will be on the outside looking in again this year. Coach Chris Collins is looking to break this “tradition” in the upcoming years and has recruited some talented pieces to achieve that goal.

Editor’s note: this Vic Law feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. (@WesEvans24)

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NU’s Scottie Lindsey has Coach Collins’ Confidence


The Northwestern Wildcats achieved their third straight victory in Big Ten Conference action yesterday by a resounding margin of 60-39. Coming off big wins against Iowa and Minnesota, the Cats kept it going thanks to Coach Chris Collins’ 2014 recruiting class.

Headlined by PG Bryant McIntosh and F Vic Law, a third member of NU’s freshman class has quietly produced nice numbers and has gained the confidence of Coach Collins…that would be  Scottie Lindsey.

Editor’s note: this Scottie Lindsey feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. 

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Basketball Gods grace Chris Collins; smite Iowa Hawkeyes


Finally, the “basketball gods” have smiled upon Chris Collins and his Northwestern basketball program.

“I’m a believer in the basketball gods, I got that from Coach K, there’s basketball gods and sometimes the basketball gods are really harsh to you; and sometimes they can be good to you when you deserve it.”

“I really feel that shot by Uthoff [to send the game to overtime] went in to test us, in a sick kind of way,” said Collins.

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Northwestern basketball: they fight and fight, fight and fight and fight

northwestern-basketball chris collins

Obviously, Northwestern basketball has taken a step back in year two of the Chris Collins regime. Their 1-10 conference record; as well as a couple of the recent blow-outs attest to this. Last night was especially harsh, as “mop up time” actually commenced before the half.

It was a football like 38-14 at halftime, and it was 55-21 when the under 12 timeout approached. The wide margin between the two teams was very astounding when you consider how just a couple weeks ago the two finished regulation tied in East Lansing.

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AUDIO: Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald holds court on signing day


Pat Fitzgerald announced the 20 young men that were officially signed today. Those were the operative phrases today, “young man” and “young men.” We heard each of those at least a dozen times.

Rivals ranks those men in Northwestern’s recruiting class 12th in the Big Ten, #55 overall. Scout ranks the Wildcats #46 overall 12th in the league CBS’ 24/7 ranks the Cats #52, 10th in the B1G.

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Former NU Coach Bill Carmody takes new coaching gig


Bill Carmody is back. The 2004 Big Ten Coach of the Year and the most successful Coach in Northwestern basketball history will be named special assistant at Fairfield.

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Bryant McIntosh: NU basketball has a piece in place


Bryant McIntosh is Northwestern basketball’s most important player this season.

By the time his career is over, people will look back and say that he was the best player on this specific roster.

Alex Olah might be the team’s best player right now, and that argument gained strength with his performance at Michigan. He also looked very good versus Illinois; although Maverick Morgan’s cluelessness on defense had a lot to do with that.

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Northwestern basketball: longview outlook part two ’16-’17

jordan ash northwestern basketball

Sunday night, as the Northwestern basketball team was utterly destroyed at home by #4 Wisconsin, it reminded observers of just how far Northwestern has to go before becoming competitive again. Yes, the Badgers are the class of the league, head and shoulders above everyone else, but the Wildcats were never competitive in that game.

However, the Wisconsin Badgers are the perfect example of what Northwestern basketball Coach Chris Collins should aspire to. Their program is an excellent role model for NU.

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Northwestern basketball: longview outlook part one ’15-’16

vic law

There’s no way to sugarcoat it- Northwestern basketball fans needs to look ahead. Very far ahead.

“This is a process for us. I knew what I signed up for,” said Northwestern basketball Coach Chris Collins after his team was utterly dismantled by #4 Wisconsin 81-58 at home Sunday night.

“We’ve got to get old, and we’ve got to get experienced.”

Collins also brought up an article or a metric that said Wisconsin was the 11th most experienced team in the country, while Northwestern was the 320th (out of 351 total). KenPom states Northwestern is 318th, while Wisconsin is 33rd. So yeah pretty much.

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Is Northwestern seeing progress in Chris Collins year 2?


Northwestern Wildcats Coach Chris Collins following his teams 65-56 loss at the #23 Butler Bulldogs.

“This was a step in the right direction, we have not been playing well, although we were disappointed in the end result, this is the best we’ve played in awhile. We were right there. We just played a really good team on their home floor that’s tough to beat.”

“I like the way we played,” he continued.

“I felt like this is the first time we played like the team that I’m going to be excited to watch grow. I haven’t felt that in previous games.”

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