Northwestern Football: Austin Carr vs Other Biletnikoff Finalists


Northwestern football player and graduate student Austin Carr is up for two national season awards. He’s a finalist for the Burlsworth Trophy, which honors the nation’s greatest former walk-on. Much more importantly, the B1G’s leading receiver is one of three finalists for the Biletnikoff Award, which goes to the nation’s most Outstanding Receiver.

Here’s how he stacks up statistically (catches-yards-TDs) and the requisite ranks for each player:

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Northwestern Basketball: Stronger Pre-Conference Slate Builds Resume

chris collins northwestern

Quite often, November and December college basketball is exactly like what M told James Bond near the beginning of Casino Royale: “All that energy for what? So that you could kill a nobody?”

Last year, Northwestern basketball went 12-1 in the pre-conference, getting off to a lightning fast 12-1 start. It eventually caught up to them as they finished the year 20-12. This season, it’s a very different story as Northwestern Basketball has played a much tougher schedule, and the results have been much more impressive.

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Northwestern Football: Possible 2016 Bowl Destinations


It’s not now how you start, but how you finish,” the old adage maintains. Another saying that could apply to 2016 Northwestern football is “it’s not as important where we currently are, but where we are going.”

The Wildcats started the year off 1-4 with a truly ugly loss to lowly FCS foe Illinois State. The offense sputtered and the pitchforks we out for Offensive Coordinator Mick McCall.

However, the Cats rebounded to finish 5-2, 6-6 overall and 5-4 in B1G play. And the offense was like Stella, getting their groove back. Quarterback Clayton Thorson made some strides. Running back Justin Jackson finished the season as the school’s second all time leading rusher, with a year of eligibility remaining.

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Illini Football vs Northwestern Wildcats: Land of Lincoln Trophy Game Preview

lovie smith

Who’s Hat? Well right now it’s Northwestern‘s Land of Lincoln hat, and it appears they’ll maintain their recent upper hand in this series. NU is 4-3 in LOL Trophy/Hat games, and if this rivalry has one predictable trend, it’s this- the team having the better season almost always wins.

Yes, strange things, upsets often happen in intrastate rivalry games, but this bloodfeud has seen mostly chalk. Bad news for Illini football as they’re heavy underdogs for the Saturday morning clash in Evanston.


pat fitzgerald

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Northwestern Basketball Had One of the Greatest Marketing Gimmicks

bryant mcintosh

It’s easy to get people interested in college basketball come March.

In February, some people are engaged. In October? yeah, good luck with that!

You need to get really clever and think outside the box in order to get eyeballs on college hoops in the fall, and Northwestern basketball did just that- brilliantly and beautiful. The school created a faux political campaign to have point guard Bryant McIntosh replace Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the dime. They even distributed t-shirts and dimes to journalists who attended Media Day.

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#4 Villanova Basketball vs #15 Purdue Boilermakers Game Preview

villanova big east

It’s not just the headliner of the 2016 Gavitt Tip-Off Games, it’s also about as good as November college basketball can really get this side of the Champions Classic. The fourth ranked, defending champion Villanova basketball team heads to West Lafayette Monday night to take on the fifteenth ranked Purdue Boilermakers.

For an early November contest, it doesn’t get more exciting and interesting than this. Let’s preview!


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Northwestern Football: Game Preview vs Purdue Boilermakers


Northwestern football  needs to win two of their last three to go bowling. Luckily, two of their last three are against the B1G’s soft underbelly in the West division, so it can still all work out for them.

Despite the atrocious first month of the season, there’s plenty left to accomplish in 2016, and make this a decent season.  2016 Northwestern football is 2-1 on the road this season, 2-3 at home. While their two (arguably) best performances have come away from Ryan Field, their two worst outings have definitely come at home. Their dominant win to spoil Michigan State’s Homecoming seemed somewhat impressive at the time, but that W has certainly not aged well.

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NU Alum Meghan Markle Dating Prince Harry, Palace Confirms


Until ESPN College Gameday visited Northwestern on October 5th of 2013, I had no clue who Meghan Markle even was. For some reason, not one, but two Gameday goers dedicated signs to Rachel Markle, the birth name or given name of the actress. Meghan Markle is her stage name.

The Gameday signs propelled me to do some research and write a post about her, and now, three years later, this Meghan Markle post is burning up my traffic stats this week.


Let’s take a look now at why that is.

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B1G Basketball Power Rankings: Every Team as a Past or Present Presidential Candidate

hillary clinton

It’s November 8th B1G basketball fans! Huzzah, if you’re reading this it means that we actually made it through the strangest, ugliest and most low brow election cycle in the history of our glorious democracy. Election Day fell on the latest possible day that it possibly could, and that’s unfortunate, given how one poll showed that 13% of respondents preferred a meteor hitting the Earth to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump.

Hey, it’s all over tomorrow and then we can all move on to other past times like college hoops, which tips off its season on Friday.

Viva la Revolucion!

american-flag-star spangled banner

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Cubs vs White Sox World Series is Coming Believes Pat Fitzgerald


It did actually happen in 1906, and thus it could happen again in future years- an all Chicago World Series.

Following his team’s 21-7 loss to the #8 Wisconsin Badgers, Northwestern Wildcats Coach Pat Fitzgerald opened his postgame press conference with a nod to the 2016 World Series-winning Cubs:

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#8 Wisconsin Badgers vs Northwestern Wildcats Game Preview


You could make it in the big leagues someday, kid. You got talent I tells ya, and moxie too, kid.

Those two old timey borscht beltisms could apply to both the Northwestern Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers in 2016. By beating the Nebraska Cornhuskers last Saturday night, the Badgers have established themselves as the de facto best team in the B1G West and the third best side in the league.

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Who is Rachel Markle from the College Gameday Signs? Actress Meghan Markle


Update: Royal Palace release statement, denouncing racism and sexism as they confirm existence of Prince Harry relationship with Meghan Markle.

Flashing back to October 5th of 2013, you might recall seeing some Rachel Markle signs on ESPN College Gameday when the circus-like show came to Northwestern. There were two of these signs on the set in Evanston, and both were prominently featured in a primo spot behind Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and company.

Why are we bringing this up now? Well, this post keeps popping back up in our highest viewed URLs everyday. (We’ll get to why that is in a minute)

So who is this Rachel Markle?


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