The World Cup Sweet 16 and their college hoops doppelgangers


It’s down to 16 teams; single game elimination in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Just like in March madness, it’s “survive and advance” time. So I decided to match each country with their corresponding college basketball program. If you’re a college hoops fan, but still need a rooting interest in the World Cup, this will help you pick a team.

I’m still not sure how much Americans have embraced soccer; as of yet. I do know they’ve embraced skipping work to go drink and watch sports during the day.

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VIDEO: Daily Show profiles NCAA Football Union, Kain Colter

ramogi huma-northwestern

Jon Stewart, or I guess more specifically, Jordan Klepper is late to the party on the NCAA Football union story. At least in terms of giving it in-depth treatment. Since the new year began, we’ve had plenty of coverage.

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UPDATED: Complete 2014 College Basketball transfers list


College basketball transfers are becoming a growing trend.  Here is a list of players from the marquee conferences who are transferring out of their respective programs after this past season and a list of college basketball transfers who will be eligible to play at their new school for the 2014-15 season.  Bookmark this page as we will continue to update the list as the off-season progresses.

UPDATED: 6/3/14

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ESPN Pres. John Skipper on what will become of big time college sports


It’s actually been awhile since we’ve heard anything about the imminent revolution coming in college basketball and college football. There hasn’t been much publicity surrounding the unionization effort, CAPA, Northwestern football, Kain Colter etc. etc. Which is obviously a stark contrast from January-April when we heard about it incessantly.

Also we never heard from the man Sports Illustrated called the “4th most powerful person in sports,” John Skipper, President of ESPN on the matter. We do now, as a reporter recently asked him about the possible revolution taking place within college sports.

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Illini, Northwestern NFL Draft prospects: pretty much non-existent


There are two occasions where you can usually rely on Illini football winning: fourth tier bowl games and NFL Draft night. Last year the Illini had more NFL Draft picks than any Big Ten team; despite going 2-10 the previous college football season. From 2007-2012, the Illini had more first round draft picks than any Big Ten team. Illinois saw guys taken in both the first and second round in both 2011 and 2012; despite going just 14-12 in the two season preceding those drafts.

This draft though, brings nothing to get excited about for Illini fans. Ditto for Northwestern.

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UPDATED: 2014-2015 preseason top 25 college basketball rankings

arizona wildcats cheerleaders

Now that we know which college basketball players have declared for the NBA Draft and top 2014 recruit Myles Turner has made his college decision, it is time to update my insanely early 2014-15 Top 25 college basketball rankings.  Here is a list of which players have already announced they are transferring and entering the draft.  Leave a comment below if you think a team is too high, too low, not getting enough respect, or if you notice an error in a projected roster.  (Click here to see how my 2013-14 way too early preseason college basketball rankings turned out.)

Allow me to present to you my way too early 2014-2015 preseason Top 25 college basketball rankings.  (Check out The Sports Bank’s 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracketology.)

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Caley Chelios, Chris Chelios daughter, continues family athletic tradition


Caley Chelios is one of four Chelios offspring continuing the athletic tradition of their famous father. Former Blackhawks legend Chris Chelios was in attendance, as his daughter Caley Chelios, a Northwestern lacrosse defender, saw some playing time in the Friendly Confines. NU defeated USC 12-7 last night in front of about 5,000 people.

Caley hails from Detroit, where her dad works in the Red Wings front office, and she’s a graduate of the famous Cranbrook Academy. (Quoting Jimmy B. Rabbit Smith, in reference to his rap battle opponent Papa Doc in 8 Mile: “Cranbrook- that’s a private school!”) Caley led Cranbrook to a state title in ice hockey in 2010, but chose lacrosse instead in college.


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Chicago Blackhawks have very successful fan in Kelly Amonte-Hiller


The Chicago Blackhawks have eliminated the St. Louis Blues, just like Kelly Amonte-Hiller said they would. She made the Hawks prediction, only because I asked her last night after her Northwestern Lacrosse team defeated USC 12-7 at Wrigley Field last night.

Kelly Amonte-Hiller (a five time Coach of the Year, who’s gone 211-20 since 2005) is the sister of Blackhawks icon Tony Amonte, the high scoring forward.

“I’m a Chicago sports fan, I have always been since my brother was captain of the Blackhawks,” Amonte-Hiller said.

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Northwestern football union vote: everybody wins if NCAA model breaks


Today’s Northwestern football union vote is getting a lot of local and national media attention, but in the bigger picture, it’s actually small potatoes. The NU football players are employees by legal definition until ruled otherwise by the Federal level of the National Labor Relations Board. The results of today’s secret ballot, which we will not know for at least a few months, do not change that status at all.

Even if the Northwestern football union vote goes against the interests of CAPA and collective bargaining advocates everywhere, it still doesn’t change the fact that the myths of “amateurism” and “student-athletes” are now deceased for good.

Kain Colter, Ramogi Huma, Ed O’Bannon, CAPA, Shabazz Napier etc. they’ve already won in the court of public opinion.

here’s the audio file of my segment today on the Northwestern football union vote on KOZN 1620 The Zone. I was on “Game Time with Nick Bahe.”

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Hilarious Twitter feed of just people RIPPING Darren Rovell Yes it’s real


We know that we hate Darren Rovell.

We know that Darren Rovell loves Darren Rovell and also loves the fact that we hate Darren Rovell. He’s pretty obsessed with his critics. So enter @RovellReplies.

As the account’s biography reads: “Darren Rovell receives a lot of hilarious @ replies. We bring you the best of the best.”

And I present, without comment, some of the best of the best of the best.

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Union debate: it’s not Colter vs Fitz, or NU vs NU, it’s labor vs NCAA


You don’t have to be pro NU and at the same time anti-Kain Colter. Likewise with Pat Fitzgerald. You don’t have to pick Fitz or Colter. Or Colter, but not NU. Or NU Athletic Director Jim Phillips, and then be against Kain. Or be with NU but against the movement for change and social justice.  There is room for nuance; there are grey areas to stand in.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of the local Chicago media is to simplistic and narrow-minded to understand this.

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Scout’s Beth Long talks Illini, Notre Dame, Northwestern recruiting (AUDIO)


Sports Bank Podcast returns. On this episode Beth Long of, Fox Sports talks Illini, Notre Dame and Northwestern recruiting. As well as national recruiting, the McDonald’s All-Americans and shares a unique, insightful perspective on the Cliff Alexander craziness of last fall.

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