Northwestern Basketball NCAA Tournament Prospects Look Good

vic law northwestern basketball

With the Chicago Cubs, 1908 was the narrative that would never ever go away, no matter what.

Until it finally did on November 2nd.

With Northwestern basketball, it’s “they have never made the NCAA Tournament,” and “will they or won’t they?”

Many figures in the college basketball world have proclaimed the Northwestern Wildcats IN the field this March. Chicago State coach Tracy Dildy made the proclamation with probably more panache and extreme authority than anyone.

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Joe Girardi Discusses Cubs World Series Win Experience, Aroldis Chapman


When asked about the return of Aroldis Chapman to the New York Yankees, and the controversy surrounding the polarizing relief pitcher, Manager Joe Girardi gave a very Joe Girardi answer.

By contrast, in response to a query about the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, the former Cubs catcher gave a more human and less corporate answer. Girardi is a native of Peoria, Illinois (where a minor league team affiliated with the Cubs — 1985-1994, 2005-2012 — is located) and he grew up bleeding Cubbie blue.

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Northwestern Football: 2017 Way Too Early Season Preview

pinstripe bowl

For those of you who don’t believe 6-6 teams should go to bowl games, then I challenge you to watch the 2016 Pinstripe Bowl and take in the effort by this Northwestern football team. The Wildcats upset a #23 Pitt Panthers team that was 8-4, and two of those eight wins were over Clemson and Penn State.

The Cats started 1-3 this past season, but finished 7-6, and we’ll see in 2017 if that positive momentum (6-3 to end the year) translates into next season.

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Northwestern Football Players Discuss NYSE, 9/11 Museum Visits

northwestern football nyse

The NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), Wall Street, One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), 9/11 Museum/Memorial, Times Square, Yankee Stadium…we could go on and on, the Northwestern football team saw an awful lot in New York City on their Pinstripe Bowl trip.

Of course, it’s New York City, so there’s a ton more to still see and do on the next trip, and the next one after that.

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Brent Musburger Nails It Regarding New Year’s Eve College Football

Legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger doesn’t just “get it.” He absolutely knocked it out of the park on this one. Once again this year, College Football is trying desperately to claim New Year’s Eve as it’s day, by holding the Final Four playoff games on December 31st.

Once again, it’s not going happen, and the ratings will tank, like they did last year. It’s just not happening, as Musburger pointed out, and why. In the 2017-18 bowl cycle, the semifinals will shift to January 1st (Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl).

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Danny Kanell Disrespect Motivates Northwestern to Victory

danny kanell

ESPN Analyst and former Florida State quarterback Danny Kanell is a polarizing figure.

That’s not news, as he’s got a bit of a football Dan Dakich vibe to him at times. “A little bit” as the Robert DeNiro parody on Saturday Night Live would say, “a little bit.” Kanell and his fellow ESPN college football pundits did not think too highly of 6-6 Northwestern this postseason, and NU Coach Pat Fitzgerald was quick to point that out today.

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MVP Justin Jackson Dominates Pinstripe Bowl; Leads NU to Victory

pinstripe bowl

With his MVP performance in the Pinstripe Bowl, it seemed like Northwestern running back Justin Jackson took the lyrics of Alicia Keys to heart.

You know some of the more motivational lines from “Empire of State of Mind,” her power ballad about New York City:

“Now you’re in New York….there’s nothing you can’t do…these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you!”

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Northwestern Football Players Talk New York City Tourism

As much as sports matters to the city of New York, the city offers so much that goes far above and beyond athletics. History, culture, fine amenities, and more await you in the Big Apple, making a sporting event seem like just an after thought.

Make no mistake about it though this is a business trip for Northwestern football. They claim to play, and to beat the #23 Pittsburgh Panthers in Yankee Stadium’s Pinstripe Bowl.

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Pinstripe Bowl Preview: #23 Pitt Panthers vs Northwestern Wildcats

pinstripe bowl

As the title theme of Hamilton tells us “in New York you can be a new man, in New York you can be a new man, in New York, New York! Just you wait!”

Thus, if you’re a member of the Northwestern Wildcats (6-6) or the #23 Pittsburgh Panthers (8-4), this is your chance to rebrand your 2016.

The Pinstripe Bowl, in the house that George/Jeter Built, provides an opportunity for you make a legacy that your season, and in many cases your college football career, will be defined. It’s the only bowl game at that time and it’s on the ESPN mothership, so people will be watching.

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Morgan Miller: Dayton Coach’s Wife Rips Northwestern Basketball in ALL CAPS After Loss

morgan miller

Who actually hates Northwestern basketball?

Nobody does.

Of course, sometimes it really feels like God hates Northwestern basketball, given all the misfortune, injuries, bad breaks etc. that that have been known to ravage the program. Saturday night, in the inaugural Chicago Legends, they made a new enemy- Morgan Miller, the wife of Dayton Coach Archie Miller.

Morgan Miller did not take the Flyers 67-64 loss to Northwestern well at all. Check out what she Tweeted:

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Northwestern Basketball: Preview vs Dayton Flyers at United Center


We made the call for an event such as this to be created back in February of 2015. Thank you, Chicago Legends, for complying, and on Saturday night we shall see if the reboot of this franchise gets off to a successful start. It’s the inaugural event at the United Center in Chicago on Dec. 17th.

The opener sees Northwestern basketball take on Dayton at 6 pm, followed by Illinois versus BYU at 8:30.

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Chicago State Coach Tracy Dildy Says Northwestern in B1G Top Five

chicago state tracy dildy

Chicago State Basketball Coach Tracy Dildy is very high on Northwestern this year.

I cannot stress that enough. To say he’s optimistic about the Northwestern Wildcats prospects during the 2016-17 season would be a tremendous understatement.

“This is clearly a NCAA Tournament team,” Dildy said after CSU lost at Northwestern 68-64. “When they get their injured guys back, they’re probably going to be a top one or two team in the Big Ten…Right now they’re one of the top five or six teams in the Big Ten.”

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