VIDEO: Clayton Thorson, Northwestern QB1 candidate profile


Officially, it’s still a wide open three horse race to become Northwestern‘s starting quarterback, but I’m pretty confident that Clayton Thorson will win the job. I’ve come to this conclusion in the same manner that one solves a geometric proof. Because of A you have B, and then B precludes C, and then C leads to D etc.

We’ve profiled this in depth here. With NU Media Day yesterday, we spoke with all three of the Northwestern QB1 candidates, and the podcasts of our exclusive conversations are published in this series.

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Auston Anderson has more personality than your team’s RB


Auston Anderson has a garrulous personality, as his Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald put it. The loquacious and witty Northwestern running back would stand out an entertaining dude if he hung out with you and your buddies on an average Saturday night.

So when you place Anderson and his gregarious nature within the sanitized press conference culture…well, he really does seem like…”he is….the most interesting man in the world.”

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Pat Fitzgerald on new Northwestern hashtags: #DoThisFitz #WTFitz


Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald, and his program, have taken a lot of heat the past couple of years. NU has gone 10-14 the past two seasons, which is exactly equal to the record Tim Beckman has produced at Illinois. Everyone has taken heat for the team’s underperforming these past two years- Fitz, the coaching staff, the players. And it’s in this atmosphere that Pat Fitzgerald is asking media and fans to direct their guns at him, instead of the players.

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Clayton Thorson should be Northwestern’s starting QB


On National Signing Day 2014, we wrote a piece extolling the virtues of the recruiting class that Pat Fitzgerald introduced. That specific Northwestern recruiting class had the best “stars per player average” of any during the Fitzgerald regime.

As we wrote then:

“The jewel of the class is Clayton Thorson, the country’s sixth-ranked dual-threat quarterback. An ESPN analyst compared him to Alex Smith, and said that he combines the traits of Kain Colter and Trevor Siemian. Matt Alviti, another blue chip of another Northwestern recruiting class, will back up Siemian next year. However in 2015, it will be an exciting race between Thorson and Alviti.”

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When The Daily Show profiled NCAA Football Unionization, Kain Colter

ramogi huma-northwestern

As we bid #JonVoyage tonight, we take a look back at some of the greatest sports moments he’s had on The Daily Show over the years. With Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Letterman and The Newsroom, I just have to ask the so-called establishment “Why must you take EVERY show that us wonkish media nerds LOVE this year?

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Justin Jackson ready to take NU “Prime Time” in 2015

justin jackson nu nebraska cornhuskers

Move over Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan, Glenbard North High School could have a new celebrity alumni in the making soon.

Justin Jackson, the Northwestern running back (not the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball player) had a huge breakout rookie season for NU in 2014. Jackson rushed for 1,187 yards and 10 touchdowns during his rookie campaign as he recorded the 16th 1,000-yard rushing season in program history and just the second by a freshman (Tyrell Sutton had 1,474 in 2005)

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Northwestern Football: Never Too Early Season Preview


When last we left Pat Fitzgerald and Northwestern football, he was helping Chicago break new ground in hosting the NFL Draft. The event’s final day included a special, unique moment when Fitzgerald, serving as an analyst for NFL Network’s live broadcast, witnessed one of his players getting selected. Safety Ibraheim Campbell went to the Cleveland Browns while Fitz was getting his color commentating on.

It was a proud moment in Fitzerland.

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2015 College Basketball transfers list (6-5-15)


College basketball transfers are becoming a growing trend.  Here is a list of players from the marquee conferences who are transferring out of their respective programs after this past season and a list of college basketball transfers who will be eligible to play at their new school for the 2015-16 season.  Bookmark this page as we will continue to update the list as the off-season progresses.

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Chicago Bears DB Sherrick McManiss leads GRIDIRON FIT


I don’t know if Chicago Bears nickel back Sherrick McManis ever won the IRON CAT competition during his days at Northwestern, but he’s leading the very first session of Nike’s Train Chicago; a very IRON CAT like experience. The Iron Cat is an annual award Northwestern football hands out to the player who wins the weight room.

McManis is a great American success story of re-invention, as he was just a two-star recruit coming out of high school.

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Pat Fitzgerald doing NFL Draft broadcast; adding local appeal

pat fitzgerald-fitzerland-nu

Following a spring practice a few years ago, Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald told reporters an anecdote about playing alongside Troy Aikman at Dallas Cowboys training camp. That specific war story was about as far as Fitzgerald’s NFL playing career went, but Saturday brings a new chapter.

Fitz will be a crucial part of analyzing the NFL Draft, and he may get the opportunity to provide punditry regarding the Cowboys late round picks. He may also very likely be on-air commentating when one of his own gets selected.

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Chris Collins didn’t show any real progress in year two

chris collins northwestern basketball

Chris Collins “said all the right things” yesterday following his team’s rather decisive defeat at the hands of a desperate Indiana Hoosiers team. IU never really let NU have a chance Thursday night, as the Hoosiers were playing with their NCAA chances (and perhaps even Tom Crean’s job security) hanging in the balance.

The Hoosiers played with the sense of urgency that Illinois should have had, but lacked, earlier in the day. Following the loss, Chris Collins made it official that his Northwestern Wildcats would not be playing in the CBI.

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Alex Olah having a breakout season at Northwestern


Northwestern has been plagued with very poor play from their center position for years and it took a player from Romania to finally break the trend. Alex Olah is a 7 footer who has had his ups and downs during his time in Evanston. It was not until Coach Chris Collins arrived on campus that Alex Olah started to reach his potential as a basketball player and started to play like a dominant big man.

Editor’s note: this Doug McDermott feature article authored by new Sports Bank contributor Wes Evans. (@WesEvans24)

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