Anthony Walker: Northwestern Football #1 Figuratively and Literally


As the great St. Louis born poet Cornell Haynes, better known as Nelly, explained in 2002: “what does it take to be #1? #2 is not a winner and #3 nobody remembers.” Or as Chicago native Kanye West told us, alongside Pharrell in 2006, “#1, can’t put nothing above that.” 

The prestigious #1 jersey at Northwestern will go to Linebacker Anthony Walker in 2016.

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Northwestern Football Aware Passing Attack Needs Big Improvement


Northwestern football Coach Pat Fitzgerald discussed a multitude of topics at NU Media day, including his approval of QB1 Clayton Thorson.

The returning starter became the first freshman QB in Northwestern history to win 10 games in his first season at the helm in 2015. 

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NU RB Justin Jackson Has Not One but Two Nicknames


Northwestern football Media Day is coming next week, with Big Ten Media Days already behind us. Coming off a very pleasantly surprising 10 win season, with an important core of key players returning, hopes should be high in 2016, right?

Lindy’s names Justin Jackson the ball-carrier” as the preseason Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and they also include him on the preseason all-conference team alongside linebacker Anthony Walker. The junior LB is making preseason All-American teams everywhere and Lindy’s ranks Walker 6th on their list of top NFL talent in the Big Ten.

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Pat Fitzgerald Describes “Renaissance” of Northwestern Football


Pat Fitzgerald and his Northwestern football team are coming off a very successful, if not aesthetically pleasing 2015 season.

They won 10 games, usually in resounding and commanding fashion, but they did it with very few, if any, style points. NU was not a team that achieved a lot of big plays. They just weren’t a chunk/big explosion play kind of team and it made for a less than exciting brand of college football. The passing game severely regressed as the season went on, and thus the offense overall had declined by November.

These issues rather reinforced the old, and grossly inaccurate “plucky underdog who somehow overachieves” Northwestern football stereotype.

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All B1G Teams as Simpsons characters: Michigan Wolverines =Mr. Burns


Today kicks off B1G Media Days and your Michigan Wolverines are now deemed the league favorite. Actually, some sports books have ascribed UM the National Championship favorite. Ok, that’s a bit presumptive! Yes, we know that the media fawns over Jim Harbaugh more than they fawn over any other individual, but I still don’t know how we really got here on that one.

Of course, I also have no idea how a casino magnate with three wives and a disturbing tendency to publicly lust over his own daughter became the Presidential nominee of the political party dominated by the religious right, as 2016 is truly bizarro world.

How did we get here? The last time the Michigan Wolverines were last nationally relevant in 2006 and their most recent title came in 1997.

michigan wolverines basketball

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College Football Award Watch Lists: Just Please Stop Already!

college football

Yesterday kicked off, as the great Elvis Costello sang, “the other side of summer.” That’s because Tuesday July 5th initiated the evil scourge that is College Football Award Watch List Season. These pointless press releases are sent out as breaking “news.”

Not only does the journalist receive the email blasts from the award and college football organization themselves, every single school sends out their own individual email blast themselves. Now you cannot blame the SIDs for this. It’s not their fault and don’t shoot the messenger.

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Tre Demps Makes Chicago Bulls Summer League Roster


The Chicago Bulls announced their team which will participate in the 2016 Las Vegas Summer League.  This year’s #1 draft pick, #14 overall, Denzel Valentine out of Michigan State (the last pick in the lottery) headlines the roster, which includes fellow Spartan alumni Raymar Morgan.

Yes, the same Raymar Morgan who is balling with the Spartan Heroes (Michigan State Alumni) in “The Basketball Tournament.”

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Northwestern Basketball Getting Badly Needed Venue Upgrade


Northwestern basketball announced today that they’re fixing the biggest problem that they have as a program. NU plays in Welsh-Ryan Arena, a 8,117 capacity facility erected in 1961, but feels like 1861 in certain facets, especially when juxtaposed against the likes of Big Ten’s bigger and better venues.

Two years ago, Northwestern basketball unveiled a new video board, the first ever for W-R, and the only major upgrade the facility has seen since 1983. Now, they’re going all in, with a facelift that will cost $110 million and modernize the facility. This is a huge, HUGE day for NU basketball, as they take a giant step towards becoming a legitimate Big Ten program.

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Northwestern, Illini Basketball United Center Double Header Announced


Illini basketball have made a response to the dreadful attendance that we saw at last year’s United Center game versus UIC. The contest had an announced attendance of about 5,000 but the actual amount of fans attending was much lower than that. It’s fitting too given the severe decline of the Illini basketball program that has set in under John Groce, and the dismal state of the opposing program- UIC.

This year, Illinois will take on BYU at the House that Michael Built, as part of a double header with their rival Northwestern, who will face Dayton. The date has been set for December 17th.

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Early 2016-17 Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings


Looking at the very early Big Ten basketball power rankings for next year, MSU is the unquestioned. David Kmiecik, via his top 25 for next season, which you can view here, collaborated with Paul M. Banks on this listing. Dave did the entries for the nationally ranked Big Ten basketball teams, and Banks had to do the teams that aren’t as good. (of course! always!)

Enjoy! We also linked the three early season previews that we already did for three Big Ten basketball teams.

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Holy Cross, Bill Carmody Trend Nationally on Twitter

bill carmody-northwestern-basketball

Where were you the night Holy Cross “broke the internet?” Yes, Holy Cross, led by former Northwestern Coach Bill Carmody, were a top six or seven trending term on Twitter nationally tonight. Indeed March has arrived, and the madness has indeed begun. Sure, it was just a low-scoring play-in game, but when you look at where Holy Cross has come from, to where they are now, it is a Cinderella story.

If there’s one thing America loves this time of year, it’s a good Cinderella story, and Holy Cross has stepped to become the first school to fulfill that role.

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Northwestern Basketball: Early 2016-17 Season Preview


It’s official, the 2015-16 Northwestern basketball season is now over. Of course, you pretty much knew that once you heard the seniors, Alex Olah and Tre Demps, speak postgame in the Big Ten Tournament. They both gave enough verbal cures that, once you read in between the lines, it became clear this team wasn’t going to accept a CBI or Vegas 16 bid.

Especially so for Demps, who candidly aired all his grievances and discontent in the locker room in Indianapolis.

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